February 19th, 2007

Rosin Coven backstage at GAMH

Plus-size modeling opportunity--March 10th in Oakland, CA

Big Moves Bay Area's annual chocolate tasting/performance showcase fundraiser, A Taste for Dance, is rapidly approaching on March 10th (tickets are on sale NOW!). San Francisco plus-size retailer Go Figure is presenting a fashion show at the event and we need community members to be models for it. I am listing what we need and the criteria below--if you are interested and/or have questions please email me at cassidyrose at livejournal dot com and/or comment here. I would really love to get some local Fatshionistas involved!
    Go Figure, one of the Bay Area's sassiest plus-sized clothing stores, seeks models in sizes 1x/18 to 3x/22 for its fashion show at Big Moves' A Taste for Dance on March 10th in Oakland. Models need to be available for a fitting at the San Francisco store between Feb 17th and March 5th. When the models come in for the fitting they should wear the foundations they will be wearing for the fashion show (bra, hosiery, and shoes).

    Models need to be at the event venue (First Unitarian Church of Oakland at 685 14th St., Oakland, CA--easily accessible from the 12th St. BART station) by 5pm on March 10th. If you model you get into the event for free, but as it is our (Big Moves Bay Area's) one and only fundraiser of the year we ask that you help promote the event to your family, friends, social networks, etc.
A Taste for Dance is a very fun event and people who've modeled before have really enjoyed it. Of course, even if you are not modeling I hope if you are local you will come on out, have some chocolate, watch some flabulous dance and support Big Moves!

Feel free to link to this where appropriate.

rainbowaster started it!

She posted her beautiful lampwork this weekend, and asked for more people to post some art.

The back story on this is - Baron Dixon is an artist who has taken a lot of my self portraits, and done amazing retouches/photoshop work. He then chose one of my self portraits to create a painting, and hung it in an erotica art show.
I posted a GIF image behind the cut, watch for a moment, and you can watch the progression of the painting.
Depending on your work environment, this is probably not work safe in most places!
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Fashion Overdose discount code!

Hello, I've been lurking here for a while and gotten a ton of fashion inspiration from all you lovely ladies (thank you).
I finally joined LJ so that I could share a Fashion Overdose discount code I received in my e-mail this morning.

I've seriously loved everything I've ever bought from Fashion Overdose, it's all so cute and comfy. Also, nobody I've talked to in real life has ever heard of them which is weird. They only seem to advertise through word-of-mouth and some online link lists for plus-size clothes.
Anyway...the code is FOD15PR and it's for 15% off your order through March 1st. Enjoy!

brunch outfit

I was so happy with my outfit from yesterday that I have to share. :)

My partner and I were invited to brunch at my friend's house. He implied that he wanted us to be our bohemian urbanite selves to impress his country bumpkin cousin. ::eyeroll:: i guess that's a way to be appreciated. he's very amused at what he perceives my "wild" lifestyle to be like. i think i'm rather boring and probably have a good deal in common with his very sweet cousin.

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black/green sweater from hottopic - just bought this weekend. i always want to wear all my new clothes at once!
green capri fishnets - torrid (also new, and now sporting an open crotch, which is what i get for buying a size too small, but they were on 50% off sale, so there.)
black linen skirt - fat girl fleamarket!
black engineer boots - Fluevogs off of ebay
black cami - H+M in Berlin. The sweater is sheer. I like how the lace pops the top of the sweater.

(no subject)

Hey guys and dolls, you all have created a posting monster! I feel very welcome here, (although from lurking I've learned it's best to choose your words very carefully.)  so I decided to join in on the everyday outfit post., even though my everyday outfits are from 3 weeks ago, almost. ( I live in pjs since nothing else will fit over my cast, which comes off on Wednesday!) Anyway, I decided to show off my cute work clothes, since I wear them 40 hours a week and then some.
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mister reusch

What's your style?

So, I've posted here once (about trying to find jeans), but I never really introduced myself.

I'm Marisol, I'm 26, and I live in Providence, RI. I'd say my style is definitely sixties inspired. At work I usually just wear a boring combination of pants and sweaters, and when I'm just hanging out, it's mostly skirts, jeans, and sweaters. But when I go out dancing at soul nights around here, I think people can definitely tell I'm way into sixties style. I think the big hair helps...

I have some issues with my body, but I'm trying to focus on being happier with myself, instead of concentrating on how I don't look like any of my friends... It's getting better, definitely, especially since I feel like my look is fairly unique and not everyone has a defined sense of style. I'm a rare flower, or something like that.

Anyway, here's some pictures of me that I took today, mostly face shots, but there's one of me in my new jeans!

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Chocolate Truffles
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a shopping victory among some minor irritations

On Saturday, my GF and I stopped at Burlington Coat Factory. She'd wanted to buy me a new coat since Christmas and I finally succumbed and let her. While we were there, she suggested I try on some dresses. We have a group dinner coming up and she thought it would be fun if I had a new dress to wear. My GF and I have been together for 2 years, and I don't think she's ever been with me when I've gone shopping for a dress. I think it was quite an eye opener for her!

