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ISO: an ugly 'bridesmaid' dress + OOTD
A good friend recently planned an excellent day trip to wineries with the theme 'Always a Bridesmaid.' Basically, everybody is supposed to drag out their worst bridesmaid dress and wear it around all day for maximum hilarity and joy. I'm down.

The problem is that I went on a cleaning binge a few months ago and basically took everything out of my closet that I hadn't worn in a few months and gave it to the battered women's shelter. Like, 8 huge trashbags worth of stuff (don't judge me). Anyway, needless to say, along with everything else went my bridesmaid dresses, so I'm now at a loss.

I could go to Goodwill and I will, but as you all know, it's kind of hard when you're plus sized and searching. I'd really like to keep this as cheap as possible-- like definitely under $50, hopefully closer to $20. Does anyone have any resources online you can suggest? I looked at Ebay and all I could really find were new dresses or not awful bridesmaid dresses. Hell, if anyone here has something awful they're looking to unload, I'd also happily pay you for it. I'm a size 22/24, hourglass, D cup up top.

In the meantime, allow me to offer this sacrifice to the fashion gods in the hope that they are appeased enough to materialize an awful bridesmaid dress in my future. Here's an OOTD from my last trip to Egypt in December. I've actually thought about doing some travel OOTD posts, but I'm not sure how interested y'all would be.

The skirt is from NoMoreRack
The belt is from something else I bought on ASOS that came with the belt (I think a sweater dress)
The tshirt is from F21 (LOVE their tshirts!)
The necklace is from F21
The sunglasses are Bvgari

I normally am not so covered up, but I did want to be respectful while in Egypt-- I went for clingy though because on that day, we were in a resort town and going to lunch. 
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In search of: Space Kitten Leggings from Target, size Large
I saw these leggings at Target and didn't buy them.  I don't know why.  They plagued me for two days, then I went back to buy them and they were gone.  Checked another local Target & target.com and elsewhere online with no success.

If anyone sees them would you be so kind as to buy them for me?  I promise to reimburse for the leggings plus shipping.  The list price was $14.99.

Thank you!!!

space cat leggings

New Look Ordering
Hi All!

Not quite sure if this would go here or Fatshionxchange =/
I have a quick question/request. Is anyone ordering or planning to order from NewLook.com anytime soon? There's this ONE dress that I want and unfortunately it's not on ASOS so I wanted to know if those of you who are planning to order can stick the dress in? More details if you can help!

ISO swim bottoms or swim shorts, boy-cut or bike-shorts style
Hi all!  I got these swim shorts from Land's End recently, and they are blousier (not a word, I know) than I was expecting.  I was hoping for something a little more form-fitting.  Does anyone know where I can get something like bike shorts but in swimsuit material?  I have cute thighs and want to show them off without having to remove too many hairs.  ;)  I would probably wear a 16/18 or 1X.  Shipping to U.S.is a must, and I've love to pay $30 or less shipped.  Thanks!
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ISO: T.U.K. Tattoo print flats, size 7
best. villans. ever.
Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for a pair of these flats: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/shoes/flats/tuk-love-and-hate-anchor-flats-327127.jsp

I used to own a pair and they were my favorite go-to shoes. Unfortunately I lost them a couple years ago when I wore them to an anime convention :( 

I've checked eBay and called the Hot Topic stores near me but haven't been able to track down a pair. If anyone finds a pair, please message me.

Thank you!!
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Anyone know where I can find Plus Size Thermal/Long Underwear
pink, windows
I've lived in Florida most of my life and have had no need for clothing like that. I'm going on a short trip to Wisconsin at the end of this month though and I'm miserable when I'm cold. It seams the only brand anyone carries in a 2x is Cuddli Duds Softwear.... which I once tried when I went on a winter trip 3 years ago and I didn't find them to help with warmth in the slightest (they're not really thermal.... they feel more like thin silky leggings). Walmart has some, but going by reviews it sounds like the sizing runs very small and I don't think any size will fit me.

I'm looking for both the bottoms (full length) and the tops in any color. Size 2x or 3x. Somewhat reasonably priced (I found some at Land's End, but I don't wanna spend a total of $69 for a 4 day trip)

On a similar topic, does anyone else live in a tropical climate and continue to purchase pretty sweaters they're never gonna wear? My area has had maybe 2 days of cold(ish) weather this year so far and it doesn't really look like they'll be any more coming. Yet somehow, I just had to buy more sweaters this year when I never did get a chance to wear half the sweaters I bought last year.

ISO Time Out Straight Leg Jeans
I spotted the Time Out straight leg jeans on the Simply Be site, but they don't ship to the US and Googling avails me not in finding someplace that does ship to the US (or, hey! is in the US!) and sells them.

The draw is that these guys appear to be 100% cotton and I hate stretch jeans. Since everyone else on the planet seems to love stretch, my life is one long quest for all-cotton trousers.

Thanks for any leads! Or if you know of any other source of all-cotton denim, I'd be glad to hear about that as well.
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ISO:Peplum top/dress with sleeves (and a couple OOTDs)
Hello lovelies, I'm coming to y'all as my searching skills have failed me. I adore the silhouette of peplum tops and dresses but almost everything I find in plus size is either sleeveless or cap sleeved, and I prefer elbow length sleeves or close to it. Any suggestions of sites that might have this style in a 16/18/20? Maybe non-American sites that ship to the U.S? Here are a couple shots of the style I'd ideally like to find:

and too keep from being boring here are a couple of recent outfitsCollapse )

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ISO: black sheer striped top
Hey Fats. I'm doing a little cross-post here from the fatshionxchange community, because I'm looking for a particular style of top and I don't seem to be getting any leads so far. So, to copypasta...

Black. Long-sleeved. Bold horizontal stripes alternating solid and sheer. Size 2X, 18-20 (or close enough).

I don't really care if it's a knit t-shirt style or more of a loose blouse type. Could be chiffon-y or like a burnout tee. Fitted or oversized, either is fine.

I've found a few similar things, but nothing quite right. For instance, I just bought this F21+ top from a seller [on fxc] and it's not quite right (too short in the torso and sleeves, a little too low cut for what I want). This top from Cult of California is closer, but I hesitate to buy it (not in love with the hem or sleeve length). I know Asos did a similar top but it's long since sold out.

So if you have something you'd be interested in selling, or have seen something in a shop please let me know! Or, y'know, if you know where to find a fabric like this I can go that route too.

Bra shopping....
christian bale
I've looked through the tags and haven't been able to find suggestions for bras in my size so I hope someone could help me out.

I've been blessed with a lovely curvy body but... I'm at the semi-awkward bra size of 40c and I've been having trouble finding good bras at that size. Because I'm a smaller C-cup and could possibly even fit in a B, most 40c bras go up too high on my chest.  For example, if I wear a tank top, the top triangle-y part of the bra where the straps are attached stick out.  I also would prefer to find a bra with some padding, maybe even some push up since my cup size isn't very big.

But I just can't find anything that suits my needs AND isn't $50+.

I'm not sure what to call the type of bra I'm looking for, but basically I want a sexy padded bra (unless plus size girls can't have those? haha) that doesn't cover up so much of my chest. I'd prefer to shop online.  Any suggestions?
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