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Some vintage valentines and fat girls in bathing suits
my heart belongs
bias_cut wrote in fatshionista
Last night, I bought one of those Taschen books on vintage valentine cards. There were a couple that I thought y'all might find of interest.

Hey look! It's a cute fat woman!

This one was on the opposite page of the fat lady. Um, wow.

I also recently came back from a trip to Puerto Rico, and had the most amazing time! If you want to see some of the fatshion I rocked while sweating my ass and face off,

I got a daily dose of piña colada on the island.

Me and zcme, my traveling companion, swimming in the cold springs of El Yunque, Puerto Rico's rainforest.

On the beach in Vieques.

Hey look! It's me being sporty! We hiked up to these beautiful limestone caverns where, over 500 years ago, the Taínos carved their visions into the rocks.

I posted a picture of this dress a few weeks ago, but this is what I looked like when I wore it out on our last night there.

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I heart both of your bathing suits and... oh I'll just say it... your boobies look fabulous in that last dress! :)

Let's all thank the universe for push-up bras!


you're GORGEOUS! and i love your fatshion. what a lovely bikini, might i add! wowzers.

and bonus points for visiting PR. your photos made me get all nostalgic for my abuela's little pink house in Hato Rey, and our fabulous road trips from there. *sigh*

Aw, thanks! Though the bikini is actually Zoe's. I'm the one in the black one piece.

And we actually stayed in Hato Rey! You can see our hostess in the last picture -- the's the cute short one to my left. I really liked the neighborhood!

(Deleted comment)
That golden dress... I want to have its babies. It is so beautiful! ;_; Also, awesome cleavage, if I may say so.

I liked it so much that I paid FULL PRICE for it at Torrid, which is totally not my M.O. there!

Anyway, thank you!

I almost wore that BP dress to work today. You look fabulous, as usual. I envy your ability to rock the bandeau swimsuit - I lack the breastage to make it work.

I love the bandeau swimsuit except for the ridiculous tan lines it gives me, which is why I often wore the less flattering, but skimpier Old Navy halter on the beach.

Anyway, thanks!

You are adorable. Absolutely adorable.

You're sweet! Thank you!

Great pictures! I love your dress/coverup you wore to the beach.

Isn't puerto rico amazing? I've only been to san juan, but I loved it. I keep trying to get people to go instead of to cancun but they wont listen. :p

I've seen a lot of fatshionistas rocking that Blue Plate dress. I bought it last summer and I really love it!

And I've never been to Cancun, but Puerto Rico is where it's at!

(Deleted comment)
That dress is hot sex. Buy it and post pics, please!

Where is your suit from? I love it... and super cute dress in the last picture. Is it from Torrid? I vaguely remember seeing a similar one there not too long ago.

The suit, as a matter of fact, is from Kmart! I got it a year or two ago and was astonished that I could wear a suit without a built-in bra or straps. It just goes to show that you should try everything on, even if you don't think it'll look good!

When I saw your prom pictures I fell a little bit in love with you. Honestly you are so fucking beautiful but you know what you make me want to wear more beautiful clothes. Also I love your make-up. Ok, I am fan-girling all over you. For good reason. But still.

Way to blow up a girl's ego! Wow!

Thank you for your really sweet compliments!

soo I'm completely new to LJ and i couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on the main fatshionistas page, but i have a question.. well first let me say i freaking LOVE that gold dress and want it! i've never been to torrid, so i was wondering how things fit there? i'm a size 12/14 and i'm 5'6, with smallish hips, a round tummy and big chest (38D). So.. does anyone know how stuff at torrid would fit me? thanks (:

You should check out inbetweenies, because I definitely remember a similar post to yours about whether or not Torrid clothes would fit.

Do you wear a 12 in Junior's or Women's sizes? Torrid carries a 12/0, but they definitely run bigger than non-plus sized stores that carry 12s. Of course, each person fits differently!

I'm so madly in love with your boobies you(Can I ask where you got that push up bra? Although I have a feeling it will always look better on you.).

and that dress is FAB and FIERCE. I dunno if I could pull it off, but you do with a VENGEANCE!

I got it at Lane Bryant! It was several years ago that I bought it, but I know they still carry a variety of push-up bras.

The trick, for me, seems to be buying bras in one cup-size smaller than I normally wear. That way, I have some cleavage spillage that folks such as yourself seem to enjoy.

Just wanted to say this is a wonderful post, thank you for sharing!

My brother got married in Vieques last year, the pictures are gorgeous. He also lost his wedding ring in El Yunque, but somehow found it in the water...

I really like that gold dress.. and I love Puerto Rico. My aunts live in Bayamon and I can't get enough of it.

Wow, what luck!

We never made it to Bayamon, but I heard there's amazing shopping there! Probably better for my wallet that I didn't go, then.

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