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So, I now have two pretty black dresses hanging in my closet and one very happy butch.  : ) I'll definitely post some pics after our group dinner.

On Sunday we went to a family function and in attendance there was a lady who I had never met. 
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San Francisco memorial services for Heather MacAllister

Hi folks,

Here are details about memorial services for Heather MacAllister next weekend. All events are open to everyone.

Please forward this information to everyone who might want it. Thanks.

Love, Max

Saturday, 2/24/07
7:00 pm
Goddess Rosary in memory of Heather MacAllister
HerChurch, 678 Portola Drive, San Francisco

This is a church that Heather used to attend, specifically for the "goddess rosary" services. The minister remembered Heather and offered to do a special service in her honor.

Sunday, 2/25/07
1:30 pm: Funeral/Mourning/Goodbye ritual
Precita Park, corner of Folsom and Precita, San Francisco

2:30 pm: Somber procession (walking and driving) up Precita to El Rio

3:00 pm: Wake at El Rio, 3158 Mission St., story sharing, etc.
feel free to bring mementos, photos or other items for the temporary altar

Torrid (USA)

Forive me if this was posted already. Torrid online is offerin 50% off clearence, and the stores are doing even better--they are 50% off already marked down prices, so some thing are like 70% off.

Outfit pics soon, I'm sure!


I'm having a month of job interviews, and I get the feeling that more may be on the way. Since I'm not working full time at the moment, I'm broke and will have to make do with the clothes I already own. I'm an licensed engineer (construction industry), so we're talking about professional jobs in a male dominated industry. I want my clothes to say "competent, reliable, able to handle difficult situations."

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Newsflash: My pants fit!

As much work as I've done on loving myself and dressing accordingly, I do NOT normally wear pants that fit. It's not actually even about hiding my bum or my thighs, but I feel like if my pants are not very oversized, they will dig into my stomach and make extra belly pooch -- and I'm very sensitive to extra-pooch-making, maybe more so than necessary. I know it doesn't look that good to wear pants that are falling off my hips and all saggy in the butt, but I've historically done just that. If I have to unbutton them to get them on and off, they're not for me.

I credit fatshionista with the fact that I am today wearing pants that make my rear look sassy instead of saggy -- and with the fact that I've gotten to reclaim these amazing B&Lu jeans, which I'd been thinking of as my "maybe if I lose weight" pants until I realized that all I had to lose was my aversion to wearing trousers that FIT ME RIGHT. (And I can still get them on and off without unbuttoning, because they hit at almost the widest part of my hips, which is where I think it looks best for pants to hit on me.)

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Torrid Dissapointment

Ladies of Western MA,

Did anyone else notice that the Holyoke Mall Torrid seems to be almost empty lately?

I went in on Saturday because I kept getting e-mails about the half off on clearance and I get there and there is one rack of stuff, mostly blankets and a few V-day lingerie things. It seriously felt like they'd been robbed or something.

The store itself seemed to have a lot less selection, racks seemed to be missing. Is it just me? I live in Worcester and just get out there occasionally when visiting friends.
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12yrsold Shal

Y'all aren't even fat! Any point in offering size 24/26 outfits?

I've been lurking and enjoying everyone's posts, but what mystifies me is . . . y'all ain't even fat! Size 14/16/18 is just a normal person who doesn't throw up all the time! (GRIN) I know the world thinks everyone who's bigger than some crazy supermodel is huge, but you know what? The world is off its gourd. I'm not saying everyone skinny is abnormal, either, but people gotta realize that women come in different shapes and sizes. (I also think Star Jones's face was prettier when she was larger, so there.) Tall and statuesque women shouldn't have to be bony, and plus sizes shouldn't hide.

I have diabetes, and finally in order to try to control this crazy disease without even more medication, the dietician and I figured out a starvation diet *GNASH*. Okay, it's not starvation, but sheesh. And I lose VERY slowly. But the sugars are starting to come under better control.

So now I'm wearing a Lane Bryant 16/18 on top and a size 22 on the bottom, which is amazing to me, because I've dragged around at larger sizes for years, and I'm barely over five feet tall. (You are not supposed to be that short. "Petite" inseams are still two inches too long on me.) Now I can actually exercise and have some stamina! Need to scare up some funds to buy new stuff, too.

I was considering selling some of my never-wore-it stuff on eBay, but I'd like to post it here instead--if there's any point. Is there anyone who's tall (I mean whose legs are not supershort--as most of these pants/skirts drag the floor on me) and who could wear sizes 24 and 26? I have several outfits with the tags on them that I bought when the outfits were too tight . . .pulled them out last week and now they are way too big. I missed the "window" completely. Several of the items make up an orange/orangish red group that would work together because that is my favorite color, yet it makes me look like a pumpkin (I am a "summer.") I need a personal shopper, it appears. In my mind I would be the orange dreamsicle, but my complexion doesn't play along.

