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This isn't really fashion related, but it made me mad, and want to discuss, sorry.Collapse )

Waxing recommendation & 40% off at Avenue
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I know the topic of Brazilian/bikini waxing has come up in the community a few times. So! If anyone in the Twin Cities is interested in getting a Brazilian, I completely and totally recommend Jamie at the E 42nd St Salon (http://www.e42salon.com). She's super sweet and so relaxed about the whole process that I never once felt uncomfortable (er, emotionally uncomfortable - having the hair ripped out of delicate areas doesn't exactly feel good).

And if you plan on doing any shopping at Avenue.com, get 40% off with this discount code 61328. It expires on the 12th. (Hurry! 40% off is pretty damn sweet.)

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I know lots of you are crafty women, but I thought I'd just put it out there that I do sell wonderful hats and scarves. I'm happy to accomodate any head-size measurement and scarf length. If you're interested in something, email me and we can discuss colors, materials and cost.   I think I have to cut this as it's a sales post....sort of....

Simplicity pattern = Kiyonna dress
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For those of you fatshionistas that are handy with your sewing machines, I just wanted to let you know that I discovered that Simplicity has the same exact pattern as this Kiyonna dress.

Simplicity pattern, top row, far right.

It looks to be a relatively easy pattern, and it beats the $116 price tag on the dress, plus you get to pick exactly what fabric you want the dress made of. :)

Getting Naked For Cancer, or, Why Having Naked Pictures Taken of My Fat Body Did Not Kill Me
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My fat body is also a political body. I know this. Ways to use my body in a political fashion however... I've been a little shy about that sort of thing. I've had a livejournal for more than 5 years and it is only the last 3 years (years in which I have gained weight after significant -- though not on purpose -- weight loss) that I've stopped hiding from cameras. Getting out of a relationship in which my significant other denigrated my body helped. Having time to remember everything I love about my body no matter what the size of it helped. Getting into a relationship with a man who loves my body no matter what size it is helped.

And yet I never imagined I'd wind up posing naked for a calendar.

I wear a 24/26 in US clothing. My hips are a good 60 inches around because I have, in my grandfather's words, ghetto booty. I like my body with clothes on it and I like my body without clothes on it (and, thanks to some great suggestions here and my new live-in boyfriend being the patient sort, I'm starting to like my body in transition from no clothes to in clothes *grin*). But I still have a keen eye for my own flaws and full-body shots have always provided too much opportunity for me to make myself miserable.

But a friend of a friend was diagnosed with cancer and I started working on the benefit project that my friend cooked up. A calendar. A cheesecake calendar. A getting naked to prevent Heather (the friend of a friend) from being buried under debt while trying to survive (her insurance doesn't cover cancer meds) calendar. At first, I was just wrangling text, writers, and other editors. That seemed like a great way to help. And then my friend asked me if I'd be willing to be an alternate model, because she might just need one.

I think it's probably a sign of how awesome the woman who put this idea together is that I didn't immediately tell her no. I wanted to make her life easier because she was killing herself trying to make this all work and so I said I'd think about it. She showed me some of the other photos that were already in and I saw a variety of body types. I saw a woman with breasts that look like mine -- I'd never seen a woman with breasts that look like mine! I saw a woman with fleshy arms. I saw photos of women of all shapes and sizes and I told her I'd give it a try.

And so I did. My boyfriend is a good photographer with an excellent eye and I trusted him. We spent maybe 5 hours one night taking pictures all over my apartment. I didn't look at the photos once. He deleted a few that he knew I'd hate, but at the end of the night we still wound up with close to 200 pictures on my digital camera.

The whole experience was kind of surreal. I started out in a sexy bra and panties and got more naked as the shoot progressed. And, surprisingly, I just got more comfortable. We started having FUN. We started taking silly pictures. We started in with the silly poses. And by the end of the night, I had lost my fear of the camera. I still had no idea what my fat body looked like in the pictures, but the act of taking the pictures was no longer scary.

Just a tip, if you decide to take your own naked photos -- make sure it's warm in whatever room(s) you are using. It's hard to relax when you're chilly, we learned that fast.

It was a few days before I got to look at the photos. I'm not sure why I waited so long, but I'm glad that I did. Because when I uploaded the images to my computer and started scrolling through picture after picture of my naked flesh, I was able to look at my own body, for once, with the same kindness and eye for beauty instead of flaws with which I look at OTHER bodies.

It was amazing.

There are photos that just aren't great photos. In a roll of 200 images, there are bound to be several that just aren't quite right.But even those photos aren't bad. Even those photos don't make me cringe or recoil from my own ample fat.

Instead, I am amazed at how much I genuinely LOVE my body. I love my calves. I love my belly. I love my back.

