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Fat Lady Clothes
ginnygoblin wrote in fatshionista
Because My mom and I are both plus-size women who shop in plus size sections and stores, and for years we've referred to "plus size" clothing as "fat lady clothes".

So yes, I often shop in department stores such as Sears and Macy's, and as we all probably know, it is sometimes difficult (if you don't know that particular store) to find the plus size clothing sections... and so I often find myself asking sales people, "where is the plus size section?" Only I say, "Excuse me, where are the fat lady clothes?"

I'm not sure how my personal references found their way out in to the open like that, but they did and they are correct. The clothing that I'm looking for IS fat lady clothing.

But oh the reactions I get from sales people. It's really always sort of comical the obvious embarrassment that shows on the faces of these people as they struggle to find something to say. Most of them pause for a moment, then laugh nervously when they tell me the plus size section is on the second floor behind luggage.

The other night my husband and I were in Target and I was shopping the clearance racks. I've noticed that Target will mix "regular" sizes with their plus sizes when merchandising their clearance racks, and because I'm using a wheelchair for shopping purposes right now (I had ankle surgery a few weeks ago), I just went ahead and asked the two sales girls who were straightening the racks if there were any "fat lady clothes" on the racks that were further away from me. This turned in to a whole big to do as both of them started talking about how I wasn't fat (as a size 20-22, I most certainly AM fat, thank you) and that I shouldn't refer to myself or my closing in such derogatory terms... and so I smiled and accepted that and one of them found me a pair of $5 slacks on the last clearance rack. I thanked them and wheeled away and that was that...

Except that I felt really stupid then. I shouldn't have just accepted it, I should have said, "Hey! There's nothing wrong with referring to myself as fat or my clothing as fat lady clothes because that's what I am! That's what they are, and there's nothing wrong with that!"

But I didn't... I just rolled away.

Anyway, my point is to challenge you to openly refer to "plus size clothing" as "fat lady clothes" when you're out shopping and see what reaction you get. Do you think if someone challenged you on that reference you'd correct them, or would you giggle it away like I did?

"Fat people clothes" is my term of choice and I'm about the same size as you. I hate when people feel the need to humor me about my weight. They make it seem like I'm supposed to be ashamed and in denial about being fat because it's such a horrible thing.

On another note, I can occasionally fit into the tops in the regular clothing section at Target, so I was walking around in that department one day when some lady with her pin-thin teenaged daughters spots me. She says, with an incredibly amount of disdain in her voice, "Oh no, this must be the plus-sized section," and walks off in the wrong direction. OH NOES, NOT FAT PEOPLE, RUN!

I have always called Lane Bryant as the Fat Girl store. Awesome I'm glad I'm not alone in this!

i call it the fat chick store! *giggles*

I call it "fat chick clothes." I don't care if it makes others uncomfortable. But I have had to clarify on more than one occasion that "fat chick clothes" = "plus-size clothes."

I have to join in the chorus by saying, yes, I call them fat lady clothes/stores.

Spouse gets frustrated, but only when I am using it as a term to beat myself up. Sometimes, it still happens. Othertimes, it is like an honorific declamation--Fat Lady Store!

I haven't asked clerks for the location of the fat lady department, but I WILL! bwah ha ha!

I was in TJ Maxx the other day, scouring the dress racks for something 18 or above. I flipped through racks and racks of 2s, 4s and 6s then finally remarked to my bf in frustration, "It's hard to find fat girl dresses here." A sales associate (who happened to be male) overheard me and got this horrified, uncomfortable look on his face. I hope he tells his manager that they need to stock more "fat girl dresses"!

