December 5th, 2004

Girl Clown


So, Yesterday...thanks for the advice about what to wear and how to deal with my hair. As it turns out, when I went to the hairdresser, she handed me a copy of Curly Girls so I can learn how to deal with my tangled, frizzy-prone locks. I would have read it, but I had some sort of stomach flu all day, which really cut into my pleasure and ability to function on all fronts.

I guess I should have skipped the holiday party, but after investing so much time, thought and money into my look, and having been looking forward to it for weeks, I just couldn't. Before my hair appt and after the brunch which set my stomach off, the family went down to the Gap to get the butch something to wear. She had a gift card, so that helped. She got a pair of coffee colored slacks and a nice dark blue button up shirt, which looked great with the tie she put on before we went out (barely making it to the party bus taking us to the party boat as it took much longer for my hair than I planned).

I came home and tried to rest with my illness after checking fatshionista for the latest advice, and then went to the salon. I got about 8" cut off, some long layers put in and advice to come back in for a color. Not really a color, but a clear shine and sealant treatment that adds gloss and closes up the hair shaft. I have a lack of gloss problem, so am excited to do that. Then in the process of asking for the stylist's advice about what to do with my hair for the evening, she suggested I go to her co-worker for a "do." I did.

He blew-dried my hair perfectly straight (well, frizzy straight, ala Rosanna Rossanna Dana) and then put big chunky curls in with a hot iron and a lot of hair spray. When he was done he asked me if I liked it but I have to say, I just thought I looked weird. I haven't really seen my hair that flat or straight before and it was a strange experience. Even with the big curls. I've grown used to it now and like it quite a bit (especially after having been slept on) and am starting to see the attraction for hair straightening that my mom does to her own full-time these days. But then, she never got the hang of making her hair and curls work for her, I suspect that if she had, she'd have liked it better. There is something uncanny, though, about how much younger straight hair make both of us look.

The dress looked much better on me than the model in the picture I linked to in my earlier entry and I opted for sheer black stockings. Turns out the Torrid pumps I bought were way too big, so that sucked, but I was so ill that I wasn't up on my feet that much so it didn't really matter.

What's important, darlings, is that together - the butch and I made a handsome couple and splashy entrance. Consider how frumpy I (apparently) usually look at work, that was especially fun. We weren't the only ones - in fact, of my company of just under 100 people, there are two other butch/femme couples, and they looked mighty fine. My other co-workers were gorgeous and it was a relief to meet/see some new wives who actually had meat on their bones. Made me feel better some how.

I wish I could show you my hair before it reverts back...oh well.
everyone did it so why can't I?

online clothing porn

The web offers so many possibilites especially when you feel shut out from mainstream retailers. I always have this dream list of retailers that I wish to spend ridicolous amounts of money on: Love your peaches, B & LU, Peggy Lutz and now a new favorite IGIGI. I also hate salespeople with a passion and I browse at my leisure without any pressure.

How is the quality of IGIGI's clothing? Is it worth the price or is it shoddily made? I'm a student and I'm very, very tempted to use part of my loan money on these two dresses but if only if they won't fall apart after a washing or two:

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