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MOD POST: Sales codes, coupons, and promotions, oh my!
onceupon wrote in fatshionista
This is a post, post-dated so it will always be at the top, for all of your coupon codes, discount codes, and sales announcements. Rather than clog the community with "Hey, just thought ya'll should know, 50% off at the fatty store!" please post that information here. Think of this as your one-stop source for making your clothing purchases cheaper. And don't we all like saving a little money in the pursuit of looking fabulous?

This is NOT regarding personal "cleaning out the closet" sales posts! This is for "Torrid is having 50% off their clearance!" and "Just so ya'll know, here's a code to get 15% off at Igigi." These are GREAT pieces of information, and now they'll all be in one place.

EDIT: We cannot currently backdate community entries. We are trying to find a work-around for that. However, this post is linked to on the community info page and, by using Livejournal's Message Center, you can track comments to the post and be notified every time someone leaves a new code or discount. Just as if it were appearing on your friends list but without getting lost in the backlog!

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So we've discovered! However, this entry is linked to on the main community info page, in red, and people who are interested in coupon codes can also track it via the Livejournal Message Center.

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