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Fat friendly waxer in London?
Hi all,

After umm'ing and ahh'ing about it all my adult life, I am now in the market for a Brazilian... but I am TOTALLY nervous about going to just any old waxer, being both fat and hairy (thanks PCOS!).  I've read previous posts about different experiences and advise for us lovely fats getting waxed, which totally has made me decide to go ahead and do the deed at long last.

So, for you lovely ladies living in London... does anyone have any recommendations for places or people to go (or to avoid!) to get a wax done?

Thanks in advance!!


brazilian waxing help, columbus ohio!!!
so i finally decided to go and get a brazilian. my husband and i are going on our honeymoon soon and before we're stopping to visit my dad in columbus ohio. since i've never had this done before i was wondering if anybody could recommend a salon in that area? i just want to feel comfortable. it's very important to me that the person performing it will not be all akward if we have to move some flab around. so please help me out.


Seeking help from NYC-savvy fats!
Hey Fatshionistas,

It's that time of year again, and this summer I'm looking to get a leg and bikini wax.  The humid NYC summer causes me to get horrible rashes on my legs when I shave, so I want to give waxing a try.  Do any of you know of a place that is fat-friendly for this?  Or know of places I should avoid?  I'm really nervous about getting this done, but I think that the end results will be well worth it.  I would greatly appreciate any insight you can provide.  Thanks!

fat waxing
 Um, so I've decided I want to try brazillian waxing. But for various reasons, I'm pretty scared about trying it. I don't want to go and be humiliated if the waxing lady mentions something about the darker skin color where my thighs touch or my hair texture or something, or worse, is wondering why I bother. I have a bit of a tummy apron and I'm wondering if it's even possible for me to be waxed, given the skin issues and all that? 
So, i guess my questions are as follows: 
  1. how does one go about finding a fat-friendly waxer/aesthecian? (previous experience with underarm waxer was not pleasant -- I think she was grossed out by me) I don't want to be a burden/problem for the aesthecian any more than I want to be embarassed by her. 
  2. Is there a polite way to ask when calling/inquiring if the aesthecian has experience working with plus size women?
  3. if I am unable to find one, is it possible to do at-home waxing? there is the issue of not being able to see everything, and having areas touch that wouldn't necessarily do so on a thin person. 
Basically, there's a salon I like for manis/pedis near my house, but it's right next to a gym and everyone that works there is thin and I've pretty much worked myself into a panic about even asking them if they have experience working with someone who isn't thin. The only other salon I've ever had experience with is very shi-shi and I just know the girls there would be mean. 



Where else do I turn for beauty advice?  I hunted through the tags and honestly found only two posts on Brazilian waxing.  While this is similar...I'm not quite ready for that plunge yet.  In essence I'm merely wanting advice on waxing...my eyebrows.

How often do you go?  Do you just go in and let whomever is there have at your face?  What is considered an appropriate tip for someone ripping your hour out at the follicles? 

While I occasionally pluck my eyebrows I'm not one to take very much to "beautify" myself since all I do is lean over a cadaver and play with chemicals all day at school.  I lack a lot of experience in this department. 

I am utterly clueless and assume many of your lovely fashionable people out there might have some experience. 

*crosses fingers that this gets approved*


styling your "private area"
I am the Queen.
I have been thinking about aeryn42 's post from February which can be found here. To jog your memories, it is entitled "Waxing...you know, down there?" Since then I have been debating *ahem* new hairdos for the vag area. That post was wax specific so I would like to know what you folks do with your nether hair? Nothing, wax, shave, pluck, electrolysis, trim, color  ? I might want a hot pink snatch now.  Has anyone used the Fun Betty product?

So what do you do and why? Comfort, style, clothing, sex?  I'm interested and not just form the bio-women. I want to hear about all the fat fab privates!
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