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Light weight long sleeve tee recs?
DT Then Love Me
A few years back I noticed that I had a ring of hives on my chest that wasn't going away.  I went to my Dr who referred me to a dermatologist who told me that they are granuloma annulare.  Basically  it is a mostly benign autoimmune skin issue that acts up whenever I get stressed or go out in the sun.  At first it was just on my upper chest/neck, but the past few years it has grown worse and now it is spreading out to my arms and back and every time I go into the sun it just gets worse.

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Which brings me to my question.  Anyone have recs for light weight long sleeve shirts to wear for layering under regular tees to protect my skin from the sun?  I live in Arizona so I need light weight fabrics that aren't going to make me sweat too badly or trap the heat in.  I'd love something with the weight of Old Navy's heathered tees, and if it comes in more than black and white that would be a huge bonus.

For the record I'm a 20/22-ish on top, altho I do fit into the Old Navy XXLs pretty easily in their straight size line.   
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some OOTD shots
Apologies for my lack of being around here. To make up for my lack of being around, I have some OOTD shots to share, just past the cut.

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OOTDs: Pink and sparkly edition

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Plus size women's graphic tees?
I recently placed an order from cafepress.com. I received the order quickly, the quality seemed decent, and the shirts fit as the size chart said measurement-wise, but they were WAY too short. The model they use to show the fit of the plus size women's tee is 5'11", but there is no way they're using the same shirts as she's wearing. I'm 5'9", and the shirts hit right at the waistband of my jeans (I wear high-waist jeans too). I know I ordered the right size because they fit everywhere else exactly like they're supposed to. I would recommend them for women's plus tees, I guess, but only if you're short or like shorter shirts.

So, that brings me to a question: Where can I find fun graphic tees, preferably in black, in women's plus sizes that aren't practically crop tops? Price isn't a huge concern, but it would be nice if they were $30 each or under. Bonus points if they're similar or the same designs as the cafepress ones.

For reference to the styles I like, I ordered these ones from cafepress.


custom t-shirts from nba.com
I'm not sure if anyone else here is a b-ball fan like me (go magic!), but I just received a custom t-shirt from nba.com and thought I'd share the results!

I'd been hunting for Magic t-shirts for quite a while and wasn't finding anything I liked in my size. For some reason, large t-shirts just do not exist online for basketball teams. I discovered the custom printing option on nba.com and decided to go with that. I recently ordered this shirt. Black, 3XB, flaming Orlando Magic basketball logo.

I'm around 57-47-59 (~300lb, 5'6.5"). I figured the 3X would be the size I need, especially as that's the size I wear in almost all men's athletic tees. Well, this shirt is huge! The flat dimension is 31.5" width and 36" in length. Much larger than any 3x athletic t-shirt I've bought before. I'm guessing it's the B that's making the difference. I feel I probably could have safely gone down to a 2XB without sacrificing any comfort or fit.

The shirt is a nice soft cotton and the logo is very nice. It appears to be the iron on style, but it's a high quality one, not too stiff and great adhesion with the shirt.***edit: I now think the image is silk screened on*** The image is also centered on the shirt. The length goes down past the bottom of my rear.

The custom shirts are more expensive (mine was around ~$30USD), but reasonable considering how hard it is to find large b-ball shirts that are more 'stylish'.

So yay for nba.com custom shirts. They offer up to 5XB, which is pretty damn awesome.

T-shirt surgery No. 3!
So some of y'all will have looked at this post and this post , where I proudly showed you some of my latest efforts with a sewing machine. Well, now it's time for t-shirt surgery number 3!

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More t-shirt surgery! Woo! And some advice on helping non-FA-accepting friends
 So some of you folks may remember my efforts in this post to turn a fun Zero Punctuation shirt into a wearable, and still fun, Zero Punctuation shirt. Well, my scissors and sewing machine have struck again!

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What happens when I'm let loose with a pair of scissors
Once upon a time, there was a shirt that looked like this:

And for a number of personal reasons (the most primary of which being, that the shirt's owner thought the shirt to be unbelievably ugly), the shirt decided to become this: Details of the transformation under the cutCollapse )

Fat t-shirt recon??
Blaine -Uniforms are Sexy
Hey all!! In my recent quest to clean my room, I found t-shirts. Lots and lots of t-shirts. All of which are a men's large or extra large, with sleeves down to my forearms, restricting crew necks, and a general air of sloppyness. I have searched the internet for t-shirt reconstruction help, and have found tons of ideas. But I did notice one thing.

All the recons where done by skinny people. This means an oversized t-shirt for them is a large. A large is not really baggy on me, it just doesn't look good. So, I was wondering if there were any fat t-shirt reconners out there. I'm interested in seeing shirts made over to fit fat bodies, and to see how well some of these ideas translate onto more flesh. Also, I would love to see some fatshionistas that are braver than me, and would wear some of the skimpier styles.

how to wear big t-shirts
 greetings, fats!

I have a... well, not a problem, per se, but certainly something that warrants consideration.

I'm a French horn player (in case the user pic didn't tip you off) and I'm also a fan of games like guitar hero. So naturally when I came across a t-shirt with "French Horn Hero" written in Guitar Hero design, complete with flames of pure Rock 'n' Roll and hard-core picture of French horn, the question wasn't so much "should I buy it?" as it was "where do I sign?" Unfortunately the shirt only came in one size (male 2x), but I figured a 2x shouldn't be too small, especially if it's a male size.

The shirt came today and I have no complaints. The design looks just like it did on the site, and wearing it makes me feel like the true band/gaming geek that I strive to become. The only thing is, 2x is in fact a pretty large size for me, and the shirt comes down past my arse and the sleeves go down past my elbows. 

So my question is, with shirts like this (including band shirts and the like), how do you wear them? I think for many the answer would be "i shove it on and have done with it", but I'm wondering if an opportunity's being missed here. At the moment I've rolled the sleeves up a bit and have been playing with wearing belts over it to cinch the waist and maybe wear leggings with it instead of jeans, although I don't think I would do that in public because it is a bit too short to really be considered a dress and i'm quite opposed to the leggings = pants philosophy. If I had skinny jeans I think I could totally rock this shirt, but affording a pair of those is a bit of a pipe dream right now.

So what do y'all think? 

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