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delicatetbone wrote in fatshionista
Do any of you consider yourselves "inbetweenies"?

I don't know what else to call myself, but I often find myself in a fashion predicament -- you see, I wear anything from a 12-16 depending on the store and the style, but that can present a problem. A lot of department stores and retailers stop at size 12 or 14, which is fine, but occasionally I need to go up a size and that is impossible when I'm at the top of the line. Then in the plus-size stores, I find that sometimes even the size 14 stuff (which is usually their smallest size) is too large for me, or is built for women who are shaped differently than I am (supposedly Lane Bryant designs with a pear-shaped woman in mind or that's what I've heard).

I am 5'9" and just under 200 lbs with a pretty pronounced hourglass figure (small waist, large hips/ bust).

I'm starting to get really frustrated with buying clothing and I also feel like I don't fit in with the "skinny" girls or the "fat" girls.

Surely there are others of you in this boat....I'm just tired of feeling so frustrated.

I have the exact same problem. It is very frustrating. I have adopted two strategies:

a) I dress in particular colors so that I can mix and match fairly easily

b) When "a" fails then I buy larger and tailor it down. The pieces I pick up are selected so that I can do these modifications with minimal fuss.

For reference I am 5ft1inch with a 26 inch inseam (if I am lucky I can find size 10-12 petites that fit) and I am a 36 GG.

I am going to friend you. Friend me back if you like. I have a clothes horse filter where I post when I actually find something.

I cannot at all relate (I wear a 20), but I have two friends who can.

Really, though, what I wanted to tell you is that you are beautiful.

Sib has the same issues. She is 5'10", 200 lbs and doing triathlon (very fit). She has an extreme hip to waist ratio (tiny waist for her height and weight, structurally very broad hips) Her fit issues are hip to waist (everything must be taken in), trouser length in legs without the exagerated rise seen in the specifically tall women's clothes, adequate shoulder width and sleeve length.

I'm two inches shorter and fifteen pounds heavier, and also have the leg and sleeve length and shoulder width issues. When I find brands that work, I stick to them like glue.

So, it's not just you. It's everybody, with different fit issues! One of the joys of mass manufacturing to an averaged norm!

I am in the same boat.

I'm around 200 lbs. I am 5'8", and I'm a bit hourglass, a bit apple. I have broad shoulders, and a tiny back. Bra size 36G. I also have very long arms.

I think for me the worst thing is finding shirts that will work with my frame. I can find jeans and skirts, but with shirts I most often default to t-shirts. I don't even bother trying to find a long sleeve shirt that will fit over my boobs, and still flatter my body shape.

I think I've decided the only thing to do is learn to sew better than I do now, and start building my own custom outfits.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

I am slightly different, as I am ALL APPLE, ALL THE TIME, and also have a tiny frame. I do not stop complaining about the lack of clothing, haha. The surest bets I find are always in the "junior plus" realm, or straight sizing that ventures up to 16 (like Anthropologie or American Eagle). Especially with current trends, some things are cut more generously for flowy fits, which end up fitting me differently than they were intended to drape, but good looking nonetheless. Jersey knits and soft cotton blends in particular have been my saviors, since I a) only like to wear soft things, and b) them things stretch.

I have never been able to buy "plus size" clothing, not even when I was a "size" 26.

You are me!

Tiny wrists and ankles, enormous boobs and belly. (5'1-2", 154-185-ish lbs., depending.)

Yeay! stretch.

Thanks for the Anthropologie reference; I'll have to check 'em out.

i have exactly the same issue myself - about 5'6", 175ish pounds. so i feel you.

Yup, totally. Tiny waist, big bouncy butt. Try to buy jeans for me, I dare you.



I cannot for the life of me picture you in jeans. :)

Check check your e-mail. xo

Where do you shop? What kind of clothes are you looking for? Some folks might be able to suggest stores for you that you're not trying. I recommend looking for a tailor since most women have a difficult time finding a perfect fit regardless of their size.

I don't know where you live but in my experience most department stores and chain-clothing stores routinely have women's sizes above the 12-14 range. Macy's, Nordstroms, Old Navy, etc..

