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I got my eShakti dress in the mail yesterday.  And I love it!

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Boot review - OneStopPlus/WomanWithin
John Sebastian at Woodstock
I'm traveling next week and wanted to get a new pair of boots, since this terrible winter basically killed all of my old pairs. In desperation, I ordered the Madison Scrunch Boot in black from OneStopPlus, which is my go-to anyway for tights (highly recommend them!).

I have a super hard time finding boots anyway because my calves are huge, so I've all but given up ever finding tall ones that fit. BUT, I did want a cute pair of booties, and hit a goldmine on the site. First of all, their shipping is super fast. I ordered them on Sunday night, and the arrived this morning (Thursday).

Keep in mind I've had them on my feet for all of 20 minutes but I. AM. IN. LOVE. They're comfortable, feel sturdy and most of all, THEY FIT. I had a leg issue years ago so, annoyingly, one calf is bigger than the other, and I was worried about that, but NO PROBLEM. I love them! I'm already thinking about buying another pair of their boots in a different style.

I thought I'd post about it here in case anyone else is on the lookout for boots. And the best part is, since the seasons are changing, they're all ridiculously cheap. Go forth and purchase!!!

ModCloth review!
I decided to make my first ModCloth purchase because of their current $20 off a $50+ purchase deal for first-time customers.
(Which, by the way, if you want me to refer you for the $20 off coupon code, just let me know in the comments before 10/3, when the offer is past expiration!)

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Overall, I'd buy from ModCloth again, but wasn't impressed. I'm a size 20 & am probably a 3X/4X in their non-stretch clothing, which makes it seem a lot less accessible than what they make themselves out to be. Or maybe that is just with the top I ordered??

Pros: unique styles, quick free shipping & returns, good customer service (you can always message them with specific item sizing questions), seems to genuinely be pushing designers to expand their size range to include plus

Cons: low- to average-quality clothing for high-end department store prices, sizing not as inclusive as it seems, coupon codes are rare

Tips for thrifting?
Frogs Knight Alice
Next week my partner and I are going to the Philly AIDS Thrift to stock up on warm weather clothing. I know thrift stores are a grab bag, and so I cannot guarantee that I'll find any particular brand or anything (I also know to try on things even if the tags say they're not the right size). What I'm wondering is if anyone who thrifts in the community can impart tips to telling if a piece is likely to stand up to wear?

I'm going for mostly natural fibers, thermal tees, durable cargo pants, and then maybe some cute things if I can afford it after that (I'm genderfluid btw, but also a nursing parent). Also, are there brands to keep an eye out for that are known for their longevity? (I know LL Bean is one).

...I'm probably over thinking this, but after spending $70 at a DI in WA State and not getting a lot of durable things (and also veering wildly off track, AND accidentally leaving most of those clothes in WA, including my green leather bomber jacket grrr) I want to make sure I'm not making the same mistakes. Plus I can't exactly afford to drop another $70 on clothes, anyway.

are you being phoned?
Hey fats! More ootds in my effort to reduce my dependency on jeans. Your model is 5'10" and a size 18/20. Sorry for the crappy pic quality.

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Review AND $50 Gift Card Giveaway (3 winners) on my website!
Hey girls,

I recently worked with this company called 247Frenzy.com on a review and giveaway. They are not strictly plus size but they do have some great plus size options. On my website, you can find my review of two of their plus size items, a dress and a cutout top.

I'm also having a giveaway of THREE $50 Gift Cards to their store. You can read the review/enter the giveaway here: http://www.kiagadvice.com/2013/09/review-247frenzycom-review-trendy.html
There are no entries yet so you have great chances of winning!

There is also an Alight.com random item giveaway on my blog, happening here: http://www.kiagadvice.com/2013/08/alight-review-fashionable-plus-size.html
There's less than 150 entries on that giveaway.

Thanks! -Megan

OOTD and Reviews
Big Corn in Peru
Dear All,

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Big batch of ASOS item reviews - with links!
I've spent an embarrassing amount of money at ASOS in the past six months.
Everything was ordered in my usual ASOS size UK22/US18 unless mentioned otherwise
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WeLoveColors disappointment: streaky tights are "normal occurrence".
shout it beth
I recently bought my first pairs of WeLoveColors tights - oh wow, the excitement of finding tights in my size, in bright colours! When I got them, the fit and feel were great, but then I noticed that there were obvious streaks on all three. I contacted WeLoveColors, sending photos; their customer service people were lovely and responded quickly, but this was their conclusion:

"Thank you for that image, we have submitted it for review and we did find that this is a normal occurrence with these tights, the material can develop these streaks in the dyeing process."

They immediately offered to refund my money, so that's not a problem. What worries me is that apparently these streaky tights are "normal" quality for them. And this means that this isn't an aberration - any tights I could buy from them in the future might well have the same problem, and their quality-control processes won't stop them from getting sent to me.

After paying postage to get my new tights sent to the Antipodes, and waiting weeks for the package, and (of course) after getting all excited about the tights, I'm really disappointed!

So: tell me, fats, about your experience with WeLoveColors. Is this actually normal for them, and should I bother ordering from them again in the hopes that I get better quality next time? I've seen comments here in the past about quality problems with WeLoveColors - how widespread is this?

Fatkini review and photos
Big Corn in Peru

It has been eons since I made a post. I often lurk and leave the odd comment. I will stop lurking and start contributing.

Behind the link is a review of what I'm wearing to the pool this summer:  The much coveted floral Forever 21 bottoms and the top portion of a two piece Esther Williams fatkini set.

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