December 16th, 2004

lady electrician
  • amarama

Social Hierarchies

Fatshionistas, am I a bad person if I love it so, so, so much when a skinny girl comes up to me and asks, "I really need to know where to buy cool clothes like yours"? Am I so bad when I reply, "I don't know where to buy things in your size?" I am not malevolent, and I absolutely do not want to turn this into a forum in which to hate on skinny people, it is just simply true that I don't have the same competence around "standard" sized clothing as I do around plus sizes. But I do have to admit that this is accompanied by a sickening, but intensely enjoyable feeling of turned social tables.

I know I'm acting out some kind of reversed teenage privilege scenario. But I am really, legitimately interested in the intersection between fashion and the formation of social hierarchies. I don't have enough time to write something really comprehensive about this right now, but let's talk about class, social cultures, and clothes, and how it's worked out for all of us.