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DIY Bathing Suit
onceupon wrote in fatshionista
So, I know there are some awesome crafty/sewing people here, so I was hoping for a little feedback.

I've got this inspiration, see, and I want to make my own swimsuit. I've been looking at patterns and McCalls M4848 is the only thing I can find locally. Has anyone here sewn or worn a swimsuit made with this pattern? I'm really curious about other experiences with homemade swimsuits since I have never made one before!

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review...actually i just remembered you might have to join to see that. there are other swimsuit reviews on that site.

The new issue of Threads has an article on swimsuits.

I don't think your link works!!!

but I would totally love to sew a bathing suit-I wish I had the guts!

i'm pretty sure i've made that one. i've made quite a few now. once you get the hang of getting the elastic on, they're easy. I did the tankini. if you can sew and aren't afriad of stretch knits, you'll be fine.

just remember a shelf bra is not very supportive.

someone has already mentioned that this month's Threads is perfect timing for you, there's a good article in there, also tells how to put in a proper bra.

if you can find it, get the Kwik-sew swim and active wear book, that's what I use now, and it's great.

I had great plans to make my own swimsuit, as I'm all torso & no legs, so swimsuits have a horrible tendancy to reveal everything I'm trying to cover.
I only got as far as the bottoms (of a different pattern), and they turned out horrible. As I was sewing, I thought they were going to come out alright, but in the end there were parts of the elastic that was all rumpled. I had been stretching the elastic as I sewed along the legs and waist, but I guess I was stretching it too much. The stitching wasn't very straight either.. part poor skill, part slippery fabric. While wearing them they don't look as bad because everything kind of smooths out, but... still pretty bad. Hopefully practice will make perfect.

More power to you though, and good luck! I'd like to see pictures when you're finished =)

I made myself a bikini top from (if I recall correctly) a McCall's pattern, but I haven't used that particular pattern. My experience was, the pattern I used had very, very detailed instructions; I followed them very, very carefully; I got a bikini top that looked just like the picture. Without the level of detail in those instructions, it would probably have been a complete failure though. Besides the level of detail in the instructions, the other thing that I think really helped was having some specialty stiches on my machine specifically for stretch fabrics.

Good luck!!!

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