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janebonbon warning/query
I know a lot of y'all have ordered from Jane Bonbon successfully in the past. I placed an order several months ago (on February 28), and despite inquiring several times, I still have not received my item. The last response I was able to get from her was April 18, when she reassured me my item would be sent shortly. It's now over a month later, and I've sent two subsequent queries with no response.

I'm really disappointed with this situation, particularly given her stellar reputation (and her totally cute clothes). I'm just finishing up school, so the dress was more than a bit of an indulgence, and now I'm out the money with nothing to show for it. I'm kicking myself for not filing a Paypal dispute when the window for complaints was still open.

I've left feedback via Etsy, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone else has had a similar experience and see if anyone knew what was going on. Is she on some kind of unposted hiatus or something?

I'm really upset by the whole thing. I've never had an Etsy seller totally flake on me, and I cut a lot of slack in this situation because of her reputation. It appears at this point, joke's on me for that.

OOTD: Vintage Inspired
When it came time to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday in November I knew that I wanted to get dressed up and rock a bit of a vintage vibe.

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Hi everyone! To celebrate the holidays I'm having a sale at my store janebonbon! http://www.etsy.com/shop/janebonbon?ga_search_query=janebonbon&ga_search_type=seller_usernames Just mention Fatshionista in the checkout and I'll refund you ! I hope everyone has an excellent new year!

OOTD highlights package
Emily Howard
Heya fats,

It's frickin' hot here in Australia today here are a few OOTD's from last few weeks crossposted to flickr group and my own blog I'm female, 25 years old, 300lbsish, 5'11, and aroungd size 20 on top 24 on bottom Click here for the picsCollapse )

click here for outfit of the concert! yay! http://janebonbon.livejournal.com/2035.html

Bombshell in a BonBon
Diamond offer
Jane Bon Bon that is.
Who can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5315387

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Jane BonBon Custom Dresses
I know there are tons of Jane BonBon fans in this community, so I searched the tags and the most recent Jane BonBon related post was April 30th! That doesn't sound accurate, but I wanted to ask if anyone has purchased (and received) either the Braless Maxi Dress in the leopard fabric, or the Custom Braless Dress in either the pink fabric or the white leopard fabric.

I know how it looks on someone else is no indication how it would look on -me-, but it would help to visualize the fabric as the dress at all, so I figured I would ask around!

Thanks! :D

Review: Jane BonBon Silk Dress as Bridesmaid Dress
Ewan Glasses Dork Love
This is a photo heavy review of a dress I had made by Jane BonBon on etsy. It is a silk dress that I wore as a bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding.

My beloved big brother got married in November to his incredible wife. They asked me to be a bridesmaid which got me super excited, and then super stressed about what to wear. I could wear anything as long as it was purple and wasn't metallic or super sparkly. I looked and looked and didn't see anything I liked that was either in my size range or in my budget (under $200 ideally, willing to spend up to $250). I went searching for custom dresses and found this gorgeous dress, in silk for $150. Basically, custom fit, in a wide range of colors and below budget. Fan-fucking-tastic.
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OOTD lunch with a friend ! And NEW boots!!!

I made this new skirt because I was dying for a highwaisted one that wasn't a pencil skirt because they don't suit my body.I'm a size 22 http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=cat2_list_4&listing_id=16698325 I also just got my awesome new boots in from zappos and I AM IN LOVE! These are the boots I have been looking for my whole life. I have 19.5 " calves and they fit perfectly, plus they have a low heel and are made of the softest leather! I can scrunch them down or I can pull them up a little past my knees or I can fold over the top so I can wear them a little below my knees. http://zeta.zappos.com/product/7369142/color/3 . I also have really wide size 10 feet and they fit like a glove! YAY!!

custom clothes for the discerning vintage-loving fatshionista
femme la april '05

hey yall--

i KNOW this question was asked a few months ago, but i cannot for the life of me find it in the tags or the memories.  i'm getting tired of ill-fitting storebought clothes, and i'm interested in splurging a little on a custom dress, preferably with a 50s/60s flair.  after an afternoon of etsy-searching, i'd love to hear if anyone had any feedback on a couple of different etsy sellers/products:
janebonbon's braless dress,
zombiedoll's flared skirt dress,
audacitydresses's vintage inspired boat-neck gathered skirt dress
miss brache'reversible halter dress

most of the sellers note that they're happy to make clothes of all sizes, which is great, so i'm really interested if you have any experience with any of these sellers (or if you one!), and the quality of their workwomanship, and how amenable they are to changes (substituting different fabrics, etc).  if you have another crafty miss you love with similar style clothing in a similar price range (less than $150) i'd love to hear about them.  if i like the first dress, i may be interested in slowly explanding the wardrobe to include more custom pieces in a similar style.

so we're not totally text only, here i am at coney island this past summer, in a very typical-for-me outfit:

thanks so much!

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