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MOD POST: Policy Change
onceupon wrote in fatshionista
Good morning, fatshionistas!

After a lot of thought and deliberation, there has been a policy change. We'd like to direct your attention to the community info page.

1. Right there, right at the top, in bright red, it states that we have a new way of handling discount code posts and sales announcement posts. This DOES NOT include regular, cleaning-out-the-closet posts. It DOES include "Hey, Torrid is having a 50% off sale!"

Please go to THIS POST to share coupon and discount codes. Please go to this post to look for that information.

Postings about sales and discount codes will no longer be allowed as regular posts in the community. Such posts will be linked to the coupon post (as it is linked on the main community info page) and immediately (in which immediately means as soon as a mod sees it) deleted. We will comment with the link so that the original poster knows why their post was deleted and also where the appropriate place is to post their information.

We know some people are concerned that they will miss out on codes because they do not read the community from the main page. It is possible to be notified every time someone posts a comment via the Livejournal Message Center. Track the coupon post and you will never miss a single post.

We would also like to share with you why we are doing this. Right now fatshionista has over a thousand members. That is huge and we are totally excited. As the community continues to grow, we want to continue to provide resources for fat fashion and fat politics. However, at our current volume, a lot of things are getting lost and people's friends pages are being overwhelmed by fatshionista posts. It is getting harder to find posts of interest and, if you're interested in sale codes, to scroll back and find ones that have been posted. This solution will go a long way toward solving both of these issues.

We are confident in making this policy change because we have high expectations of our community members. We understand that having the posts appear on your friends list is, for a lot of people, the easiest way to do things. However, we also believe that people are responsible for their own community experience. We have provided alternatives so that no one should miss out on this kind of information -- we expect our interested community members to be proactive enough to take advantage of those alternatives so that they can access the information they want.

2. If you scroll further down the community info page you will also see that we have a zero tolerance policy for improperly coded sales posts. Rather than completely eliminate sales posts from the community, we are taking a hard line here. If your post does not follow the community guidelines then it WILL be deleted. You WILL have the opportunity to repost, correctly, your sales information but we will not allow sales posts that do not follow the guidelines to stay on the community page.

This is true even if your post has comments to it already. We will try to get to posts before that happens but, in the event that something gets through, please be aware: We WILL delete sales posts that already have comments if the sales post does not follow the guidelines.

And, yes, absolutely, the coding for lj-cuts can be tricky, particularly if you are using the Rich Text Editor. That's why we're allowing people to repost their sales after they have been deleted. We understand how frustrating it can be, but we are also trying to keep sales posts as unobtrusive as possible.

If your post is being deleted, we will leave a comment letting you know why. You will be able to repost your sales post, as long as it is following the community guidelines.

If you aren't sure your code is working, we highly suggest setting up the entry as a private one in your personal journal -- you can test your code that way without it posting to the general page and then you can change the security when you know it's right. The extra step might be a small hassle, but it will save time in the long run.


Please understand, fatshionista is NOT a sales community and has never been designed for that to be the main focus. We're all glad to have access to great clothes -- whether it is because of sales posts or discount codes. But we also don't want to lose the actual focus of this community.

This policy is, of course, subject to change after a trial period. If you think you have a solution that would work, please feel free to contact one of the mods. We are always interested in your feedback.

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Awesome, great work!

I have also added a link to the store sales/coupons/promos post on the main community page.

This is a great idea!

Thank you! We really hope it works out well for everyone.

Woo hoo. Well written, well done.

Just an FYI, you are not allowed to post as "private" on a community. If I have questions about my coding, I set it as private in my own personal journal, copy the text before I post it, make sure its working right, then repost it in the community of choice. :-)

Excellent point and I'm sorry I didn't make that more clear! I will edit the entry to reflect same.

Can I recommend creating a parallel fatshionista_sale community? If sales posts really are a big part of the volume problem, then it makes semse to split them off so that people who are interested in them can see them while others don't have to.

We actually discussed this quite a bit.

The issue is that casual shoppers will not join a community and you wind up with a lot of people who want to sell clothes and no one who wants to buy them. One of the reasons that people like to sell clothes here is that they get a wide audience! Maybe one day someone will click on a sales post and maybe they won't on another day.

We've looked at other communities devoted solely to sales and they are either dead (even if there are posts, there are few buyers) or they are full of spam. We want to preserve the sales posts for now so that sellers and buyers alike can get the most out of the opportunity.

That's a correct thought. I have actually purchased clothes from someone in this community, but I wouldn't join a sales community. ;)

I think these are nice changes. Thanks.

For me personally, you've made the low-volume and most useful bits of information harder to find (so and so is having a sale), while leaving the high-traffic low-value stuff (clothing for sale) in place.

What about having a daily "clothes for sale" thread, rather than posting for sale items individually? That would clean up the friends page a lot while still letting people who want to buy and sell do so.

We're hoping the stricter policy on sales posts will help balance the volume. The idea of a separate sales community has come up in mod discussions many times, and we haven't shut the door on it completely, but we want to try and let all this information coexist as peacefully as possible.

It's all a work in progress, so we'll assess things as we go. Thank you for your input, it is appreciated and we do seriously consider all member suggestions.

This makes a lot of sense, thanks! And heh, whenever I post pictures of anything to a community I post it privately in my own journal first to check the coding, because something invariably goes wrong!

is there a reason why I'm not being allowed to post to the community? I've been trying to make a sales post its coded right and everything now, and its telling me I am not allowed...

We recently switched to moderated posting, thus all posts have to be approved by moderators before they go live. I just approved yours.

thanks, I probably have it in the queue like 5 times then because i thought it was my client or LJ being dysfunctional at first.. my apologies.

was there going to be an announcement to that effect?

There already was.

Also, can you go back and edit your post so that it's all under a cut, as per community guidelines? I didn't notice that it wasn't until I approved it. Thanks.

yeah I'll do that right now -- I didn't read that post in full cuz when I saw the drama references i just scrolled past - I didn't realize it was talking about moderated posting

No worries. I'm an lj skimmer too.

Thanks for cutting!

thanks... its fixed now btw

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