December 30th, 2004


to sheer or not to sheer?

sheer is supposed to be sexy
but i've often found the traditional peekaboo lingerie styles to be not flattering.
it's like I want to show off my tits and ass but not necessarily my tummy or thighs
and the sheer thing/cheap lingerie doesn't do it for me. but too, it's about not conforming to that cheap easy, slightly tragic in bad nightie look that often seems to be the only option for fat chicks.

but i found myself looking at this
and maybe i just like it because it's cheap.
but could it possibly be flattering at all?

i need a bra to boost my maracas to an appealing position
and while i'm must more comfy with showing my tummy these days,
it's not my erogenous centerpiece (at least not for me).

so what do you think about sheer clothing options? both for sexy times and regular wear sheer?
it's sometimes tricky to find just the right styles for me to present the femme that i see inside my head.
i definitely don't feel 100% shirley of hollywood -
but i'm not as punk rock as i find my diy pull it together outfits sometimes are.

oh see i would have ordered this:
maybe i'm just more of a drag queen


Namaste fatshionistas!

Question of the day:

How does your size affect your gender presentation, especially with regards to your sexuality? Does your fat make you more butch or more femme, or higher/lower/softer/more stone? Furthermore, how do you negotiate both size and sexuality when purchasing clothing? In particular, with regard to the hoarding issue and the general dearth of attractive plus-size clothing, do you just buy what fits and feels good and leave these other questions behind?