December 9th, 2004

Girl Clown

An Excellent Response from Igigi

This note just came to me from one of the designers at Igigi. I'm thrilled with the response, very detailed, specific, not canned. I've got to get their stuff now!


Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us.

I really like your suggestion in regards to featuring the different types of body shapes and sizes as a suggestion to show how would the garments fit on a real woman. We have thought about doing something similar in the past, however, have not yet implemented on our site. I will talk to our CEO about it and pass this idea for consideration.

As far as suggestions to which items will look good on you, let me try to help you.

According to your description you are petite and have a ‘pear’ shaped body with the upper torso being a lot smaller than the bottom, featuring prominent stomach and shapely legs. As far as I can advise, several styles that pop into my mind would be softly draped A-line shaped dresses such as:

V-Neck Tango Dress

Violetta Mod Dress

Oscar Starlet Dress with Matching Shawl

Suzette City Dress

Geo-Print Wrap Dress

Because these dresses were designed with a larger bottom in mind, I would choose a size according to the bust and waist measurements. The wrap dresses look good on very many shapes, and because we tested the fit on so many women I think it will work as well.


Valerie Top

Ying and Yang Sheer Top

Art Deco Top

Faux Wrap Top


Anabella Skirt

Vanessa Mod Skirt

Nadia Pants

Sheer Iridescence Pants

Tamara Skirt

I hope the above garments will fit you beautifully, however if something doesn’t look as good as you want it to, we offer a 30-day return/exchange policy. Also, a lot of our customers who don’t have a ’standard’ body shape tailor our garments to fit them perfectly at a local tailor shop. It’s not very expensive, and also allows you to have the better of the two worlds, up to the moment styles and a perfect custom fit.

I hope that it was helpful.