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Warm, hooded coat
Now that fall is finally here in the NW, I'm on the hunt for a cozy, yet stylish warm hooded coat. I'd basically like a cute puffy jacket. I saw a few at Target this weekendbut they were a little too "Home for the Holidays." Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm definitely planning to check out the REI Outlet site.

news anchor standing up to weight-related bullying (and the search for a mustard yellow sweater!)
chris colfer :: nothing wrong
Hi, all! I just saw this phenomenal video of a local news anchor who responds on-air to some weight-related hate mail she got and discusses bullying.

ALSO for those of us who were looking for the coveted mustard-yellow sweaters that are very in right now, i just got a vee-neck pullover sweater in mustard from khols! here is the link to it online but it's also in stores: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/croftbarrow/womens16w24w/sweatersfleece/PRD~1067467/Croft+and+Barrow+Solid+Sweater++Womens+Plus.jsp

rain boots
i'm on the hunt for cheap, rain boots, under $50 would be ideal. anyone have any suggestions? i looked at target last weekend and wasn't super excited by their selection.

Search for crazy sweaters...
Hello, Fatshionistas!

So I have these two friends who live together and throw amazing themed parties and I just got a message that they're having another one. Yay social interaction, whoo!

Anyway, the theme is Ridiculously Awful Sweaters and...I don't have any. I have loads of awful tee shirts, including one that says "KEEP THE PLANET CLEAN, IT'S NOT URANUS" (which doesn't even make sense because you would want to keep your anus clean as well)...but all my sweaters are what one might call "classy" or "boring."

Where can a fatshionista find a dorky sweater, preferably under 50 dollars and in the NYC area? I've searched for dorky sweaters in places like Goodwill before but all I've found are sweatshirts and track suits. The ones at Urban Outfitters are appropriately ridiculous but are like 90 dollars.

Thermal undergarments, warm coat
Hey all,

It's officially fricking cold in Southeast Michigan, and I'm on the prowl for warm underthings! I'd really like the typical thermal underwear (I always called them long johns as a kid) that looks like leggings and a tight longsleeved shirt. My issue is that most of the ones I've found that are large enough for me are mens, and are also way too long for me and fall down a lot. Does anyone know of decent thermal clothing for short fat people with hips? I'm looking for something that will work underneath my normal work jeans and work shirt, so it has to be pretty form-fitting. I wear a size 26-28-30, ~310lbs, 5'6".

Also, does anyone know of a glove that legitimately keeps your hand toasty but that still allows you to be relatively dexterous? It's like the Michiganders holy grail of winter-wear, I know. But still, suggestions are welcome. Right now I'm using a leather pair, and while they're great for maneuverability they kind of suck at actually insulating.

My next dilemma is my winter coat. I have a really awesome and really warm Goose down coat that I love...but it's slightly too small for me this year and won't close. I really can't afford another down coat but the whole "not closing" thing really isn't working for me, so I want to know if any of you have a warm but inexpensive coat recommendation. Sizing would need to be at least a 28, style is completely irrelevant in the face of winter. This is also turning out to be a holy grail, so any help is greatly appreciated.

An OOTD and jacket questions
So fall is coming up and I wanted to get some cute jacket. I want to get a cheap one since I am blowing most of my money on the berry dress from domino dollhouse.

I was thinking of  the lace moto jacket from forever 21. does anyone here have it? Is it worth the money. I know its cheap and won't last long, but it is oh so pretty! I am mostly worried about the lace being icthy.

And there is a faux leather jackter from Target I want too.
Same questions.

And does anyone know of another good place to get cheap jackets?

also a OOTD with my new Domino Dollhouse skirt

(top from Lane Bryant)

I have a Domino Dollhouse review up on my blog

Love, Zoe

Field Report: Layering Options
I just returned home from a shopping trip and wanted to tell all you fabulous fats FIRST THING about what I found! I went to LL Bean in Freeport with the fam today and much to my surprise they have added womens' plus sizes back to their retail store! Maybe those letters I wrote had an impact after all! :)

In the past LLB's style has fluctuated quite a lot, especially with their plus-sized clothing. Typically I've found a lot of their stuff to be shapeless and improperly sized so that one would end up with ridiculously long, boxy tents - the result of mindless pattern upsizing - instead of clothes actually made to real-person-body specifications.

Well. Today I found a number of pieces that appear to have actually been made for an actual plus-sized woman. I just had to come share the news!

