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Thanks Fatshionistas - culture jamming success!
tr1c14 wrote in fatshionista
A couple weeks ago, I posted about my Women's Studies assignment to do an outrageous feminist act, and how I was planning to culture jam those awful Special K ads. With your suggestions and encouragement, I did it, and it was quite a success. Prof loved it, and I felt really good about having talked back, even though I don't know how long the edits stayed up before somebody took them down.

Here's the ad before:


The text reads:
Two Ways to prepare for Bathing Suit Season
1. The most effective way to rid yourself of the pressure of the impending bathing suit season is simple: Make plans to stay in. From May 24th to Thanksgiving the best plan of attack is to stay at home. At home, safe, and out of the sun and surf. That way, nobody has to see you in that ridiculous two piece. Here’s how to do it. Re-decorate your home. Make your space more ‘liveable’ for your self-prescribed summer hibernation. Make sure your air conditioner is in good working order. If not, call a technician. Better yet, consider taking an online correspondence course in air-conditioner maintenance. Become a big sister to an agoraphobic. Make up a tropical disease that, although curable and non-transferable, makes going outside entirely out of the question. Write a screenplay about a young woman who is trying to avoid the summer by staying in and writing a screenplay about a young woman who is trying to avoid the summer. Write a list of excuses as to why you can’t go to the cottage, beach, or the summer BBQ. Once you’ve crafted a dozen great excuses, make sure to practice your delivery. Buy self tanning cream so you can tell your co-workers, “you got a little too much sun on your white water rafting trip”. Find a new job that entails working the overnight shift. Use the daytime for sleep and dancing with daytime TV hosts. Start a blog. Make the WWW your BFF. Learn to knit. If you already know how to knit, knit until you can’t knit anymore. People always need hats, mittens and sweaters (especially lopi sweaters). Tell people you are taking a sabbatical, then catch up on all those awesome shows that we can’t get here yet.
2. Relax and keep it simple. Try the Special K 4-week Challenge. Eat well, including fat free foods like Special K cereal and exercise. Summer’s coming. Enjoy it.

Here it is after - I got the fonts too big, and I should have gone with portrait instead of landscape, but it still looks pretty good if you ask me.




I love this...the way that you worded everything tied in really great with the advertisement as well...bravo...A+ from me for sure!

That's fantastic. I love it!

fucking awesome. ten points.

Fantastic stuff, well done.

Great job! I'm sure you made at least one person smile and at least one person think.

those came out really good.

Oh, this rocks! Awesome job!

Absolutely wicked, that is fantastic! Would be really great if this sort of thing got picked up by the local media.....

you rock! this is so great

Fuckin' ace! I hope they stayed up a long enough time to get some people thinking.

this is so cool. i would jump up and down and cheer if i happened upon one of those in the subway!