Banda Pear (delicatetbone) wrote in fatshionista,
Banda Pear


Do any of you consider yourselves "inbetweenies"?

I don't know what else to call myself, but I often find myself in a fashion predicament -- you see, I wear anything from a 12-16 depending on the store and the style, but that can present a problem. A lot of department stores and retailers stop at size 12 or 14, which is fine, but occasionally I need to go up a size and that is impossible when I'm at the top of the line. Then in the plus-size stores, I find that sometimes even the size 14 stuff (which is usually their smallest size) is too large for me, or is built for women who are shaped differently than I am (supposedly Lane Bryant designs with a pear-shaped woman in mind or that's what I've heard).

I am 5'9" and just under 200 lbs with a pretty pronounced hourglass figure (small waist, large hips/ bust).

I'm starting to get really frustrated with buying clothing and I also feel like I don't fit in with the "skinny" girls or the "fat" girls.

Surely there are others of you in this boat....I'm just tired of feeling so frustrated.
Tags: clothing resources, discussion, fat girl love, personal experiences, photos
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