I wear a lot of sleeveless dresses and tank tops during the summer, and lighter tops and long-sleeved shirts in cooler weather. I love layering with cute cardigans and sweatshirt-styled shells and from what I've seen in this group a lot of you do, too. I am always on the lookout for good basic pieces without their own embellishments or funky styling that can be worn with lots of different outfits. Here's what I found:

1. Fine-Gauge Sweater, Button-Front Cardigan, $54 - this comes in five very nice colors (I find that a lot of plus-sized cardis only come in bright, eye-searing hues for whatever reason) and the fit is *great*. I am 5'2", size 22 with a G cup and this sweater falls right at the waist without being too short and without being down to my thighs. I LOVE the length, it's exactly what I have been looking for. The buttons are close enough together and positioned so that there's no gapping going on between them. I bought two of these in a 1X (LLB's 18W, their stuff tends to be roomier), which was a more fitted look on me - I could have gone with a 2X for a more relaxed fit but didn't want it to potentially get baggier with wear. I got Bright Navy and Sea Coral. If they had a brown or a light cocoa they would be perfect - fingers crossed for this Autumn!

2. Lightweight Fine-Gauge Sweater, Button-Front Cardigan Dot, $64 - this is the same fit and style, just with Swiss dots. I LOVED this sweater and really wanted to get the Wild Berry but I was already getting too many things so I'm going to wait. In fact I'm kind of regretting not buying one, now. :) They come in four colors and are *so* adorable.

3. Double L® Cotton Sweater, Zip-Front Cable Cardigan, $54 - I really wanted to get this in Lemon and maybe Navy but I already own a few other sweaters that are very similar to this. The same styling, with a bit more fit due to the cables but again, falling just above the hip which is perfect for me. A nice weight and appear to be very sturdy, no gapping around the zipper especially in the boobage area.

4. Maine Isle Shirt, Cardigan Long-Sleeve, $39.50 - Lighter weight and longer than the aforementioned sweaters but oh my gosh, this thing is adorable. It comes to the tops of my thighs at my short stature and the fabric is thinner but very soft and lovely to touch. I really, really, really, really like this cardigan a lot. I can see wearing this with a nice skirt and a cute tank to go out, or throwing it on over a tee shirt and shorts while camping for that extra layer on cool evenings. This one is a complete winner - six great colors, I got the Coral Taffy and the Bright Capri.

5. Seaspray Hoodie, $39.50 - I tried this on and LOVED it, but again I already have a ton of cute sweatshirt-styled tops like this so I put off purchasing it today. The colors, again, are great and the fit is fantastic and the fabric is lovely. On my wish list for my birthday :)

My 7-year old son is my fashion consultant when I go out and he gave all of my purchases two big thumbs up. He actually picked out the Bright Capri Maine Isle Shirt, saying, "Mommy, this color will make you look even prettier!" :)

They also had a whole section of outerwear, fitness wear, and swimsuits that I didn't have time to browse through - I'm hoping to make it back to look around and I'll write a full report should I do so. They all looked to be the same smart styling so perhaps the designers for LL Bean have finally gotten a clue about how to make plus-sized clothing that flatters and doesn't just fit.

So there you go, fats. If you need some good basic layering pieces I would say you can buy these with confidence. And best of all if you don't like them, you can always return them for a full refund at any time, no hassles. Their customer service is great!

Waterproof raincoat?
It's that time of year again and Los Angeles is getting completely dumped on with water. I've got an adorable red trench that is sort of water repellent. Normally I'd just add an umbrella and deal with the dampness, but taking my water-hating dog out means I'm standing in the rain for about 15 minutes getting completely soaked through. I'd like a raincoat that covers my butt and has a hood - and is honest to god freaking waterproof. Also, I'd love for it to be around $100 or less. Lands End has cute waterproof coats for around $60, but only the shorter, sporty "parka" styles have hoods. LL Bean has some nice ones for around $170. Eddie Bauer is as expensive as LL Bean and still not really what I'm looking for (too warm).

Is anyone aware of an actual Waterproof raincoat in a size 20/2X? Or should I wait out the soaking and just pay $170 next month?

The North Face sizing?
So, it's getting colder and I'm in desperate need of a new coat. I've been thinking about ordering the Denali coat from The North Face, but I'm unsure about the fit.

If any of you have owned this jacket, I'd really appreciate your opinions on it as far as how it fit you.


Looking for Coat Recommendations
I am a community based Social Worker in Upstate NY. The reality is that I go into a diversity of environments where I would need a coat I can wash and dry (possibly on a daily to weekly basis), but something that still looks professional that I could wear to court. I currently have a wool pea coat and that is not going to work, but I like that style. I am a size 24 in most brands and if I had to choose would go up a size rather than down. I am looking for coats under 70 dollars.

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