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Back Again
birch woods
Hey everyone, I'm back with another blog with OOTDs and some thoughts on fast fashion and shopping ethically as a plus sized person.  I'm compiling a list of various ethical and/or sustainable plus sized clothing brands too.  So if you folks know of any let me know and I'll add them to the list.  Also there's some final bits of my Gwynnie Bee review.  Here's the blog post - http://lydiadickson.blogspot.com/2015/08/thoughts-on-fast-fashion.html

And here's one of my recent outfits (more on my blog!):

Kimono - ASOS, top - City Chic, Necklace - Amber Goulet (friend of mine with a marvelous Etsy shop!), Shorts - Lane Bryant, and Sandals - Modcloth.
My measurements are as follows 49in bust, 43in waist, and 54in hips.  Mostly I fit into around sizes 20-24 wearing a smaller size on top than on bottom.

Thanks for reading!

Still alive! with snaps to share
I've been so busy over the past several months that I've barely gotten any snaps of my outfits.

But! I do have a handful that I can share :)

Under this!Collapse )

Body issues/sizing/finding jeans - EDITED
Okay, so my Mom wanted to buy new jeans for my Christmas present. That's awesome, right? WRONG. 7 hours. SEVEN HOURS. We shopped for seven hours and could not find anything that I liked.

Problems: My belly area is my BIG problem. That's where I hold weight. I have a teeny-tiny butt, and my legs are pretty muscular, however, finding something to fit both my belly and my legs/butt is a problem. My mom suggested that I buy higher waist pants, since I've always worn ones that ride my hips...But they all either (A) Make me look like I'm a senior citizen, or (B) Fit in my waist and make me look like I'm wearing a diaper from behind, or (C) Fit behind and will not button.

Help! I have tried on everything from a 22 (not happening EVER AGAIN, apparently, lmao), to a 28, at every store from Kohls to Target to Ross to even Lane Bryant, Sears, and Riches. I'm at a loss, I'm discouraged, disappointed, and somewhat depressed.

I bought cute dress pants/slacks, but I'm 30. I'm not married. I just want some cute jeans to wear out and about-The slacks are amazing and look great on me, but I want something casual as well, you know?

I would prefer not to shop online since I want to try everything on before purchasing it (In case it makes me look like I'm wearing a diaper, or even worse-like one pair in Kohls-makes me look like I have a penis...), but I am at a loss as to where to turn next.

I'm not even really sure how to describe my usual style. I have a lot of dresses, skirts, and slacks-Normally I guess, it's business-casual, but I just want some weekend wear, dammit! I have yoga pants and cute running/exercise pants (which I promptly put to good use by wearing them to decorate the house for Christmas, and have probably never run a step in them), but no jeans or much anything like jeans. It makes me very unhappy with the way I look when even something simple like shopping for jeans becomes a huge ordeal.

Where do young chubby chicks find their jeans? Apparently, I have been out of the loop too long!

And just for reference: My shirt I bought, wearing the pants I already owned, in the Kohls dressing room-maybe you can see the problem areas?Collapse )

EDIT: Monday, December 16 2013 at 10:14pm
Okay, thanks guys-Especially those who read and understood my post. I was trying to be nice about all the online suggestions, but let me put it this way: UNLESS I GET TO A POINT WHERE I HAVE TO SPECIAL ORDER MY CLOTHING, I WILL NOT BUY CLOTHES ONLINE. I have my reasons, and I understand that you may have your reasons for buying online, but please do not try to convince me to do something I do not wish to do.

I appreciate everyone trying to help, but it got depressing after a while (as if I needed help being depressed after an entire day of trying things on without them fitting-we've all been there) when it seemed that people were either not reading the full entry, or not regarding the entry. I counted the comments, and what we had at my last count was:

8 - Me, responding
7 - Suggesting online stores, buying sizes online, online shopping in general
6 - People who had non-online advice to offer

I love you all, I just felt like I wasn't being heard I guess-So, this was my decision. I just felt like it needed to be pointed out, so that maybe if someone is in my situation again, it won't happen when they post. Thanks to everyone for your input, and if anyone out there ever gets into a similar situation to mine, try Macy's! Even the saleslady was wonderful.

