December 24th, 2004

(no subject)

I ordered the biggest size of the ballerina top that's on sale at Igigi, thanks to cluebyfourgirl, amarama and fearfuloptimist. I was afraid it wouldn't fit me, but it came yesterday, and it's great. I love it. I plan to wear it on Monday when I have a writing meeting with my old friend Sally. I predict that it will freak her out, she'll worry that I've changed, she'll think I look great, and will want one, too.

However, I will have to wear it without a bra. I can do this. I have big breasts (how big? I'm so bad at that -- I just measured 56" sitting here in my ballerina top without a bra, measuring with the stiff carpenter's kind of tape measure that's in my desk drawer, but that could be off), but I didn't wear a bra from @1979-@1992, or so. Still, I am both kind of out of practice and not really in the mood to display the attitude required to walk up and down the streets of Northampton in a ballerina top with no bra.

Now all I have all those soft sport bras -- sport tops, they call them -- from Making It Big. 4X. These would look funny with my fabulous new top, but I seriously don't even know HOW to measure to get my right size for a bra. For this top, I need a strapless bra, and maybe that's all I need. beatgoddess has offered advice, and that will help. I may also refer to the foundation links you have already provided.

I fear that this is a pre-fashionista problem. Many of my clothes have come from women of varied taste who no longer want them, and also long hoarding. And yet. I absolutely do have adventures in dressing, and so wanted to report.

(PS I was about to go have tea with a friend when I first posted this, and was deciding what to wear. Edited now, but do say what I actually did wear below.)