December 29th, 2004

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Welcome New Fatshionistas!

There are a lot of new fatshionistas in the days that I have been gone! Welcome to all of you!

I would like to post a brief notice that all coupons, announcements of sales, and business are strongly encouraged to be accompanied by some kind of fluff, self-discovery, or critical theory. Here are some examples, below:

Fluff: Man, Camryn Manheim has lost a bunch of weight. I wonder if she's on speed again. Any gossip?

Self-discovery: You know, I went to Lane Bryant the other day, and I saw a youngster having a clothes-shopping panic attack like I did when I was her age. She was torturing her mother, and everyone was upset. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Thank god I'm 30 and not 16!"

Critical theory: What does it mean that Mama Cass died so young? What a weird cultural intersection between MC and Karen Carpenter! Thoughts?

Yay, Fatshionistas!


It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes

I've decided it's time to start thinking about next year's Halloween costume, because every year I have a brilliant idea ten months in advance and then forget about it until later October. Then I don't have time to pull together anything snazzy. Next Halloween I'm going to be Tracy Turnblad. If you don't know who that is, look at the fatshionista user icon, she's the younger shorter one.

So which outfit of Tracy's can I do? I want it to be distinctive so that people who have seen Hairspray will understand who I am. I don't really want to wear the roach dress. Roaches are icky. Maybe the one in the icon with the flowers? I'm not adept at making clothes. How would I make/put together/find a dress like that? Where does one acquire big pastel fake flowers?

Does anyone in the Bay Area want to be Edna Turnblad (from the same scene) and hang out with me?
Calluna vulgaris

Knee socks for the larger calf?

I have a 20 minute walk to work, and even when I wear pants, my calves have been really cold and stiff with the chilly weather we've been having here on the east coast.

I have looked at the big girl stores, and I have done the google searches, but had no luck finding queen sized or plus sized knee socks. Trouser socks are not hard to find, but I want something warmer. I would favor a cotton, wool, or even acrylic blend rather than the slick, chilly nylon. Are there form-fitting socks for my hefty 20" circumference calf that stay up?

There were some exciting prospects on Sock Dreams but I had serious doubts about whether they would actually go around my legs, since none of the knee socks are sized.

Any testimonials? theoryofgravity, I'm looking at you.

ALSO, did anyone ever order those fantastic colored tights from We Love Colors? How were they?