Active/Performance Panties

Plus size active/performance panties that don't suck. Do they exist?

Criteria: fully synthetic fabric (i.e., no cotton) with wicking properties; I'm generally an 18/20, so something in that size range; under $20/pair, but if they cost that much, they better have an impressive warranty/return policy; hipster or something of a similar fit. Truly, I only need two pair -- one for on my butt and one that is being washed/dried.

I've tried the dazzler and seamless hipsters from Lane Bryant. The dazzlers get all up in places they don't belong and the seamless ones chafe like motherfuckers. I'm generally not impressed with the quality of LB panties anyway.

I ordered some Dear Kates Hazel hipsters in a 2X. No thank you. They run large, the fit is bizarre, and the fabric feels like swimsuit bottoms. Because they are dual marketed as active AND period panties, I suspect others of a similar nature (Thinx, Knixwear, etc.) will also not be for me, but I'm open to discussion if someone has rave reviews.

I tried Duluth Trading Co.'s Buck Naked briefs in an XL. I wasn't in love with the fabric, but I had to agree that it felt like I wasn't wearing anything when I initially put them on. Sadly, I became increasingly aware of them because they stretched out almost a full size over the course of a day's wear. There's nothing like saggy granny panties under your workout pants.

Others I've considered: Ex Officio, but the stats are almost identical to DTC's Buck Nakeds and I expect similar results; JunoActive, but they REALLY look like swimsuit bottoms.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Target Marimekko - Trades/Comments

Did anyone else here order from the Marimekko line Target recently released?  I received my packages today, and I am SO disappointed.  I'm a size 22-24, and ordered 2 pair of 3x pants (the 2x were sold out) and they are huge on me.  Before I send them off to Size Queen to be re-made into something that fits, I was wondering if anyone here misjudged in the opposite direction and has some palazzo pants in a 2x that they'd like to trade for 3x?

Most of the clothes are sold out, but I will say that the beach bags?  Are FANTASTIC.  The clothing quality is kind of meh, and the dishware arrived with fingerprints embedded in the plastic, so quality is not consistent across the line.  So sad :(.
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Geeky Fashion Challenge

Hi folks!

I figured I'd share some outfits with you all.  I wore geeky themed outfits all week and wrote a post about it on my blog at I've also been posting each day to my Instagram account.  If any of you all are there I'd love to connect!  You can find me at

Here's a preview:

Top from Old Navy, bronze necklace from a local artist, skirt from Charlotte Russe, leggings from LuLaRoe, and flats from Payless.

This outfit is inspired by Ravenclaw house, from the Harry Potter books!

Thanks for reading.

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I need pants!

Guys, I need help. I need dress pants for work, the wide-leg trouser kind (because anything skinnier than a bootcut will not go up past the knee in the dressing room). Unfortunately for me, my usual source (Lane Bryant) has gone the way of the devil with nothing but Tighter Tummy Technology (which, on me, is consistently painful below the waistline and about 9 months pregnant above; Spanx are not my friend). Lo and behold, my backup of Old Navy has also decided that similar "technology" should be applied to all their khakis. Avenue also looks like they've done the same thing.

So, what I'm asking is this: does anyone know where I can find trouser-style, wide-leg (or at least not tapered) dress pants, in a size 26? All I'm finding on fullbeauty/onestopplus are terrible, terrible, granny pants.
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Plus Size LuLaRoe Review

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a long time since I wrote a fashion post.  I'll get into some of the why soon on my blog, but I'm happy to share a review of LuLaRoe and their plus size offerings with you today.  You can come read more in depth here -

Also please join me today for my online LuLaRoe party if you're interested in trying out some great clothes that are ethically made up to a 3X/26 here -  My consultant for this party is happy to ship outside the US!

And here's my OOTD today as a bit of a preview:

Top in XL from, Shorts in 24 from Torrid, Leggings in Tall & Curvy from LuLaRoe, Sneakers from Converse via Macy's youth size 5 (women's 7)

Thanks for reading,
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Dress Help

Hey everyone,
I really need your help. My sister is getting married in April and I'm a bridesmaid. Finding an affordable dress has been a problem because my parents are buying it and don't want it to be much more than $100. My sister has been pretty good about what she's okay with. She just has a color pallet and I can find any dress in one of those colors.

So we originally ordered a custom dress from JJ House. Only they somehow couldn't follow the measurements we sent. It is too small in every way. And they didn't leave any extra fabric at the seam for it to be fixable and aren't willing to make a new one.

So does anyone know of a good website for getting good plus size bridesmaid dresses? Thanks.

Bra help!

It seems like there are a ton of bras out there, but none work for me, and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed! I'm a 48c, and my biggest problem with finding a bra that fits is that I have "side boob fat" that will cause the sides of bras to ride up or just be super uncomfortable. Anyone have any experience with this and know what type of bra I should be looking for?

Edit: Thanks to so many great comments I went to LB today and had my first bra fitting. Honestly, it was a bit lackluster. I'm not quite sure the person really knew what they were doing as the proclaimed me to be a 60 DDD, and then said, well if you've been wearing a 48C, let's try a 48DD. I have to say, after trying on a couple, the 50C felt better, but didn't feel like magic, so I left with nada.