And I love that, by taking these photos which might be used on a calendar that is currently selling AROUND THE WORLD, I am showing other fat women that it is okay to be fat in front of a camera. By using my body to help someone beat cancer, I am also demonstrating to other fat women that fat can be beautiful. Not a bad use of my fat body as a political body.

I want to see more fat women who are not afraid to be seen in public. I want to see models of all sizes, including fat sizes, on the cat walk being unfraid of people who might laugh at them. I want to see self-determined fat women make a conscious choice to be visible. Knowing that some people might laugh at them and making that choice just the same because otherwise we are giving in to the idea that we are not acceptable somehow.

I thought posing naked might very well kill me. Instead, it has lead to an incredible amount of body-empowerment and freedom from fear. Does it freak me out that I might be on a calendar and that I'm on the website and that people might very well look at my naked body and send me mean emails about it? Of course it does. But I'm doing it anyway. I'm doing it anyway because it's a great cause -- Heather gets every single penny of the proceeds to pay for her meds and treatments -- and I'm doing it because fat bodies need to be seen. I am so tired of hiding. I am tired of moving to the back corner of the elevator in an effort to take up less space. I am tired of apologizing to myself for not fitting into the clothes that I used to wear (back when I was "thinner"). I'm tired of looking at a size 10 woman on television and thinking about how great it is to see a "large" woman on tv when that actress is only large by Hollywood standards.

This is my fat body.

Look at me.Collapse )

I want you to see it. I want you to see bodies that look like yours so you know there is nothing wrong with your body. I want us all to stop being afraid of wearing clothes that make us happy and of being loud in public and of accepting the messages that are consciously and unconsciously delivered to us that say fat=bad. I want us to stop being afraid of other people because other people, nonfat people, need to see us. That's the only way THEY are going to reject the messages they have been consciously and unconsciously delivered that fat=bad.

And it'd also be nice if you checked out the website. More info about the calendar under here!Collapse )

Weird product, or miracle cure?
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Noticed these thigh snuggies on Torrid's site today. They are apparently meant to slay the dreaded chubrub. They strike me as incredibly odd.

There's also this, more of the standard bike-short solution so many of us know and love.

I remain married to my comfy and breathable (and affordable) cotton/lycra bike shorts for underskirt wear, but I am curious as to whether anyone's tried these, and if they actually work. The satin patches on the inner thighs are making me giggle. And yet, they have a strange retro appeal.


ETA: Because a couple folks have asked, I am currently getting my bike shorts from Newport News catalog, since Target has ceased to carry them. They're twelve bucks a pair, and if you buy two you get one free. The NN ones run a little roomy in my experience, though - I originally ordered a 3X and they fit more like a 4X. Your mileage may vary.

SALES POST: Dresses, pants, tops!
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11 items for direct sale: Torrid, Old Navy, Lip Service, IGIGI, and LB - 3X and 4XCollapse )

Cheers for the Lane Bryant Outlet
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About 35 miles east of Seattle, Lane Bryant has opened an outlet store in one of the outlet malls and for my birthday I went shopping. I was so excited and happy to go. The prices were pretty decent too. It seemed to average around 25% off. You can't use the store coupons but LB outlet does send out their own coupons from time to time (salesperson told me that). I did find these fabulous kimono style, silky tops that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! They looked hideous on the hanger but great on. The pics are me in the brown/black top (I also bought a striped russet and a blk/wht one). It's a cross over v-neck (had to pin it higher for work due to cleavage spill) with empire waist, pointed bell sleeves and slitted straight bottom. It feels good on and flows beautifully over my curves. I paid $19.99 per top. Total bargain. Sorry for the low res pics. I took them with my phone in the restroom at work.

Some call it stalking, I call it a tacky tee
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I'm kind of cheesed off by this Torrid slogan tee. (For those of you who don't feel like clicking the link, the slogan across the front reads: Some Call It Stalking, I Call It Love.) I'm not sure I'm in a place where I can consider stalking a joke, and I find it tasteless that something that can be a big problem for women is being scrawled across a t-shirt marketed to that group. (I understand that men and people who identify as neither gender and transpeople are victims of stalking as well, but a large percentage of people who are stalked identify as female). It's difficult enough for people being stalked to be taken seriously by police and other law authorities. Would the shirt still carry the same tone the designer intended if the word "stalking" were replaced with something less loaded with connotations of creepy behavior, fear, harrassment or violence? Is this shirt on clearance because the joke fell flat?

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Dom face
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I'm having a minor panick-ish attack due to my size, and while I know it will be over soon, I couldn't think of a better group than you all to share it with :)
Read all about it hereCollapse )

And now for something a bit more fashion related. I found the perfect bag last week- at Old Navy, even. It's brown courdoroy, fits all of my stuff, and is absolutely adorable. Slouchy and soft :) And best of all, it was only $10!


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