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I just discovered this site --
Remember a few weeks back we were discussing ethics in clothing? I was playing a silly Facebook game today and saw an ad for organic, US made clothing for "every woman". Not believing this was possible, (and wanting to be wrong!) I checked it out. And they DO have plus sizes!


Their styles are very "roomy" looking, but I am kind of in love. The prices are gulp-worthy, but it appears that you might just get what you pay for.

Had to share!

Old Navy: gone majorly downhill, or is it just me?
Okay, so complaining about Old Navy isn't nearly a new thing. I think I've read enough customers venting about a downward spiral in ON's clothing quality that I'd have a house if I had a fiver for each one I've seen.

But here's the thing: as long as the quality was good enough that I could wear it (i.e. it wasn't entirely sheer and it seemed like it'd hold up past one wash), I was alright with it. I knew Old Navy offered me an experience I didn't have in many other shops: at a size 18/20, I could walk into a store and shop with my straight-size friends, and could find good deals on their clothes. Throw in the fact that Old Navy carried a decent selection of my hard-to-find tall inseam, and Old Navy was a valuable place for me.

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Meetup UK
Hi there. My name is Rachel. I've been on Fatshionista for the last couple of years, years that I've loved and have been tremendously helpful and lovely because of you folks, and I tried to arrange a meet up back in my home state of Georgia in the US. However, though I gathered some lovely Facebook friends from the notice for the meet up, we never managed to actually get together. But now I've just moved to the UK and I'm more desperate than ever to find some lovely fatshionistas to discuss fashion with and to go shopping with. I'm still feeling a bit awkward here because of my size, fat shaming seems to be the name of the game around here. Granted my husband adores me, but I miss shopping with my other fat lovelies back home. So my question now is, are there any out there on this side of the Atlantic who can help me out with this? I'm currently living in Bournemouth, Dorset. Please let me know. I miss fabulous clothes and being with people who are fat and fabulous.

Anyone know where I can find Plus Size Thermal/Long Underwear
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I've lived in Florida most of my life and have had no need for clothing like that. I'm going on a short trip to Wisconsin at the end of this month though and I'm miserable when I'm cold. It seams the only brand anyone carries in a 2x is Cuddli Duds Softwear.... which I once tried when I went on a winter trip 3 years ago and I didn't find them to help with warmth in the slightest (they're not really thermal.... they feel more like thin silky leggings). Walmart has some, but going by reviews it sounds like the sizing runs very small and I don't think any size will fit me.

I'm looking for both the bottoms (full length) and the tops in any color. Size 2x or 3x. Somewhat reasonably priced (I found some at Land's End, but I don't wanna spend a total of $69 for a 4 day trip)

On a similar topic, does anyone else live in a tropical climate and continue to purchase pretty sweaters they're never gonna wear? My area has had maybe 2 days of cold(ish) weather this year so far and it doesn't really look like they'll be any more coming. Yet somehow, I just had to buy more sweaters this year when I never did get a chance to wear half the sweaters I bought last year.

Recent articles on Fatness in the NYTimes.com
I found this Op-Ed worthwhile, so though other fatties might, too. Usually the NYTimes.com comments are pretty good, but when in comes to weight, forget it. Trolls, like all the rest. So read comments at your own risk.

Our Imaginary Weight Problem:

an excerpt:

"...How did we get into this absurd situation? That is a long and complex story. Over the past century, Americans have become increasingly obsessed with the supposed desirability of thinness, as thinness has become both a marker for upper-class status and a reflection of beauty ideals that bring a kind of privilege.

In addition, baselessly categorizing at least 130 million Americans — and hundreds of millions in the rest of the world — as people in need of “treatment” for their “condition” serves the economic interests of, among others, the multibillion-dollar weight-loss industry and large pharmaceutical companies, which have invested a great deal of money in winning the good will of those who will determine the regulatory fate of the next generation of diet drugs.

Anyone familiar with history will not be surprised to learn that “facts” have been enlisted before to confirm the legitimacy of a cultural obsession and to advance the economic interests of those who profit from that obsession.

