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Fat Bride Photo Roundup
after 8 weeks my husband and I got our wedding photos back!
I am a fat bride who wore a custom Dolly Couture dress (a combination of the Beverly and Miami-Beach)- my also plus sized Maid of Awesome wore a beautiful dress from Kiyonna.

my reception dress is from Pinup Girl Clothing in a size 2X (it's the Red Luscious dress, a very very comfortable jersey blend)

in any case- if anyone gets married, go with Dolly Couture! I love them! they were amazing. I ordered my dress in November 2012 and it came to me in Canada in March 2013, it did take some final alterations from a local seamstress which took around 6 weeks since it had been wedding season.
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Canadians,Urban Planet sells plus sizes?
matthew smiling ;;
So I was just browsing to see what kind of shoes Urban Planet has for fall and I see they have a plus sized section now? Sizes 1-3x. Wondering if anyone has actually tried any of the clothes and if they bought online or instore? I'm assuming this will be more junior sized. The prices are amazing, they dont have too much to choose from but they do have a few basic tops, leggings, skirts and a couple jackets right now.

Click here if you'd like to check it out!

Wide calf boots for Canadians
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Hi everyone!

I'm sure most of my fellow Canadian fats know this already but for those who don't - Addition Elle and Penningtons have started carrying wide-calf boots this fall season! I picked up a pair this morning. The style I picked up isn't featured on their website so unfortunately I cannot share my great find. Most of them are the same fare/quality you'd probably find in Torrid but there are a few pairs made of genuine leather.

This is my first pair of wide calf tall boots so I am over the moon! I paid $80 for them but it's worth it as my only options before were ordering internationally. I wouldn't get to try them on first and would likely get hit with duty with that method.

Thrift/Vintage in Toronto?
Hello fats!

Can anyone point me toward the best thrift/consignment/vintage stores in Toronto and the surrounding area for finding plus-sized clothes? Not all Value Villages and Goodwills are created equal, so any info about locations where you've had success finding stuff before would be great. I'd also be interested to know if any of the vintage places in Kensington Market are worth browsing.


[edit: changed this post to be public as i'd intended, not members only. my bad!)

Shoe Question & OOTDs
Hello dear fats,

Later this month I will be graduating with my Nursing degree, and have been so far unable to find a dress that suits my fancy for the ceremony and dinner. Today, in a fit of sartorial exasperation, I ordered this dress from ASOS. I'm a little nervous about the fit, but excited about the colour, as I have never owned a red dress before.

My only issue now is what sort of shoe to go with. I need to order shoes ASAP, and am in a bit of a conundrum about the colour. My first thought was butter yellow. Then mustard. Then teal, then a pattern of some sort, then maybe a neutral patent shade. As you can see I'm overhelmed with option paralysis! I do have some appropriate black shoes, but I thought that would be a little too predictable. Do any of you have suggestions colour-wise? Have a favourite pair of shoes that you wear with a red dress? And what are your favourite places to order shoes online? (Preferably that ship to Canada...)

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for the advice, everyone! When it came down to it, I was torn between blue and leopard, and I found a shoe that combines both.

Also, since it's my first time posting here, a few OOTD shots from my tumblr from the last couple of months. I am 5'6" and a size 22ish: OOTDsCollapse )

Fat Friendly doctors in Calgary, Alberta?
Hello all!

I'm going to be moving to Calgary from Fort McMurray next week. I've been without a GP or anything for about 3 years now, and I need a doctor in Calgary. I have no idea where to look for an accepting doctor and hope that some of you lovely fats would be able to recommend a doctor for me. I looked at the master list that's been floating around here, but there are no doctors listed for Calgary, just Edmonton. Any help would be appreciated!

eShakti shipping to Canada
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Hi everyone! I had a question about eShakti with regard to shipping to Canada. To my fellow Canucks (or whoever can answer this) - have you encountered getting dinged with duty charges? It's pretty much the only thing stopping me. I noticed their website gives a warning that it's likely but I was hoping to hear about your personal experiences with them.

PS. Why does it have to be so difficult to shop plus-size fashion in Canada?

Thanks in advance XO

Fat-friendly doctors in Vancouver BC, Canada?
hyperbole and a half
Hi, all! It's been a few years since I've gone to my doctor simply because when I did go to see her we spent most of the time discussing my weight. So, I'm not really interested in hearing all that! Vancouver is a wasteland for fats, and from the looks of it, our only fat-friendly doctor has moved? If you're from the lowermainland or any surrounding areas and you actually like visiting your doctor, please recommend and point me in the right direction. I would love you forever and definitely buy you a beer.

OOTD: Some outfits from the past few month
Hello lovelies! It's been quite a while since I posted in the community, but I have certainly been reading the posts! I went off the radar for a while as I was in the process of redoing my site, but that is finally launched so now I hope to post and leave comments more often.

I thought I would share with you some of the outfits I've been wearing over the last few months.  I don't want to post too many photos at once so if you click on the photo you can see some additional shots and read more about the outfit over on my site, Ruby Nite. (edited to fix a broken link)

And just for reference I am usually anywhere from a size 18 - 22 and am a bit shy of  5'7.A few OOTD photos behind the cut...Collapse )

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Hey Everyone!

I'm going on a bit of a shopping spree in Toronto, I just got my dream job and need to get a bunch of clothing, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some shops?
I range in between size 16-18. I LOVE vintage, floral prints, colors and dresses. I love LucieLu's and HissyFitOly's style (http://www.etsy.com/shop/hissyfitoly), but ordering online right now isn't an options because I can't wait for shipping.
I really appreciate all your recommendations!! <3

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