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Recent QVC dress purchase
So... I do have a thing for big prints and stretchy dresses, so when I saw those two things combined...
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Update on those QVC jeans
You know, the ones I was so excited about earlier today? The custom-made ones that fit so well?

After eight hours of wear, they are hanging on me like elephant skin. Although they only contain 2% lycra spandex, it seems to be enough stretch to make them baggy after they're worn for awhile.

I am very disappointed.
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Who knew? "Personify" Jeans by...yes...QVC
Someone's post -- here? or on another blog? I'm not sure -- prompted me to look at QVC's custom-made jeans. I decided to go for it and I ordered a pair. I'm not easy to fit -- I'm apple-shaped these days, with a large belly and a flat butt and thighs that are narrow in proportion to my belly. If I find jeans that are big enough in the waist, they're huge in the thigh. Or they are too short-waisted.

Out of the box, these are the best-fitting jeans I've had in years. I'm amazed. It's like they were made for me. [Oh! they were!] At $49.50, they cost more than I usually spend on jeans, but I suspect that I will wear them until they fall apart.
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ATTN: Those who cannot find jeans...
I couldn't help but wonder...
... that fit your butt, hips, belly, big toe, etc. I may have an answer for you! I've been passing this link along in comments to various posts and it's like "FINE! I'll just write a separate post!"

I ordered a pair of Personify custom jeans from QVC. I wrote about my experience on my little blog right over here. In short, if you're hard to fit (and I'm pretty sure that most of us are), custom jeans might be your savior.

Go forth and prosper.
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