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Bringing joy and snark filled laughter
Wow shopping sucks.
I was looking for new fall clothes, and due to the large quantities of crap, I wrote a snark/sarcasm (or as i like to call it "snarcasm") filled blog.

And figured I would share it with you, my wonderful community of fashion forward amazing people, who give me so much hope for finding cute clothing.

In search of not too expensive jeans with a very specific fit (and a small rant)
Hello everyone

I am looking for a pair of jeans that is significantly smaller in the waist/tummy than in the thighs. Any suggestions? Or any experience with getting jeans tailored?

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Thanks in advance for any help!

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Torrid Jeans Price Increase? & Quick SimplyBe Sizing Question
SimplyBe: I'm planning to place my first order and was wondering if, just like Evans and ASOS- are the tops and dresses forgiving in size?

Torrid: So I'm beginning to see the plot unravel. They introduce the Broadway Ankle jeans to deter us from the increase of their Torrid brand skinny jeans!
But in all seriousness- I'm ticked off. Their jeans aren't good quality to start off with- mine lasted two months while my Avenue divine denim jeans are still going strong. And the only reason why I buy Torrid jeans, is it saves me time and money to not have them altered. Avenue, Lane Bryant, Old Navy- all of them had to be altered in the thighs and down, but the Torrid ones fit like a glove. But I'm ticked off with the price increase, ALL Torrid brand skinny jeans were $58.50 (pricey, kinda do-able, with deals and lots of saving) and now it has increased to $64.50 to $68.50. I mean, if they offered free shipping past a certain amount WITHOUT using a code- I wouldn't be that bitter.

I have jeans from their regular line (blue-washed, dark-washed), but I do like some of the specialty skinny jeans they offer.

Blue Embroidered Back Pocket Skinny Jeans compared to these Embroidered Pocket Jeans that released the beginning of summer -> Sophia Medallion Embroidered Skinny Jeans
Sophia Kingston Rhinestone Rivets Skinny Jeans
Black And Silver Stitch Skinny Jeans
Blue Sophia Hematite Studs Skinny Jeans -> $68.50:
ridiculous because I saw these in store, the studs would pop off within a week or two.

Anyone else having a problem with the price increase?
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3X at Forever 21 Question (and a bit of a rant ...well maybe not a bit)
So I have a quick question for you fellow fatshionistas. Is it my stores or yours as well, does it seem like they carry only ONE 3X of most items? I have been to two Forever21's that carry the Plus line and Store A which is closer to my home barely has any 3X's. I've checked out the new items and there's almost always one 3X. Store B, there isn't much traffic for the Plus line so I have a better chance at finding my size BUT it's 45 minutes away.

I'm just angry because I called Store A yesterday for a Navy Blazer with the striped sleeve lining to be put on hold until closing the next day because I just got home from work and was too tired. Next day comes, and I arrive three hours after opening. Waited in line to pick up the blazer and was told they couldn't find it and was probably put back on the rack. They looked through the sale history for that day and it turned out it was sold. I'm ANGRY beyond explanation.
1) with the store because I've had items on hold at Store B and given my distance situation, they held the item for 5 days and I was able to pick it up. Store A couldn't even hold an item for 24 hours.
2) with Forever21 Plus size availability. Even Store B, as I was combing through the tops and jackets, there's ONE 3X. I don't want to hunt for my clothes constantly. 
3) the manager I dealt with today. It felt like they didn't care, like "if you weren't fat and the biggest size we have, this might not have been a problem." I'm FAT, and I've accepted it- why can't you accept it and treat me like a regular paying customer?! It took me raising my voice for them to call Store B to see if they had it. Unfortunately they don't. 

And the reason why I'm so desperate for this blazer is because I'm on my way to be a confident FATSHIONISTA and the cut, design and mostly PRICE of this blazer is everything I want. I own the black one and I've worn almost every day and received a number of compliments and it's bringing me so much closer to acceptance of my body. I'm Asian and there's skinny and "Asian skinny". I've been put down by my family for not even being skinny let alone Asian skinny. But ever since I finally said "SCREW IT" and dressed the way I've always dreamed of instead of hiding myself, they've accepted it and even complimented me. 

So ... sorry for the rant, but if anyone made it through, thank you for listening. It turned out to be more of a rant than a question LOL
And if anyone would like to help, I posted an ISO on fatshionxchange.
*I'll even take people from Canada who can help =D   

Fashion Bug is closing
misc - onoes
I went to FB yesterday as I have a swimsuit on layaway there, and I learned that all stores will be closing by or at the end of the year. So we're losing one of the few brick and mortar stores that actually carries clothes up to size 30.

