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T-shirt advice.
So a lot of my teen years were spent with a not-quite-a-truce--so-much-as-a-grudging-toleration with my body. It was at least a step above wholly self-loathing. Of course those years left me with so many oversize t-shirts I used to wear, now completely taking up space in my closet, neglected.

I'm trying to set up my own personal style these days which I'm starting to see is more dressy, girly, a little goth here and there, and I don't see t-shirts making it in my style. That said, I can only use my t-shirts so many times as pajamas.

So I think I want to try to alter those t-shirts to certain styles. Particularly, I like how Alia Shawkat wore her shirts in the movie, Whip It as you can see in the image below (Shawkat would be the one in the right.)

I think it looks cute and I can see myself wearing that as I like baring my shoulders, especially in the hot weather.

Does anyone know how to make this look happen with an oversize t-shirt. Any sewing tricks or tutorials I could try? :)

I've posted back here a while ago on what to wear for prom. All your wonderful suggestions made me feel incredibly confident to pick a lovely dress.

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In my search for a prom dress...opinions needed. Part Two
I cannot, as a 19 year old with a minimum wage job, obviously afford designer things. Especially because, as a fat girl, I cannot fit into any designer things as most designers seem only interested in  having their clothes in a size six and under. *snorts* That's another rant for another time.

Looking online at all the designer dresses to give me ideas what sort of dress I'm looking for, I found this. I immediately fell in love with the straps/lines at around the neck area. Very Victorian and very sexy.

I was wondering if any of you guys have suggestions on other dresses with that sort of design of straps/lines over the neck area. I think it looks gorgeous.

Let me stress, that I don't need an exact copy of the dress, hell I don't really care too much for the rest of the time, just the lines/straps design set on it. Let me also stress that I'm still widening my horizons on what dress I should wear for prom.

Also, I want to thank you all from the last time I posted here---for your helpful replies and sweet compliments and very good constructive criticism. I wish I could reply to all your wonderful replies but I feel you would all feel pretty bored having to hear me say 'thank you' all the time.

EDIT: *massages temples* I am an idiot. Sorry guys. I gave you the wrong link to the dress. Now, I have to search for the one I was looking for. Really, really, really, really sorry!

In my search for a prom dress...opinions needed.
So here I am. I'm a US size 16/18 girl at around five feet eight inches tall. Excuse the hair in the picture below. I had just gotten out of the shower and hadn't fixed it yet.

I went shopping today for a prom dress with my mom and let's say we got a few disagreements on what I should wear.

I like elegance but I also like to stand out, I mean, I like ruffles, I like dressing like princess, I like wearing pretty things.

My mom however has it in her head that loose-fitting (in other words, 'tent-like') dresses are more flattering on me.

I decided to take some photos of the dresses I tried (that my mom made me wear) and see if any of you guys out there can give me your input on what sort of dress I should wear.

I think my problem with most of these dresses was that they were too simplistic for my taste. Is it too much for me to want to wear a dress that will make heads turn? I think it was all those Disney Princess movies I watched as a child that made me want to wear what most people wouldn't want a fat girl to wear---you know, lace, ruffles, sparkles, glitter and whatnot. I 'm still trying to petition Disney into making the first fat Disney Princess ;)

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looking for less stretchy pencil skirt
Hello fabulous folks,

I've been searching for the perfect pencil skirt and I'm hoping you can help. I really love the idea of pencil skirt on my pear shaped, bootylicious body. But the two I've purchased so far from Curvy Girl and Torrid have suffered from two flaws:

1. The ultra stretchy fabric results in the skirt wiggling up my thighs everytime I walk, stand, or sit. This means I'm constantly tugging the skirt down to avoid showing my underwear to coworkers.
2. The shiny synthetic fabric that appeared glam-ish in the store, looks terrible with my wardrobe of mostly natural fabrics or more matte synthetics.

I could probably deal with #2, but #1 is a dealbreaker as I hate uncomfortable clothing. Consequently, I've only worn each of these skirts once or twice.  I'm hoping a minimally stretchy or non-stretch fabric may help...or perhaps a slightly longer skirt like this. Does anyone else have this issue with pencil skirts? Have you seen any cute neutral-colored skirts lately that may work? I'm 280ish lbs, 42-38-52. I typically wear a size 20-24 skirt.

Any help would be much appreciated!

ETA: I tried taking in the bottom of the Curvy Girl skirt, and it didn't seem to help. I agree w/ pretty year's analysis, I think it's a proportion issue. I just ordered this from Target. I'll post a review.

On a more positive note, I discovered several cute dresses at Deb's during my search. Thanks for introducing me to a new store.

CurvyGirl Erykah Belts - does anyone here own one of these?
I was browsing CurvyGirlClothing.com and I found a bunch of these belts on super clearance.

They come in all kinds of colors, and the text says they can be trimmed with scissors for custom lengths. At $2.99 (or so) each, I took the plunge and ordered several, but NOW I wonder what's the verdict among the Fatshionistas! Yeah... I should have asked before, but... eh... I guess I like living on the edge. :D Does anyone have any opinions (good or bad) about these?

Or how about this one (from Torrid)?

Hi! Remember me?
 I posted just the other day about the yellow halter dress from Curvy Girl.   Haven't received it, but got a great link from a friend in the UK about these cool adhesive bra thingies that should/could/might help hold me up. PLUS they will cover my nips, which will be prudent when attending a wedding in which I do not wish to be the center of attention.  

Here's the linky to the site, called Miss Groovy, EVERYTHING A GIRL NEEDS.  The best thing about this site is the following email exchange: 

Isn't that great? Such a quick and friendly response, and not canned. I was VERY impressed and intend to order these next payday if possible.

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