Don’t expect those who have made their careers on fomenting panic to understand that our current definition of “normal weight” makes absolutely no sense."

And a link to the study that prompted the Op-Ed

Kickstarter for a plus size magazine
Just came across a Kickstarter project for a plus size magazine. I like a lot of what they have to say, except maybe the use of that dreaded phrase "real women".

What do you think? Does it make sense to help fund a magazine? Do you want magazines devoted to plus sizes? I loved, loved, loved MODE magazine & miss it dearly.

Immediately thin "button"
I'm looking for some links, and I'm hoping the hive mind here can help. This weekend, my stepmom pulled the "if there was a button that would make you immediately thin, every fat person would do it" attempt at an argument. I know I wouldn't, and I know there have been other blog posts to that effect. My google-fu is not strong on this search - I keep turning up diet pill ads. :-/

How to wear a jacket/cardi/blazer etc
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Hi lovely fats. I have a question to ask since no one in my personal life can give me a straight answer.

You know how we tend to remember early fashion advice we receive? When I was growing up my mother told me that if I couldn't button something up, it didn't fit. Yet I notice that a lot of people will wear jackets/blazers/cardigans that are too small to button or zip up. I've noticed this in non-plus-sizes as well.

Is it acceptable/normal to do this? My instinct when I see it is that their clothes are too small (regardless of their size) but I also think that it looks... good? I'm stuck.

New Look Inspire - survey about their new slogan and store display
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NewLook.co.uk sent me a survey about their inspire range - specifically about their new slogan and store display. 

I've included some screenshots below, which also contain my responses. The new slogan is "Inspire your curves" and the store display seems awesome! 

The first few questions were about age and dress size. I am always tempted to say that I am larger than I actually am in these surveys so stores might stock a better range of sizes. Other questions are below: 

in your own words, what do you think of this slogan as a new way of talking about our Inspire range in-store? 

how appealing would you rate this slogan?
looking at this list of words, which of these do you feel apply to this new slogan? 

to what extent do you think feel it is suitably feminine?

how positive  or negative does it make you feel about shopping from our inspire range in-store?  

I don't know if many of the people here shop in NewLook, but if you do, or if you get the survey, please take the 3 minutes to fill it out. Lots of positive feedback might just reinforce the behaviour of stores to stock larger sizes. 
One of the things I love about NewLook (apart from the inspire range and and the wide fit shoes) is that the Inspire (plus size range) stocks some of the same styles as their regular size range. While it's not quite the same thing as an entire store that goes from size 0 to size 30+, it's a start, and I think we should encourage it/NewLook in their endeavours. 

Do you like the slogan and layout? How would you have answered the questions (I don't mind if you disagree with me :) )

Clothing Care Tips?
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Hi all! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday (or Monday, depending on where you are)... I'm really liking this instant post trial run. Thanks moderators!

Anyway, I was wondering if we could start a discussion on clothing care tips. I tend to be pretty low maintenance about most things in my life, but I'm finding that I should be taking better care of my wardrobe. So, to start, here are a few of my questions:

1. Static: When I wear a leggings/dress combo, I find that the skirt of the dress will try to stick to my thighs. I'm sure the static is generated by my inner thighs rubbing together, but constantly having to pry the dress off my leggings is annoying and a little embarrassing. How do you prevent this? Does anyone have any product recommendations? I have issues with static in general...

2. Laundry stains: Has anyone ever washed a load of laundry, only to find that a few items wind up with very faint splotchy discolorations after they dry? I'm not sure if this is from the detergent or possibly prior stains that weren't totally rubbed out, but I've had some nice shirts ruined this way. I separate my darks, colors and lights, so I don't think it's from dyes in the clothes themselves. Does anyone have a good detergent/stain remover recommendation?

3. Wonky hems: Does anyone else have an issue with t-shirt hems permanently wanting to turn upward after the first wash? Why does this happen? Drives me crazy! Is ironing the only way to deal with this?

That's all I have. Does anyone else have any burning laundry questions or savvy answers?

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