Seven7 Jeans Review (Lane Bryant and Macy's)
So I stopped into Lane Bryant this afternoon to see what new holiday stuff they had in, and I tried on these pairs of Seven7 jeans: Embellished Bootcut, Pearl Pocket Slim Bootcut a nd the Double 7 Skinny. (Here's the link to the Lane Bryant Seven7 page: http://www.lanebryant.com/denim/seven7/20907c21032/index.cat )Details this way!Collapse )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

John Sebastian at Woodstock
Hey ladies,

I got an email this morning that Lane Bryant is having a 40% off sale for boots and dresses (a LETHAL combination for my bank account D:), and I've been on the hunt for a good pair of boots forever. Problem is, my calves are ridiculously big and it looks like the LB boots only go up to 18". My question is, does anyone have any experience with their boots? I'm seeing in the reviews that some of them (including their cute riding boots) run large in the calf. Also, I'm wondering if the calf size goes up with the shoe size. I guess I could go to the store to try them on, but I don't know if I'll make it there today for the sale.

Also, any other recommendations for wide-wide-wide-wide calf boots are welcome! 

A few recent OOTDs: giant bow, tiny hat, and more :-)

Full post, including outfit info, here: http://tutusandtinyhats.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/ootd-the-biggest-bow-ever/
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Lane Bryant shapewear question
Hello fellow lovely fats. I am looking around for decent shapewear (medium control, NOT spanx, and nothing that's going to squish my thighs up into my waist) and have come across this: Seamless Cami

The reviews are good, and I really wish I could try it on before I buy it. Alas, I can't find them in stores. So for anyone who owns this cami, are you able to wear regular v-neck or scoop-neck tops over it? Say, something like this?

I know this is a long shot, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask just in case someone had an answer. Thanks, everyone!

Northgate LB
Has anyone been to the LB in the Northgate Seattle mall recently? Last time I was there they were moving to a different spot in the mall. Just tried to call and there was no response or even a message. Just curious. I really want another pair of their linen cargo pants.

Lane Bryant boots :(
So I was really excited to finally buy my first pair of boots this fall. I got something that looks sort of similar to this pair: http://www.lanebryant.com/five-buckle-riding-boot/p145987/index.pro?selectedColor=Black&selectedSize=None%20selected

I've been wearing them about 5/7 days a week since I got them at the end of September, and they have completely fallen apart already. There are holes at the edges of the soles and the upper one one shoe and on the other they have completely separated. The sole of the boot is already worn down. I'm sad. I paid $75ish+shipping when they were on clearance.

So two questions: Do you think that this is worth bringing up to customer service? Does anyone have a recommendation of a sturdier pair of boots that are wide calf and wide foot? I'm willing to pay up to $150 if this pair of boots will actually last a few years.

UPDATE: I returned the boots in person today at Lane Bryant. They were super understanding and the whole exchange took less than five minutes. I also have bought a pair of Avenue boots and will see how that goes. Thanks for everyone's help!

Upcoming Sales...

Hello! This is my first post. I have been a lurker for a long time, but I only started commenting recently. I'm 26. I'm a feminist. My style used to be sort of artsy-goth, but these days it's more business-casual (sigh). My hobbies include birdwatching, D&D, and drinking coffee. I think you're all awesome and inspiring!

Moving on to the actual content of my post...

(1) Does anybody here remember when Lane Bryant starts doing Black-Friday type sales? I'm feeling impatient about a pair of jeans, but I'll feel foolish if I buy them and then three days later they're 40% off...

(2) For that matter, are there any big holiday sales you guys are waiting for/excited about?

(3) Unrelated, but has anybody seen plus-size soft shell pants? Like for winter sports? I'm size 24. I have been quite successful at finding insulated hard shell ski-pants, but no soft shell pants.

(4) Also unrelated, but does anybody have suggestions for a good basic queen-sized metal bed-frame? Extra credit if it isn't noisy.


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