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MOD POST: Sales codes, coupons, and promotions, oh my!
onceupon wrote in fatshionista
This is a post, post-dated so it will always be at the top, for all of your coupon codes, discount codes, and sales announcements. Rather than clog the community with "Hey, just thought ya'll should know, 50% off at the fatty store!" please post that information here. Think of this as your one-stop source for making your clothing purchases cheaper. And don't we all like saving a little money in the pursuit of looking fabulous?

This is NOT regarding personal "cleaning out the closet" sales posts! This is for "Torrid is having 50% off their clearance!" and "Just so ya'll know, here's a code to get 15% off at Igigi." These are GREAT pieces of information, and now they'll all be in one place.

EDIT: We cannot currently backdate community entries. We are trying to find a work-around for that. However, this post is linked to on the community info page and, by using Livejournal's Message Center, you can track comments to the post and be notified every time someone leaves a new code or discount. Just as if it were appearing on your friends list but without getting lost in the backlog!

this won't be useful to people who view the community primarily through their friends pages. i rarely ever visit the community page itself.

i do not mind posts telling me about sales and discounts - and i have a lot of friends and watched communities!

Re: for what it's worth

This really isn't something we decided lightly -- we've been trying to figure out the best way to handle things for quite some time. This is our compromise. It certainly isn't ideal -- I don't know that ANY solution in a community that is growing the way this one is could ever be just right for everyone. However, if you need a coupon for a store, I certainly hope you check this post.

(And, for what it's worth, I understand not going to the community page very often. I view most things via my friends page and have quite a large reading list myself.)

I might be a dummy, but does this include our own "clean out the closet" sales posts? Seems like the comments would get crowded.

Feel free to delete this comment.

Nope! This is just for store sales, website sales, that sort of thing.

onceupon, might be a good idea to edit to specify that. :)

So once there are say another 20 or so entries in the community this will be put way back won't it? So things that are limited time offers or limited offers if you don't come to the actual page you just miss out?

Nope. This entry will always sit at the top of the community page. It is post-dated so that it will not fall into the regular chronology of entries.

Thanks for this. While I appreciate the reminders that so and so is having a sale or I can get 20% off here, often various people post the same thing and it gets the f-list pretty cluttered.

Agreed wholeheartedly.

Thanks, mods, for the good work you do. :)

actually you can't do that in a community. we tried to do that in baseball and it didn't work.

So we've discovered! However, this entry is linked to on the main community info page, in red, and people who are interested in coupon codes can also track it via the Livejournal Message Center.

Is it possible to post-date the entry? I've seen various friends do that so a particular post stays at the top of their page (so the date would be 2/20/2075 or something like that.)

And I'm going to have to try the tracking thing because I definitely only read LJ via my f-list.

It actually isn't, as we discovered last night, possible to post-date a community entry. We're playing with a few different options, but this entry is linked to on the main community info page.

And tracking is a great idea for people who want to be alerted to every code.

Thanks for being proactive and willing to try something new.

this being false-dated actually makes it so that the calendar linked on the side ("latest") doesn't work... ick.

i also want to recommend http://www.retailmenot.com/.

I fixed the false-dating so that ought to be fixed. Thank you for mentioning it!

And thanks for including that link! What a valuable resource.

(Deleted comment)
It is already linked to on the main info page. Thanks for nks for suggesting it, though -- it really confirms our thinking on this one.

We're looking into the links thing as well. I'm hoping we'll be able to incorporate that without a whole lot of trouble.

Thanks for the feedback!

(Deleted comment)

Sales codes, coupons and promotions

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(Deleted comment)
Do the tights this year still have that funky butt gusset seaming in the back?

(Deleted comment)

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eShakti sends out coupons to its mailing list. You automatically get added when you buy something, but I found a way to get on it without buying something first.

http://www.eshakti.com/register.asp Register there and they e-mail it to you! Already got mine and will be going shopping when I get paid on the 5th! It's $15 that's valid for 3 months.

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50% off your entire purchase at Payless starts today ends tomorrow!!!

Re: 50% off your entire purchase at Payless starts today ends tomorrow!!!

OMG NO WAY! Payless didn't even email me about it -- thank you!

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