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PORK magazine and cultural appropriation
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The other day I was on tumblr and came across PORK's newest photos from a Wild West editorial. I must say I was quite disheartened and was not alone in this feeling, since, as I looked at the commentary it was apparent that many other people of color were upset as well.

Cut & TW for cultural appropriation and racismCollapse )

queer fats in austin or atlanta?
so, summer 09 i was all set to make a new start in a new place and even posted here requesting tips on fat-friendly cities... then i met someone.  a really awesome someone - the kind worth changing life plans for, right?  ...well, one year later and though she's still awesome (as am i!) things are a no-go between us and i'm back on track to moving out of the dc metro area.

sooooo... i'm thinking of taking my broken heart and letting it heal in either austin or atlanta.  seems like both are pretty queer-friendly, but i don't know anyone personally out there to give me the real scoop.  that's where you lovelies come in, yes?  any thoughts/experiences on either city with respect to how fat-accepting, diverse, progressive (etc) they are?  or an even better city than both??

fyi - i'm pansexual, latina and obviously a chubster, so all of these considerations will play a role in my choice.  oh, the job market!  :o)

More FAIL, this time from Avenue
Hey Fats!

Remember last year, at almost this exact time, when Torrid had its inappropriate and fail-tastic "Native Beauty" collection?

I call your attention to Avenue's new collection, "Tribal Rhythm".


BZZT: torrid for the fail
oh y'all, really? "native beauty"? so inappropriate, so dumb. "stevie nicks style" would have been just as appropriate, if not more so.

ugh racist bullshit appropriative fashion. do we start writing letters? what is the right approach to this? i feel very disingenuous saying that now i'm going to boycott because i do not know where else to buy my pants that is not also socially reprehensible. that said, this is so inappropriate and offensive. letters? a selected boycott of everything in that collection?


EDITED TO ADD: what i think i am most curious about is how we can start to hold our retailers really accountable given that for many people boycotting is not a really viable option. we write letters but how many people here have already written to torrid 100 times. are there other ways we, as consumers, and as consumers with considerable clout, can start to take torrid to task? what are some creative strategies that might work? how do we make our demands known and hold retailers to higher standards? i don't like the idea that it is boycott or nothing -- especially given how hard it is to find anything at all.

EDITED 2: "oh dudes" is inappropriate; "oh y'all" is not. thanks sheana!

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