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organizing/creating groups
Hi everyone!
I've been thinking lately about how much my small involvement in the online fat community has transformed me as a person, and I've been really wanting to do more.
I really want to create something for fat people in my area, like a meetup, something where we can find support and empowerment through one another. I don't know any fat people in my area, and I'm kind of lost at where to start organizing something. So, I'm wondering if any one could offer some advice on where to start, what to think about, and resources. Or even if there's already something in my area(Cambridge/Waterloo Region, Ontario), or if you're in my area and you'd like to work on something together.

Thanks so much! ♥

International No Diet Day flesh mob dance party! (San Francisco)
Huh?  From cail
Mods note:  If someone who is involved in the organizing posts this, please use their post.  I just wanted to share it, if it's not been otherwise posted.

I saw this on Facebook reposted by Body Positive, and thought it should be posted here too.  Marilyn Wann is the organizer, although this post was by someone else.

International No Diet Day flesh mob dance party!

You're invited!

Friday, May 6
near Embarcadero BART in San Francisco
People of all sizes welcome!

We'll be (briefly) interrupting a speech at an "obesity" conference given by the "expert" who got BMI categories redefined lower (among other unpleasantries in his long career).

I'm creating a funk/dance version of the old song, "Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes." The new words are, "Chins, bellies, hips and ass!" The moves are pretty obvious — no need to learn choreography. I'll email the song to anyone who's able to join in. You can bring your own sassy/nerdy/fly style to the dance and have an exhilerating good time.

Are you in??? 

Email Marilyn Wann: marilyn@fatso.com
I'd love to see some of you lovelies there.  I will do my best to make it, although a weekday afternoon makes it tricky.

Wider clothes hangers?
Looking at the sales posts yesterday I was struck by the fact that I have never seen clothes hangers made for wider width clothing! Has anyone seen them offered?

I just went through my closet and cleared it out. I decided it was time to stop keeping that adorable blue skirt around in the offchance that I would wake up and be a size four again, or those jeans that once made my butt look adorably round (these days, nature's doing a pretty good job of that herself!) I hauled about two 33-gallon trashbags to Boomerangs (a thrift store that donates its proceeds to AIDS charities) - it was difficult to tell my mom this; she's a packrat and has some image issues, and a) can't countenance taking something to a thrift store unless it is hopelessly outgrown (we're talking romper suits and Disney princess underwear, not too-small pants) or totally destroyed and b) really, really wants me to fit those size four pants again.
I pledged to keep only things that I wear all the time, or totally love. The goal here is to revamp my wardrobe: not in terms of its contents, but in terms of how I approach it - wear only things that I think are cute and unique and make me feel good about myself. The simple act of doing this has made me feel much better about myself, and simultaneously drawn attention to parts of my closet that could desperately use some freshening up. And, inevitably, I turn to you.

My problem areas are as followsCollapse )

Thanks for all your input, everyone on this a community is a constant source of inspiration for me!

Closet Organization
That time has come, when my closet space has become too cramped for my wardrobe. I share limited closet space (2 narrow closets) and a 6-drawer dresser with my partner. I need to clean and organize this space so that both of us can easily access our clothes and not have clothes crammed haphazardly everywhere.

This is probably a question better suited for a home improvement community, but how do you organize your clothing storage area?

And to make this post fattie-related: Does anyone know where I can buy wider-than-average plastic hangers? I hate hanging shirts/dresses with wide collarlines and having them slide off the hanger because it is too small. Also:Where can I get cube-shaped storage wide enough to hold wide folded pants?

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