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Death Fat (purple!) OOTDs
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down
My first Gwynnie Bee and an Ulla Popken two ways!Collapse )

NYE Day/Night (pic heavy)
age 33, size 16/18, 36DD and 5 ft. tall.

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Halloween - Ruby Gloom
don't blink
Hey Fellow Fats!

I've been wracking my brain over what to go as for Halloween and I hit upon the idea of going as Ruby Gloom. It's a super simple costume (black dress, striped stockings, and mary-jane shoes). I should be able to find the dress, but the stockings/tights are where I'm coming up short. Anyone have any suggestions?

photo ruby_zps02a110e0.jpg

Red Riding Hood Costume
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So after re-watching some episodes from my favorite show Community I saw this and decided  needed to do this for halloween. So I was thinking about just making the apron and getting a petticoat leaving me to buy a flowy bottom blue dress that would fit someone who is a size 20/22. I can also sew so if anyone could suggest a sewing pattern that would be similar to this that would fit a size 20/22 that would be awesome as well. Thanks in advance!

Hi from a newbie + Asos Curve review + OOTD!
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Hey fatshionista! I'm new 'round these parts--thought I'd introduce myself a bit before doing my review on a few Asos Curve products!

I'm Nataleigh! I'm 25 and I hail from Atlanta, Georgia. I am 5'6" (on a good day), weigh in around 215 lbs last time I checked, and my sizes are all over the place. 18 in most pants, anything from a L to a 2-3x in tops, and a 16/18 or 1x in most dresses. I mainly shop at American Eagle (jeans), Old Navy (t shirts), Cato, Rainbow, and online with Forever21+, Kiyonna, and some eBay sellers. I would describe my style as very casual (jeans and a tshirt) but I've been doing the pin-up thing for the past two years so I've definitely added more dresses into the mix! a little more backstory & putting a face with a name!Collapse )

I've had lots of shopping luck lately, so I hope to make a small batch of OOTDs when I get some time! Unfortunately, my first order from Asos Curve didn't go over so well :( I should have googled reviews before ordering, alas. Everything was too big, except for the bodycon dress..homg horribly tight in the wrong places! details!Collapse )

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learn to spell mong
I am going on my first dinner date with my new boyfriend next week and rather than just make do with my nice jeans and a snazzy top, I have taken the plunge and bought this dress. My main issue is that as it will be the beginning of June and the weather in the UK is so unpredictable, I will need something to cover up with in case it gets chilly.

I will have little to no time to actually visit a store so I need suggestions on jackets/cardigans/shrugs that would suit which I can buy online. My budget is around £50.


Target Mossimo Dress: Has this been available to buy?
So I was browsing Target's website almost a month ago and this dress really caught my eye. And no size has been available for purchase online since then (I check almost daily), I haven't even seen it in-stores either.
Was this dress originally available MONTHS ago and I didn't know or  .... because I think I would have seen it around on Tumblr

Forgot to mention, it's from the Plus-Size section. Target's plus section is sad to begin with especially in-stores, but seriously, if you're gonna offer this online? Then MAKE IT AVAILABLE! If not, quit torturing me of this cute dress I can't have and take it off the damn site!

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some OOTD shots
Apologies for my lack of being around here. To make up for my lack of being around, I have some OOTD shots to share, just past the cut.

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OotDN- Outfit of the Date Night
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Went on a date night with my wonderful fiance last night courtesy of my step-mom. It was so much fun. We had dinner at P.F. Chang's (where we had our first date), dessert at Paciugo (Italian gelato, for those that don't know), and rented 21 Jump Street from Redbox. It was a fantastic night, coming off a fantastic day of having my first fitting for my wedding dress!!

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What to wear?
OK, so I wrote out the below, then re-read it before posting and noticed that it is not really fat oriented, just me asking for fashion advice. I mean, I am fat, but this post isn't really relevant to fat issues at all, anyone could be asking it. I hope that that's OK. If not, mods just go ahead and do yo thang :)

Hi all! So I am more of a lurker than a poster, but I have a style question that I am hoping you can help me with. I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks, and I just had a "OK, I have no idea what I'm wearing" moment. I just bought two similar dresses, and hopefully they will arrive in the next couple of days...but I have NO idea what shoes to wear. I am not a shoes kind of girl. I have my trainers, my hiking boots, my brogues and one pair of heels. Well, no. I have lots of heels, but due to my feet being tiny lengthwise but wide...well...widthways, I have a lot of trouble finding shoes that fit. So I just don't deviate from my classics. As it's summer and hopefully we will have nice weather I guess something like sandals would be appropriate. But probably not black wedge sandals, which is a shame, as I can actually tolerate wearing the one pair I have.

Also, I think I know what I will wear with it as a jacket, but any suggestions? Yours might be better!

Sorry for links, but me and LJ and photos do not work for some reason recently.



Many thanks in advance for any help! And let me know if I left out any important details, I always seem to do that when I make these sorts of posts.

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