I always say "fat chick store" when I'm talking about Lane Bryant/Torrid and "fat old lady store" when I'm talking about Catherines. My mom knows exactally what I'm talking about when I say lets go to the fat chick store. Occasionally I'm forced to go to the mall with my friends and I hate shopping in the tiny people shops because there's nothing in there that I can buy. I think at a Forever 21 store a sales person asked if she could help me with anything and I just laughed and walked away. I hate skinny people stores, and they out number fat chick stores like 10 to 1 when in reality fatties are the majority.

heh. true that.

once, i was shopping with my cousin and her now husband in lane bryant, which i refer to as "the fat chick store".

so, brian goes to trish "hey, why aren't you picking anything out" (cause she was helping me shop" and she kinda looked at him funnie and said "well, i couldn't fit into anything here, really" (she was a size 6 or so). and he's like "but it's... girl clothes. aren't they all the same??" hehehe... so i walk up to him and go "hey, brian. FAT CHICK STORE." and he blinked a couple of times and said "well, shit, why don't they call it TWO lane bryant then"

i nearly pissed myself. so, sometimes i call it two lane bryant, and no one knows why.

in his defense, their mannequins don't look very fat chick. heheh :)

Their mannequins are a size 12 when they only sell down to a size 14 - that's why their shit is always pinned.

I remember walking up to a salesgirl in Bloomingdales (during a rather tiring day of shopping) and asking what polite euphemism they used for fat chick clothes and where might I find such a department. =)


I call 'em "Fat Chicks Clothes" (there are also "Skinny Chicks Clothes"). And I'm around an 18-20.

I have had people say "Oh, but you're not fat" and I'm all "Well, why the hell can't I buy clothes in 'normal' stores then?"

I refer to Torrid as the 'gothic fatty' store, LB as the "old fatty" store and in department stores, the "fatty section". My mom says fat lady clothes. Or did, back when she was a fat lady.

Man our Torrid doesn't have a "gothic" feel to it. Old school website from like 5 years ago had a gothic vib, but now their site and their stores are more mainstream.

Just a general question for one and all, but I don't want to start a new thread, and it's related to the OP: Why do you think people are so quick to tell a fat person that she's "not fat"? I think it's very telling--like, if you don't fit the stereotype of the lazy, shy, gluttonous, dumpy sad sack, then you don't deserve the "fat" label.

It's amazing how much power such a tiny word has, to the point that it makes people uncomfortable when it is used as a proper descriptive term and not as a nasty epithet.

Because maybe they see fat as much bigger. I mean, where's the dividing line? I think 10 and over is fat, but someone else might see it as 18 and over, or 26 and over. Plus some fat people "carry it better" and look thinner for it. I didn't know a friend of mine wore a couple sizes smaller than me and we both thought she was the bigger one. SO fat is in the eye of the beholder for the most part.

I do hate it when people try to tell me I'm not fat. Here is an example from a thread complaining that fat people on food stamps shouldn't be allowed to buy junk food, from stupid_free:

Seriously. Why is someone more qualified to assess my body than myself?

You may assess your body as fat but through someone else's eyes you might not look fat.

Also I don't think it's fat people who shouldn't buy junk food with food stamps but all people on food stamps. And people who aren't still shouldn't buy much. Yeah I'll get flamed for that. But if someone's saying that only fat people, then that's stupid.

But if they labeled the plus-size section as the fat section, you know people would get mad. Why not relabel misses as skinny and have the fat and skinny sections? It's segregating. Why not just throw them all together? Why make pants with elastic for fats and flat-fronts for skinnies? Some skinnies want elastic and some fats want flat-front. I mean yeah, if there's a pretty dress, at a size 16 or 18 or whatever, start proportioning it different, but let it be the same style and print which is basically the same dress. If stores stopped separating based on size, then things would get better.

I usually say "fat people clothes" -- instinctive gender-neutrality? I guess I'll say "fat girl clothes" too. I've never had occasion to say it to a store employee, since I usually can find it myself, but it sounds like fun! I'll definitely sneak it into conversation with my coworkers -- "I like your dress." "Oh thanks, I found this great fat people store at the mall" and then move on to something else before they get a chance to play the You're Not Fat game.

Both my mom and I shop in the plus sized sections... my mom always says (in Spanish) "big people section". :)

LOL my boyfriend hates when I say things like that aloud at the store. He thinks I'll offend someone else. No...I'm I wear the fatty mcfat clothes in the fatty section then I walk across to the twiggy section to try on my fat clothes. ;)

Okay I am a bit excessive...especially when I find bright crazy clothes my grandma would wear and I exclaim, "I'm FAT not BLIND!" hehehe


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