December 10th, 2004

under pressure

Strapless Question

Who is wearing the abundance of strapless tops and dresses found on

Somebody must be!

I feel too damn unsupported in the silly things, and not to universalize my own experience, but I have a really hard time imagining a chick my size (around a 26 in ready-to-wear, and very small-busted) wearing one of these tops without inviting catastrophe.

Or, perhaps catastrophe is the point.

I am asking to be enlightened.

Also, since we're posting about sales and things, just put all their clearance stuff on 50% off, and there's a few specimens from their "new" plus size line representin' in the discount bin. I ordered this and this on the cheap myself.
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eBay: fat girl's heaven

Hallo, I just discovered and joined this community today. What a great idea for a community!

I'm 5'10" and 300 pounds, a 52"-46"-64" hourglass. I can't buy bottoms at Lane Bryant, as I wear a 32 and they apparently believe that as soon as a woman gets bigger than a 28, she is abducted by aliens and never shops again. (Though for some strange reason I can get panties there that fit me, though none of the pants and skirts do. Yay Spandex.) Fortunately, Avenue and Catherine's exist and carry up to 32 and 34, respectively.

My experience with Torrid has been mostly negative; if they label something a 4X, it generally fits me (or rather, doesn't) like a 2X--and is poorly constructed. Though I still check them out a few times a year, as once in a while I find a bizarre fluke. Like the asian brocade bra and garter belt this fall. I have never before worn a D-cup (I'm a 46C), yet that's what fit me...and I took a 3X in the garter belt, when nothing 3X has fit me below the waist in many years.

My fatshionista heaven is eBay, where savvy sellers actually measure the garments they're selling and include the measurements in their listings (because not all 32s are created equal, and if they're created by Ulla Popken, they're labeled 28). I love it. I now have a fabulous wardrobe. Every time I start lusting after something beautiful and expensive in the Silhouettes catalog, if I wait long enough, it shows up on eBay for a fraction of the original price. Silhouettes and Lane Bryant are the best-represented brands on there, followed by Avenue. Ulla Popken stuff is more rare, but I watch for it as it usually fits me really well. A fair amount of J. Jill stuff shows up, but I don't trust that brand. I tried some of their stuff on in a fat women's consignment shop and found that they use the Torrid sizing method: what they call a 4x is as small as a 2X.

I just wish that Peggy Lutz dresses showed up on eBay more often than once every million years. Because I don't have the kind of money to buy them new, and damn they rock.