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Being fat is good for you:
Thought you guys might be interested in this-It made me pretty happy, even though I haven't done my research to see if it's at all true:


news anchor standing up to weight-related bullying (and the search for a mustard yellow sweater!)
chris colfer :: nothing wrong
Hi, all! I just saw this phenomenal video of a local news anchor who responds on-air to some weight-related hate mail she got and discusses bullying.

ALSO for those of us who were looking for the coveted mustard-yellow sweaters that are very in right now, i just got a vee-neck pullover sweater in mustard from khols! here is the link to it online but it's also in stores: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/croftbarrow/womens16w24w/sweatersfleece/PRD~1067467/Croft+and+Barrow+Solid+Sweater++Womens+Plus.jsp

OotDN- Outfit of the Date Night
fat, happy, pretty hair
Went on a date night with my wonderful fiance last night courtesy of my step-mom. It was so much fun. We had dinner at P.F. Chang's (where we had our first date), dessert at Paciugo (Italian gelato, for those that don't know), and rented 21 Jump Street from Redbox. It was a fantastic night, coming off a fantastic day of having my first fitting for my wedding dress!!

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The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy
Huh?  From cail
Mr. Nimoy has been a professional photographer for a long time, and after many years of working with models, he says:
These women are interested in "fat liberation." They hold jobs in the theater, the film industry and in business—and together they perform in a burlesque presentation called "Fat Bottom Revue." The nature and degree of costuming and nudity in their performances is determined by the venue and the audience, which can range from children’s birthday parties, to stag parties. I wanted these pictures to be more about them. These women are projecting an image that is their own. And one that also stems fro m their own story rather than mine. Their self-esteem is strong. One of them has a degree in anthropology and will tell you that ideas of beauty and sexuality are "culture bound"—that these ideas are not universal or fixed, and that they vary and fluctuate depending on place and time. They will tell you that too many people suffer because the body they live in is not the body you find in the fashion magazines. 

The entire article is worth reading.

The source has NSFW pictures.

Venus of Willendorf

I came across this pattern on Ravelry tonight and thought I'd share it here for any crafters among us. I really like L33ntj3's version in blue, but I think you have to be a Ravelry member to see it. If any of you make this, it'd be fun to see your finished product.

(Note: I am not connected with the Etsy seller at all, except for the fact that I sometimes shop at Etsy stores.)

OTHER // Can You Handle These Curves? :D
so as a little short statement - i sing in a funk rock band and i play around the chicago area. never have i ever sang without my arms being covered. even if i was in a cute dress, i would not be sleeveless because when i was cast to sing in some show my sophomore year of high school, the director forced me to go out and buy something to cover my arms. ever since i’ve never worn sleeveless, even in the summer.

not tonight.

tonight, for the very first time, i performed (to a sold out crowd, mind you) in a spaghetti strapped dress. i may not be as out there as beth ditto (yet) but oh man, I can’t even tell you just how proud i am of myself. the stage felt like it was 100 degrees up there - i just said screw it and ripped my jacket off, and I was really throwing myself around without a care in the world, and thats what life should be like. i’m fat, yes. but i’m also awesome.

[apologies for no photos of my cute dress LOL it was soaked with sweat by the time I was done but i digress :)]

International No Diet Day flesh mob dance party! (San Francisco)
Huh?  From cail
Mods note:  If someone who is involved in the organizing posts this, please use their post.  I just wanted to share it, if it's not been otherwise posted.

I saw this on Facebook reposted by Body Positive, and thought it should be posted here too.  Marilyn Wann is the organizer, although this post was by someone else.

International No Diet Day flesh mob dance party!

You're invited!

Friday, May 6
near Embarcadero BART in San Francisco
People of all sizes welcome!

We'll be (briefly) interrupting a speech at an "obesity" conference given by the "expert" who got BMI categories redefined lower (among other unpleasantries in his long career).

I'm creating a funk/dance version of the old song, "Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes." The new words are, "Chins, bellies, hips and ass!" The moves are pretty obvious — no need to learn choreography. I'll email the song to anyone who's able to join in. You can bring your own sassy/nerdy/fly style to the dance and have an exhilerating good time.

Are you in??? 

Email Marilyn Wann: marilyn@fatso.com
I'd love to see some of you lovelies there.  I will do my best to make it, although a weekday afternoon makes it tricky.

hello, i am fat
just found this blog from lindy west of the stranger, a seattle newspaper and wanted to share. thanks!


Pick-me-up stories on being fat.
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I think I need a pick-me-up and I'm not sure if I've seen one like this done ever before but how about we all share a pick-me-up story of some kind regarding our weight?

It could range from something like," Someone I least expected stood up for me when someone else was putting me down for my looks," or "I was apprehensive of what other people would think of me wearing a striped shirt. I ended up having everybody compliment me!" Just stories that are moments of WIN revolving around your weight. Think of it as almost like It Made My Day. Something to make you smile and feel good.

To start, here's my own WIN story:

My mom and I were eating a breakfast at some hotel and on the news came the discussion of fat discrimination, especially in terms of looking to get a job. My mom's jaw literally dropped when she watched it.

Now I'm not saying my mom lives in some sort of bubble from the real world, but she does come from a somewhat different culture and she's always been the type of lady with different kinds of friends and comes from a family where many women had various body shapes and sizes.

"People actually do that?' My mom asked and when I told her, blinking in surprise at the disbelief written on her face, yes, fat people do face lots of stigma in many areas of life, she got pissed.

"People are people ,"  She said with a lot of fervor, and had a rant right then and there at just how ridiculously superficial  people can be and that fat people have rights too and basically called anyone who said otherwise idiots. I could not stop grinning as I watched her go at it.

It was great because it gave me confidence to know that if I ever faced something as someone trying to humiliate/hurt me for my weight again, my mom had my back. I'm actually thinking about bringing up the subject of fat acceptance to her sometime soon and see what she thinks.

What are your own stories? :)

EDIT: Thank you guys so much for sharing all these beautiful stories. They've all left me with a smile on my face. I hope everyone can continue putting in their own fat-positive story even as this entry gets old. You're all amazing and you've left this girl feeling lighter in the heart than she has for months. Keep 'em coming guys. God knows we could use more happy-being-fat stories.

Who's your fatspiration?
I bet most of us are familiar with the annoying concept of "thinspiration," but I wondered if any of you other fats have consciously chosen a fatspiration, someone who rocks the chub with grace, style, and confidence, and reminds you that you can do the same?

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I think it goes without saying that everyone at fatshionista fits the bill, too. :)

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