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Dress lust!- FOUND!
Scottie 1
Thank you [info]reddragonfire ; it's the Petra Beaded Tank Dress, and if you're an 18W or 22W it's 50% off at Nordstrom.
I just saw this amazing dress that Gabby Sidibe wore to the NAACP Image Awards (where she won for best actress!).  I've seen some similar ones but not this design, and I'm dying to know who made it.  Google is failing me, so I was hoping one of you wonderful peeps knew.  Hopefully it's not a custom piece!

Beth Ditto autobiography coming out in April
I order books for a public library and thought some of the people in Fatshionista might be interested in this. I know a lot of members are fans of Beth Ditto's and she has written an autobiography (co-authored by Michelle Tea).

Coal Into Diamonds, a Memoir
Ditto, Beth w/ Michelle Tea
Publisher: Spiegel and Grau
ISBN: 9780385525916

Who's your fatspiration?
I bet most of us are familiar with the annoying concept of "thinspiration," but I wondered if any of you other fats have consciously chosen a fatspiration, someone who rocks the chub with grace, style, and confidence, and reminds you that you can do the same?

Two of my choices ...Collapse )

I think it goes without saying that everyone at fatshionista fits the bill, too. :)

New Episode of FemmeCast NOW AVAILABLE!
Pen and feathers
"We're fierce but not nuts, we're the Sharks!"--Leah, Epsiode 8 of FemmeCast

There's so much to be excited for in 2009!

Episode 8: That's My Jam! Running time: 62 minutes.

In this episode host Bevin Branlandingham and FemmeCast contributors discuss what's exciting about 2009.

Femme Shark Correspondent Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and her BBFFF and co-founder Zuleikha Mahmood debut their latest addition to the Queer Lexicography, JAM!
"The reason why the Jam is such a great term is it's better than any other term out there for the transmasculine genitalia. The Jam is something you want to get up in. We're talking about the JAMvantage."--Leah and Zuleikha

Zuleikha (left) is totally wearing a SHARK HAT

Special guest Sea Creature Ally Giant Squid, Amir, talks up the transmasculine first person account of using the term Jam and ways trans people can work to become comfortable with their bodies.
"Embracing the Jam is a way to become a good Sea Creature Ally to the Femme Sharks because it's all about loving our bodies, embracing our bodies and using humor as a way to resist."more pics under cutCollapse )
Featured music by Dance Yourself to Death and Athens Boys Choir!

FemmeCast: The Queer Fat Femme Podcast Guide to Life is a FREE audio newsmagazine for Queer Fat Femmes, Fatshionistas of all sexualities and Queers of all genders. Hosted by Bevin Branlandingham with a cadre of regular contributors, we're discussing dating, fat fashion, social justice, friendships, sex, gender, tranny talk, culture, travel, community and feature new music by Queer artists. A whimsical This American Life meets a radical queer how-to novel with MTV generation timing, FemmeCast will keep listeners laughing, connected and inspired. Available for download 24/7 at Femme-Cast.com

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Plus size singer to appear in Vogue
I just read today that fat / plus-sized singer Adele is going to appear in Vogue!

Pictures and article behind the cutCollapse )

I see this as a really amazing development for fat fashion and can't wait to see it! I am also really impressed that in the article they didn't make it into a joke as some articles have in reference to Beth Ditto. It's also fantastic that the pictures are going to be taken by Annie Leibovitz (!!!). This pretty much made my day -- I can't wait to see the beautiful photos!

Fat Rant 3 : Staircase Wit
I was waiting a little so this didn't get buried in all the sales posts... But I can't wait any longer!!!

I made a new Fat Rant video :). I hope you like it.

I think most of my outfits actually made their debuts on fatshionista in the past few months... The only one that's new is my blue dress I think. It's from INES .. You can get one here:
(They're having a 50% off sale! Enter code: SUMMERSALE)
And FYI the INES sizing runs a little big. My dress is a size 1 and I'm an 18/20.

'Sup, my fat bitches?
Miss Piggy

I present a partial OOTD.Collapse )

Glasses: cheap-o from Eye Encounters (19th & Chestnut in Philly)
Hair: Twist @ 5th & Bainbridge, owned & operated by the fabulous Amy Undergirl
Tattoos: Dave Shoemaker @ Neptune Tattooville in New Jersey
Tee-shirt: art & design by definatalie and sold by thesugarmonster, two of my favorite fatshionistas.

Click here to buy your own teeshirt! I'm wearing the 2X in the Ladies short sleeve. I'm doubly stoked about this shirt, because it's the first "girly" style teeshirt that I've owned that actually fit me well. That's saying a lot, since I wore teeshirts everyday until quite recently.

So...whaddaya think, sirs?

Katie Price's Lingerie Shoot
     Okay, I didn't really know who Katie Price was prior to this, but apparently she's got a line of lingerie that she's selling. Check it out.

Katie Price"s LingerieCollapse )

     I bet you can tell why it's making waves.

     According to SizeNet.com's News Service, Katie Price's comments were:

     "There are lots of people who promote their underwear with stick thin models but I wanted to use my family and friends so that's what I did. Asked what she liked about the new range, she said: "The bits that I like are the little bows, the little frills and the short knickers.”

     I'm pretty upset about the story itself because I simply cannot find any positive coverage of it yet (excepting the above tiny blurb). I found the story because, guilty & dirty pleasure, I read TheSuperficial.com. From there, I googled and came up with Egotastic.com, TheBlemish.com, and TMZ, among others. If you're up for the pain, skim the comments on each of these sites. Yes, the majority of them are highly trollish, but some are people lauding these women for their courage. You know what I don't see? Anyone lauding these woman for their beauty. They look fabulous, don't you think? Again, as usual, it's up to us fatshionistas to put this into perspective. These girls are just lovely, and for goodness sake, someone needs to notice.

An Open Letter to Sarah Jessica Parker RE Bitten ...
Hi hi! This is my first post in the community, so I guess it will serve as an introduction of sorts. My good friend hawkward pointed me toward this lovely community and after reading through a bunch of posts here I decided to cross-post this letter.

Its a little long, so I'll stick it behind a cut ... Dear Sarah Jessica Parker ...Collapse )

Viva la fatshionista!

OOTD and a celebrity sighting!
best. villans. ever.
Sarah Jessica Parker is touring to promote her "Bitten" line (http://www.bittensjp.com/events.php) and I got to go!! There were A TON of people there and the line took forever, but that was because she took the time to talk to each person in line. I managed to get away with an autograph and a few pictures.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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