December 22nd, 2004

lady electrician
  • amarama

Lipstick Grief

My lipstick, Revlon Frost Desert Spice (number is worn off because of wear), no longer exists. I have been trying to match it now for a couple of months, and I have thrown upwards of $50 down the tubes trying to find something that works. I am grieving my lipstick. It no longer exists. It's an orangey-red, with a little frost, like the sign says. It's gone from me.

I went to MAC today for the first time ever. I don't believe in expensive cosmetics. I went in there and bought up one lipstick, the A54 Lady Danger. There was a mean fag there who clearly didn't want to deal with me or my aesthetic. He was snooty. He was no help at all, even after I asked for his help in matching. I put like 500 lipsticks on my hand, and this one was the closest. But it's too orange and too matte. So now my strategy is to put on a layer of this and a layer of Revlon 740 Certainly Red.

But I am sad and grieving the Desert Spice.