If you're an "autumn" or "spring," these things are probably your colors. I like that palette too much. I love all the "summer" pastels as well, mind, but orange is my favorite color. It's the aging hippie in me.
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Vancouver fatshionistas!

I humbly request your help!

I'm spending this weekend in Vancouver and I remember (vaguely) that I've seen several mentions of stores in the area I'd love to check out. I and the lad I'm visiting have "shopping" on the to-do list, so!

Where can you recommend me for shopping? I'm quite big, roughly 26/28, rotund in the tummy, and with great big boobs--in short, inbetweenie places are not for me.

As my friend is also a large dude, any suggestions for good menswear are welcome as well.

If it'll help, and because no post is complete without pictures, Collapse )

Thanks so much. :D

Not exactly fashion related, but...

I found a great product and thought I'd pass it along to you lovely fatshionistas.

Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash is freaking amazing.
I have VERY sensitive skin and lately I've been using that Neutrogena Deep Cleansing wash stuff, and it was great in the beginning but it started drying out my skin and making me break out.
I bought the Origins face wash, and I freaking love it. I wash with that and those little exfoliating hand glove thingies, and my face is so smooth and not too dry and perfect after. I was scared the first time becuase it makes your face feel almost rubbery just out of the shower, but it's okay because it's so worth it.

I definitely recommend it!

Fat art!

I lived in France for 10 months, from 2004-2005. While I was there, I filled in for a friend who was a figure model for a local artist's class. Well, my friend is visiting me this week and we were discussing Bertrand (the artist) and how he still talks about how great it had been to have me model, because I was the only fat woman who he ever had a chance to draw. And then she said, oh! Bernard has pictures of you on his website!
And they're lovely! yay!

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fatties on the move....

I lurk here more often than not...but I'm in a fatshionistic dilemna.  I want to try Torrid but I'd rather go to one first and then perhaps order from the website.  Curiousity and all.
However, me and my blind self don't drive too well.  So how's about a boston-area fatshionista drive-n-shop?  We can hit the stores in the area that one can't necessarily mbta-it to. 

If ya'll are interested let me know.  We'd need licensed drivers and vehicles, preferrably at the same time.
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Within the past ten minutes....

I just posted a sales entry-- for which my lj cut was not working. Within three minutes two comments were posted.-- one asking for a cut and another from a mod-- warning me that no lj cut  sales entries were not tolerated and it would be deleted if not corrected.
Which I can respect and don’t have a argument against. But....as I am trying to figure why my lj cut wasn’t working my post was deleted. So I’m curious as to why we are given just a few seconds to correct a coding error. What is the official time to fix a coding error? 30 seconds after a warning? 60 minutes? 

I’m extremely shocked at the lack of patience in allowing me another minute to figure out what I was doing wrong with my code before my entire post was deleted and lost.  This is very discouraging.

MOD POST: Sales codes, coupons, and promotions, oh my!

This is a post, post-dated so it will always be at the top, for all of your coupon codes, discount codes, and sales announcements. Rather than clog the community with "Hey, just thought ya'll should know, 50% off at the fatty store!" please post that information here. Think of this as your one-stop source for making your clothing purchases cheaper. And don't we all like saving a little money in the pursuit of looking fabulous?

This is NOT regarding personal "cleaning out the closet" sales posts! This is for "Torrid is having 50% off their clearance!" and "Just so ya'll know, here's a code to get 15% off at Igigi." These are GREAT pieces of information, and now they'll all be in one place.

EDIT: We cannot currently backdate community entries. We are trying to find a work-around for that. However, this post is linked to on the community info page and, by using Livejournal's Message Center, you can track comments to the post and be notified every time someone leaves a new code or discount. Just as if it were appearing on your friends list but without getting lost in the backlog!

Big Heavy Boobies

I've a question for all the big heavy boobie fatshionistas. What do you do with halters, strapless, and tube tops to keep the girls from swinging low?

I bought this gorgeous halter-tunic top last summer and wore it ONCE. It was sized to fit my 44DDs and it did when I had it on in the changing room, great support, etc. But the day I chose to wear it (a Canada Day celebration in a public park, with nothing to change into) the halter began to dig into my neck within a couple of hours - and it was painful. I don't believe in suffering for fashion. I put the cursed thing away and thought that that was it for me, I am doomed to wear only tops with (broad) shoulder straps that are capable of disguising my bra straps. please don't suggest a strapless bra unless it is in jest - because i have spent many many dollars on various styles of these things and not one has ever worked properly. hell, they didn't even work when i was 16 years old, a size 18, and a C cup.

I WANT TO WEAR STRAPLESS BACKLESS TUBE TOPs WITH HALTER STRAPS. but my girls are big and droopy and heavy thanks to nursing two strapping youngin's over the course of five years. is there some strapless bewbie liftin secret for big girls i'm missing out on?