December 11th, 2004


Bra advice

Wheee! I love fatshionista!

My quandary is bras; I wear a 42H. I can't buy bras in plus size stores 'cause the cups aren't big enough. At best I can get a cup to fit but the band is way to big and I spend all my time yarding down on it. Soooo sexy. There's only one place in town that carries the size I need and they retail for about $150 CND each. Ouch! However, I had a look at the Ulla Popken site after caprine mentioned it in her post... They carry 42H bras for $22.00 to $35.00 US each. Even with the exchange rate, shipping and duty that's amazing compared to what I'm paying now. They're not gorgeous but I was thinking of buying a bunch of white ones and dying them all sorts of fabu colours. Has anyone bought them? How do they fit? How do they last? Are they worth it? Are their other sources that I could look at?
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I've been meaning to tell you all about Bacca. They only go up to a 24, but are affordable and pretty stylin'. I particularly favor them because they have a really well-designed shirt that is cropped the way I like it. I am a pear-y hourglass shaped girl, size 24-ish, and I favor a short shirt because I tend to get scrunching on the backside because the gulf between my ass and my waist is huge. Plus, since I have a proportionately very small waist, the short shirt exaggerates the curviness, which I like.

bounce_n_jiggle, any insider gossip on Bacca?