Here's the article: http://www.gazette.com/articles/close-140327-completes-ascena.html

EDIT: Aaaaand I just saw that the Avenue in Lynnwood, WA is closing its doors as well; I drove by and saw the sign, so I'll be going back later today to look for deals. WTF is up with all this?!

patterned cardigans
So, I'm searching for patterned cardigans that will fit my size 24/26 body, that are slightly modern in shape, color and pattern. I'd prefer fitted cardigans... but you know, at this point I'll take anything and try to "make it work." I'd love to try some pattern mixing, or just add variety to a solid dress over the summer instead of multiple layers.

I've done a cursory search -- F21+, HM+, ON, LB, Fashion Bug, Ave, OSP & the Redcats gang, City Chic, Torrid, Alloy, Alight, Target, Kmart -- and I keep coming up empty-handed. If you have some solid leads, as in actual links to stores that sell a variety of patterned cardigans in size 24 or 26 online (not stores like Ross or Burlington where inventory varies by location, or your local thrift store), please PLEASE share it here.

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So yeah, if you have some ideas for where I can find some patterned cardigans in size 24 or26, please share them here. Thanks everyone!

eShakti Review/Photodump/Rant + OOTD
I buy things from eShakti pretty regularly, and tonight I asked my boyfriend to take some photos for me so I could see how my latest order looked on (I don't own a full-length mirror, argh). Then I got a little carried away and dug out my past orders, too. So here's a clothing review, a rant about their TERRIBLE customer service and some photos for your pleasure. 

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UPDATE: I got an email from someone at eShakti this afternoon promising to get this situation taken care of asap. She said 24 hours, but I have a feeling I'm going to be waiting till Monday. 

Sh*t Skinny Girls Say...
Hi fats! First post here, eeek! OK, so you guys may have seen those "Sh*t....say" videos all over YouTube. I have made my own, called Sh*t Skinny Girls Say To Fat Girls and it can be found here: (I don't know how to embed)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDjS-NEnmao

I hope it's OK to post this here! And I'm sorry, I don't really understand about triggers or anything so I guess, trigger warning? OK, I hope you guys enjoy!

Evans Experience
Has anyone else ordered from the new Evans USA website? Was anyone else severely disappointed? They offered free standard shipping on ALL orders, yet charged me $10 shipping, first off. THEN, when I went to ocntact customer service about the shipping charge, there was NO phone number for me to call...unless I was in England. I had to send an email, WHICH THEY NEVER REPLIED TO. I think it's grossly irresponsible to open up a site with "USA" in the title and not have at least one phone number within the US for customers to call for assistance. I then tried to cancel my order, but there was no cancel option. So I had to send ANOTHER email which, you guessed it, they NEVER ANSWERED.

So they shipped my order (I bought two bras from their sale) and they got here relatively quickly (for being shipped from England), which is great and what I would expect considering I paid $10 for supposedly free shipping. I opened them up all excited and THEY SENT ME THE WRONG SIZE. That's kind of the last straw. I clearly ordered 44D and not 44DD...the 44DD was SOLD OUT when I ordered! How could they send me bras that were already out of stock?

I'm going to try and sell them on fatshionxchange since I'm sure returning them will be a NIGHTMARE. I just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else has had trouble with them in the past. Or if anyone else knows what's up with that shipping thing?

Review of Lane Bryant Classic Leggings
happy go lucky scamp
So I've been on a bit of a leggings hunt as it's getting colder and I want to continue with my "no pants - all dresses/skirts!" look I've been rocking. The search was a bit lackadaisical, and with my trip home for Christmas (I live out of state), I had finally got off my ass and went on a rampage to find something before I went home in a week. I went to a brick & mortar LB as shipping something would potentially take more time than I had, and I didn't really want to have to ship something to my mom's house. Plus, I wanted the leggings for the outfit I wanted to wear on the plane.

On to the leggings themselves:

The salesperson asked my weight, gave me the right size and sent me on my way. I now wish I had asked to try them on first. I tried them on when I got home and found the fit is alright, wasn't totally enthused that they're suppose to be capris, but with my short legs, it looked okay. Today I wore them underneath a dress I got from another fat and found that as I started to move, the fit wasn't right At All. Every time I walk ANYWHERE, they slide down. Down past my belly, down off my ass, and I'm constantly yanking them up. It's ridiculous. And I paid $26.50 for them! I felt so ripped off that I dropped that much on something and they don't even stay up. If it was occasionally I'd need to pull them up, I could deal. But it's every time I walk.

I plan to take them back tomorrow and I'm hoping that LB gives me a full refund, though I will totally settle for store credit - though god knows when I'll use it since they're so damn expensive and half the time either the quality is crap or the sizing is all off.

UPDATE: I was able to return the LB leggings for a full refund with no hassles. I ended up getting some leggings from FashionBug, though I will definitely check out the recommendations folks have been leaving as I'm going to want another pair or so. Thanks!

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