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Deathfat OOTDs from Valentine's week!
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
I challenged myself to wear a work week of Valentine's outfits last week. I almost made it, but a day off for appointments cut me a bit short. Ah, well.

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There Can Never Be Too Much Halloween
I dressed up as a murdered saloon girl this year, mostly as an excuse to wear my cute new skirt to work.Collapse )

Styling help for the color and pattern impaired
blue room
I scored this skirt for about $4 during Silhouettes liquidation sale.  I LOVES it.  Perfect weight, nice fabric, swinging feeling. But here is my problem...one that I continually struggle with. I tend to be from the "too matchy-matchy" school.  If I have a print skirt, my top is usually one of the colors in the skirt.  I am terribly uneasy with putting different patterns together (although I love the look).  And so I can't figure out what to pair this skirt with.  The colors are indigo/navy and off-white/cream.  Of course, a top in either of those colors will be dullsville (like the catalog photo).  The next obvious choice to me would be red, but I hate red, and I would feel a bit too patriotic/sailor girl. I've also thought about a bright yellow or green.

So how would you guys style this? I would love your suggestions for colors and prints to pair with this (links and pics especially appreciated).


I've posted only few times, but here's more. First outfit I wore today, the second on my niece's baptism and the third on my girlfriend's birthday. :). My stats: 160cm, ~90kg, dress size anywhere from 40 to 52.


Shirt: H&M

Skirt: BWNYJeans L/40

Rainboots: Nokia 38

Cardigan: Zara, size L

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OOTD: Ruffles & Stripes
It's been a while but I finally replaced my tripod so I can finally take some OOTD pictures again.
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Fat Girl Shopping- Rants and Raves
Happy Friday, loves!

Last night, I popped over to our local mall (I live in Bakersfield, California- so not exactly a high fashion metropolis or anything) and had a few interesting shopping experiences. So interesting, in fact, that they spawned this TLDR post :). First, my friend and I went into Lane Bryant because we each had their save $25 on $75 (etc.) coupons. Now, every time I've gone into LB lately, I am less and less happy each time. This time, I was so upset, I wrote an email to the company. Click to read my little email to them.Collapse )

After my frustrating LB experience, we went over to Torrid because I had received in both the mail and my email the coupon they're doing for $30 off of $100. Once in the store, though, I realized I had left the physical coupon in my car- across the mall- and it was pouring rain. I asked the manager if I could just bring the email coupon (and code) up on my email on my Blackberry and she said absolutely not, I had to go get the coupon out of my car or they couldn't honor the discount. While looking at the email on my phone, I noticed it said that online is having free shipping now, so I'm just going to buy the stuff online this weekend. Still, Boo-urns, as Smithers would say.

At this point, I'm frustrated and empty-handed, about to go home. When almost to my car, I see that where there was once a giant department store is now a giant Forever 21 (literally department store sized). I popped in, thinking a store that giant might just have Faith 21 finally and. . . they did! Let me tell you, their Faith 21 section alone was larger than our Lane Bryant and Torrid (more organized, too)! Tons and tons and tons of stuff. I ended up getting a tank and two minis, but I'll definitely be back! Oh, and the staff? WONDERFUL! I saw the mannis in the plus section on had on awesome leggings and tights, so I mentioned it to the check out girl, "Are those just the straight sized leggings on the plus sized mannequins?" To which she replied, "Oh, no! If it's on the plus manni it's plus. You didn't see them? We have the CUTEST leopard ones, let me show you! You have to get them!" So sweet and helpful.Click the cut to see what I got (and quick reviews)!Collapse )

Ok, that's all. Just thought I'd share my little fat shopping experience last night!

PS: I have some amazing, heeled, slouchy but still structured boots that I got at Kmart for $15 that fit mid calf. Just a heads up for another store to give a shot on our never ending fat boot quest!


it's time to post your lovely stripe-filled pictures! :-)

i haven't had time to do anything tonight (and besides, it's technically still monday where i live...),but feel free to post your stripey clothes (favorite socks, hats, hoodies, tights, shirts, skirts...the possibilities are endless!)

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so when you post, use this code in the comment: < img src="www.yourphoto.jpg" > without the spaces.

all righty? now post your stripes!

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