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[Mod Post] New Posting Guidelines!
having fun at work
theoryofgravity wrote in fatshionista
Some of you may have noticed that lately the posting traffic in fatshionista has become nigh-overwhelming. The mods have noticed it as well. While we are thrilled that the community is so active and vigorous, we would also like to implement some new guidelines for post approval in the hopes of cutting down the more redundant and occasionally content-free posts. We understand that often certain posts get buried or missed in the flood (for example, the Joy Nash “Fat Rant” video was submitted to the queue at least nine times that I personally saw), and we are hoping that by raising posting standards we will cut down on the number of daily posts while simultaneously improving the quality of the posts that do go up.

Lest anyone get their feelings hurt, please understand that none of the examples cited below are meant to pick on any individual posters. They’re just examples.

1) Posts must be on-topic. We have been fairly flexible in the past in terms of drifty posts, but no longer. Your post should be relevant to fatness, fat fashion (this includes posts about hair/makeup, shoes and accessories), and/or fat politics. If your post does not involve at least one of the above, it will be rejected. Obviously, this is a subjective determination and will depend upon the opinion of the mod who happens to approve or reject your post.

2) Posts must have content. This, again, is highly subjective, but in the interest of driving up the quality of the posts here, we’re giving it a shot. For example: We are totally thrilled when new people join, but as we get numerous new people every day, and feature a membership of 1,530 as of this post, introductory posts that simply say "hey I just found this community!" and feature no other pertinent content are not relevant. For another example: Posts that state simply “I bought a shirt!” with no other information. Tell us about the shirt. Where did you buy it? How does it fit? Do you have a picture? Obviously, this is a more flexible requirement and will depend on the post in question. Basically what we’re asking is that folks try to make their posts informative and interesting.

3) Posts should strive to be size positive. While we recognize that many of our members are at very different places along the spectrum of body acceptance, fatshionista is a community that endeavors to celebrate our bodies as they are. Anti-fat talk and pro-weightloss talk are not acceptable here. Instead, we strive to create an environment where our fat bodies are positive assets, and where words like "fat" and its many derivatives are not invested with negativity. Obviously, this is again a subjective concept. Fact is, fatshionista is meant to function as a help in unpacking the years of fat- and body-hatred that many of us have suffered, so settling into body-hating language and habits in an uncritical way is counterproductive to community goals. We understand that there is no fat lexicon everyone can consult to be on the same page, nor do we expect perfect agreement, as such an expectation would be unreasonable and unrealistic. We do expect that our members will at least try to be size positive on a consistent basis.

4) For general questions, please check the community tags first. It seems like we get multiple cases of “Where do I buy a bra?” or “How do these tights fit?” every week, when these questions have been answered really thoroughly in the past. We appreciate that they’re worthwhile questions, but they do get redundant after awhile. The mods put forth a significant effort in the truly boring task of tagging entries for easy reference; we invite members to benefit from our drudgery. If you make a very general post that has already been covered extensively in the past, chances are we will reject it while directing you to the prior conversations via the tags.

If your post is rejected, please rest assured that it is not meant as a personal slight against you. We expect that these changes will be unpopular with some, but we’re implementing them for the purposes of improving the community quality overall. We also expect that some folks may deem these very subjective decisions unfair, but we ask you all to have faith in your mods’ ability to make good choices.

There will also be a forthcoming announcement on a change in sales-post policy, possibly tomorrow.

Thanks again for making this community the great resource it is.

What about announcements of meet-ups or clothing swaps?

Those are fine for now. We would encourage folks to eventually move to an email list for ongoing conversation/details, but in general the meetups and clothing swaps are pretty awesome and we want to encourage folks to keep having them.

thank you guys for modding this place :D

Seconded. I have NO idea how ya'll keep with the traffic!

Ohhh don't get rid of sales posts! They're my favorite. And my best chance of getting new clothes most of the time.

Other than that, I for one have no worried about you guys being fair. Thanks for all your voluntary time and effort.

Ohhh don't get rid of sales posts!

Wait for the announcement, grabbypants! ;)

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A request: could the mods post a reminder post about the coupons/sales etc. post once a month or so? It's something that I totally forgot about (until I found out about a big sale and went looking for it to comment), and I'm sure new people don't realize it.

We are disinclined to do that at this time. New users should DEFINITELY be reading the community info page, if nothing else.

I WOULD suggest that you use the message center to keep track of the sales code/coupon post. I get comments to that post emailed to me (since I am the mod that made the post) and the message center functions in pretty much the same way. That way you won't ever miss a coupon!

relevant to fatness, fat fashion (this includes posts about hair, shoes and accessories)

Make up?

Makeup/skincare posts are still cool, as they're ancillary to fatshion, I think. Should have included that.

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Don't, seriously. It's not any individual post that's a problem, just the cumulative effects of a bunch of them. As I said, this is NOT meant to single anyone out or make anyone feel bad. :)

Howsabout part of the new posting rules is for us to tag our entries ourselves?

Ummmm...can I request that the mods ask people who go into lengthy explanations of their dinner choices, job/school, pets, partners, etc. before they get to the fatshion to please self-edit a little more? I hope that didn't sound too bitchy.

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These sound like really good guidelines. I appreciate not only all the drudgery, but also the thoughtfulness you mods put into running this place. Thanks for all your work!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Srsly. You mods do such a fantastic job here. Thank you. <3

I really have no clue how you guys have any sort of life with all the rules you've made up to enforce here. Yowsa.

Actually, these policies serve two purposes. One, they help maintain order in the community. And, two, they save time and energy.

Maybe we could have a separate community for sales posts?

The problem with having a separate sales community is that then, as has happened with other sales communities on livejournal, you get a lot of people who want to sell and no one who wants to buy. Plus, people would have to join yet another community. We have a solution that we are hashing out, because we'd like to continue allowing sales posts -- they reach a broader audience of purchasers here and a lot of people really like them. We just have to manage them the right way. As the community continues to grow, we'll probably have to keep changing our policy on them to adapt.

Could we also consider adding the requirement that photos be in focus and clearly showing the outfit? I get really frustrated clicking on a photo cut and getting a poor quality photo, out of focus and not showing the outfit at all. The angled face camera shots are really not my cup of tea.

I think this is, while I understand the frustration, another one of those things we would rather not cross the line into moderating.

you mods are amazing! keep up the good work