Maybe start an inbetweenies group? :) You're right, there are lots of women in your boat - might be worth a venture into organizing to brainstorm some good ideas?

Good luck.

An inbetweenies group?

That's a great idea!

For a long time, I bought too many of my clothes from Banana Republic, even though it's too pricey, because I could regularly find 14-16. I hate their summer clothes, but I had a lot of office basics in black and grey (my favorites) that were comfy and pretty well-made.
Right now they are totally out of my price-range- not to mention, I don't work in an office anymore- so I have no idea where to buy fun, cute, affordable clothes. I cannot buy things online, I have to try them on.

I have discovered H&M which is one of my favorite places to buy fashionable clothing (trendy pieces) -- I don't know if you're near one, but they are amazing - worth even visiting a city that has one (I call them the IKEA of clothing stores).

They carry size 0-24 in womens

I've been in that boat (though am now firmly at the larger end of it), especially wrt to the tall thing. i am 5'9 and appley, and wear anything between US 16-20. in the uk, there are quite a few stores that go up to 20/22 (US 16/18) and i find that these fit me best, as they are just larger versions of the smaller sizes. plus size cuts don't fit me at all -- i have relatively narrow shoulders and small upper arms for my torso shape/size, and so when i find smething in plus size stores that fits my boobs & middle, i swim on top. also, i have a big flat ass, but am in no way curvy, an dhave long legs with my chub on the inside of the thigh (and not in that 'saddlebag'[ugh for the word] place), so can't do the pear-shaped thing and ,and so can't do most plus-size trousers. i tend to wear lots of stretchy tops (from non-plus lines) and well-cut trousers (mostly gap, old navy & banana republic, along with my Uk brands), as my chosen style is laid-back funky professional (i'm a junior academic trying to make a "good" impression!). i also invest in expensive structured jackets, like the coat i bought yesterday that is the Nicest Coat I Have Ever SeenTM from the Danish brand Noa Noa. vintage also works for me, as i am addicted to wearing short mod dresses over pants/with tights.

I wear lots of vintage dresses over pants too -- I make a lot of my own clothing as well and I'm hopelessly addicted to H&M

thanks for your comments

Lane Bryant designs with no one at all in mind, apparently. I'm a pear and it's almost impossible to find pants there...

Haha! That's what I was thinking. I think they design for beer kegs.

(Deleted comment)
I do think it's all about key pieces and it sucks that it can take so long to find them. I have often been told that I'm a "fashion trend setter", which I think is a high compliment seeing as how it is so difficult for me to find clothing that works for me. But yeah -- mixing eclectic pieces together with classics always works for me. Look for the perfect black skirt and pants, a really nice white buttonup and the perfect jeans. Once you have those items (which truely can be a daunting task), you're well on your way to building with fun trendy pieces.

Me too! Especially since I'm about a size bigger in pants than skirts (my big butt), but of course that depends on the cut of both. I agree that it's very frustrating, especially when I'm a solid 14 for some things, and in the same brand, the 16 is too small.

Do you feel ever like you don't "fit in" (pun intended) with the fat community or the skinny community?

I was denied an audition with a fat burlesque troupe because I wasn't fat enough....and I was cut from a "regular" burlesque troup for having too much junk in my trunk.

Sometimes I just feel like I can't win.

I had this half-formed thought about being an inbetweenie (I'm about a 14-16 myself, though I'm much shorter than you) but it got totally drowned out by my hindbrain going "PRETTY! GIRL! PRETTY! GIRL!" I realize that me wishing you were my girlfriend does not solve your clothing problems, but... whoo!

Um, anyway.

Yeah. Being at the top of the regular stores/bottom of the big girl stores sucks.

*laughs* You're adorable, thank you for the lovely compliment this morning :)

Well, it looks like I (with a co-moderator) will be starting an inbetweenies community -- i'd love to see you there too.



I buy the stretchiest stuff I can find, and make my own clothes to fill in the gap.

http://www.alight.com/ has provided me with some tasty shirts.