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Dress pants and flats?
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Hello fats, and Happy New Year! I come today asking for guidance and opinions.

I am...not a fashion person. Not to say that I'm not fashionable, but more that I value comfort and my personal sanity over trendy fashion. XD Over the past year I've been very much trying to expand my wardrobe and what I feel comfortable in, and while I've come a long way, it's definitely still a process. The dilemma I have that I'm hoping you all can help with is this - wearing flats with dress pants.

I cannot wear heals due to bad joints and needing to be on my feet all day. I've come to like flats, so I've made peace with that. But all my dress pants are more wide leg style, mostly due to the fact that larger sizes just come in wide leg (size 20/22), and when I wear flats and dress pants, I feel like I look funny. :( Does anyone have opinions on this? Do you think flats and dress pants can be made to look good, or should I just stick with non-healed dress shoes? If you think it can work, any suggestions or words of wisdom? And above all - any pictures or outfits of flats and dress pants?!?

I'm a pre-service teacher, so while my wardrobe mostly consists of dress pants paired with either button down blouses or some combo of shell & sweater, I have a tendency to wear prints, colors, and crazy jewelery where I can. A lot of my colleagues are very straight-laced, but I'm all "Yeah, let me rock this loud owl print sweater!" I try to give my clothing a bit of color and flair where budget and personal taste permits, so I'd love to make my flats work just to have more options. The whole "This is my dress shoe, it is black, and boring, but doesn't make my feet feel like ground meat, so yes, I wear it every single day." is wearing on my style. Help please!

Boots part 2
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The boots arrived. And while they are wide enough at the calf, they are sadly too narrow at the ankles. Which is weird because I've never had that problem with boots before. Strange that they'd go so narrow at the ankles for a wide-calf boot.

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For others like me who have really wide calves and trouble finding tall boots that fit, Simply Be carries some. They only have a few styles in the widest width, but I really like the look of this pair: http://www.simplybe.com/legroom-buckle-boot-extra-curvy-plus-e/invt/ns705gw/

And the pricing is pretty reasonable for leather boots. I haven't gotten mine yet, so I can't tell you about the quality (I've had issues with Simply Be clothes before), but I thought I'd share this find. I've always wanted to own a pair of tall boots, but I have really wide calves and have never been able to find a pair that would work until now.

OOTD and Reviews
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Dear All,

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TOMS shoes fit?
Hi, everyone.

I just purchased a couple of pairs of TOMS after my sister recommended them (she, however, is very slender with tiny feet). I'm unable to even get them on, but she swears they stretch out tremendously and I should just wear them around the house and they'll fit after a bit. However, I don't want to try stretching them out and not succeed, and then not be able to return them.

Does anyone have any experience with TOMS and a wider foot? I usually wear both regular and wide width shoes depending on the brand.

Shoes for San Francisco?
Hi, all! It's been a long while since I last posted!

This summer, I've got an internship in San Francisco, and for the life of me, I can't find a decent pair of shoes to wear.

My main issue is that I'm over 6' tall, wear a size 28/30, and need women's size 12 shoes; in short, they've got to be crazy-supportive, but they also have to come in a size 12--although, I am definitely open to wearing men's shoes in a size 11, as long as the shoes look gender-neutral. The shoes also need to come in black, since most of my shirts/blouses are that color, and should be appropriate for outfits ranging from casual to business-casual, as I'll be around potential employers some of the time.

I used to teach, so I have shoes for standing all day, but aside from sneakers, I have nothing for walking outside, uphill, etc. For example, I can already rule out Danskos and Birkenstocks, as I tend to sprain my ankles in both when walking upstairs or uphill. Otherwise, I am unconcerned with the silhouette of the shoes: flats, oxfords, and whatever else is fine.

If y'all can offer some insight, do share! And, even if you don't have shoe recommendations, if you live in the Bay Area, feel free to comment, as well! <3 

Frye boots
Lately I've been examining my shoe collection and realizing it's time I spent some money on a pair of shoes that will last. I've been looking at ankle boots, something that look nice with slacks. I have heard good things about Frye but never owned a pair. Anyone have any recommendations? Even for other brands, the ones that you save up for.
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wedding outfit help!
Hi again,
I am trying to find a few items to complete my outfit for my April 28 wedding.

I am wearing this dress in a 3X with a Simone Perele strapless bra, and this petticoat in purple. I am also wearing this fascinator.

I still need shoes and some sort of warm thing, like a bolero or a shrug. I was planning to get purple shoes, but I'm just not finding anything that's the right purple, or that's amazing enough. I wear a 7/7.5W (I think I am between a C and D width.) and I want comfortable heels or flats that are really fun, but also easy to dance in. As far as a warm thing, I was considering this cardigan, but I feel a little silly spending the same amount on a sweater as I did on my dress, and also, I'm not sure if it's special enough. Then again, I will definitely wear it more than once, but also, I am sure I'll be dancing with my baby nephew and he spits up a lot, so maybe I don't want cashmere? I typically wear a 14/16 in knitwear, especially if they're cropped. I am a 38D, pear shaped.

Help me out, please! I normally crowd source my friends on Facebook, but I am trying to avoid blowing up my feed with my wedding!

ISO: T.U.K. Tattoo print flats, size 7
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for a pair of these flats: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/shoes/flats/tuk-love-and-hate-anchor-flats-327127.jsp

I used to own a pair and they were my favorite go-to shoes. Unfortunately I lost them a couple years ago when I wore them to an anime convention :( 

I've checked eBay and called the Hot Topic stores near me but haven't been able to track down a pair. If anyone finds a pair, please message me.

Thank you!!
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In need of a versatile pair of shoes to wear with dresses
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Hello, everyone. I am branching out into wearing more dresses, and I'm in need of at least one pair of shoes that can work with several of them. I have a beloved pair of Softwalk Montclaires, which are Mary Janes with a wedge heel. They're super-comfortable, cute, and go with some things really well, but I find them a bit heavy for most dresses (especially without tights) and this pair is at the end of its lifespan. I'll eventually buy another pair, but I wanted to see what options were out there that would specifically be good for dresses.

Right now I have several simple black dresses of various styles, like this one (an Old Navy dress with turtleneck underneath), and two more dressy ones - one has a bubble hem and a sheer overlay, the other has a drapey shawl sort of neckline. Then I have an array of geometric print dresses, one knee-length in red and black and white, one with a yellow, black and white pattern, and one in a white, black and pink pattern.

I think it's not likely to find one pair of shoes that will work with all these different dresses, but I'd like to get some bang for my buck - a shoe that will at least work with the black dresses and maybe one of the print ones. If they're relatively inexpensive, I can buy two pairs. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible shoe shopper, and end up getting things that look ok to me while looking at them online, but turn out to be really matronly in person. While my feet aren't enormous length-wise, they are very wide - EE or WW. My sister has suggested a pair of gold sandals or these strappy black sandals. Would either of these work? Metallics scare me, but I'm willing to give them a try. Any other suggestions? Help me, those of you wise in the way of shoes.

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