Capsule Wardrobe Stuffs
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Hi everyone,

This week I'm blogging about my capsule wardrobe and assessing some of the fall selections that haven't worked so well.  I propose a couple solutions and am hoping to get some feedback from you all too.  Plus I'm setting up my Poshmark shop where you can shop from my closet (there will be some Modcloth and Anthropologie goodies up there by tomorrow!)  You can find it all here -

And because you guys are really special to me (really part of keeping me sane and happy in my own skin these past 8 or so years I've been here) I'm also giving you a peek at one of the outfits I'll be adding to next weeks post.

Top - Forever21+, Necklace - Forever21 (sorry it's hard to see, it's a tiny rose, heart, and gem on a silver chain), Skirt - Target/Merona, Leggings - Target/Mossimo Supply, Boots Hushpuppies/Trendsetter

I wear about a size 20 on top and 22 on bottom, with 49in bust, 43in waist, and 54in hip measurements.

Thanks for reading!

Fun or Sexy Panties?
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Hi! Just wondering whether anyone here has a favorite place to shop for fun or sexy panties. I just hate plain underwear and I'm not a huge fan of cotton.... looking more for lace, microfiber, etc. Any suggestions?

Blogging Again
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Hi folks,
I'm back with an entry on the Pantone colors for fall and some color tricks to go with them, plus OOTDs, and some more of my experiences with Thred Up.  There's a preview below and you can check out more on my blog:

Tunic Isabel+Alice/Gwynnie Bee, Necklace - The Rafiki Foundation, Jeans - Lane Bryant, Boots - Trendsetter/Hushpuppies

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good place to stock up on good quality but inexpensive basics like jeans, leggings, and shirts for the cooler weather? I'm open to shopping in stores (Avenue, Lane Bryant, Cato, Maurice's are what I have near me) or online. I generally take somewhere between a size 22 and 24. thanks in advance!

Fall outfits and such!
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Hi folks,

I'm back with a bunch of OOTDs plus a bit of garment history and updates on my blog!  I am pretty sure my ethical plus size shopping directory is now the largest one online!  It was partially inspired by a Fatshionista post back in 2009, which I need to go examine in case I missed anything.  Anyway, here's a sample outfit and there are 5 more in the post at

Top - Target (maternity, haha so glad that someone in this community pointed out that it's a good place to try clothes!), Necklace - Pick Your Plum, Skirt - Target, Boots - Trendsetter/Hushpuppies Outlet

Also, I really need to stop taking so many photos in my bathroom. >.<  Thanks for reading!


Bra for Bridesmaids dress.

Part rant, part in need of desperate help.

So I'm in a wedding in November and bought the requested dress. Unfortunately it does not fit right, so I am going to have to bite the bullet and get some alterations. Hopefully my regular person can handle it. It's a strange mix of material and also from David's Bridal and I just really don't want to pay the incredibly exhorbitant fees for alteration that they charge.

The problem is, even when it will fit me correctly I cannot find a bra that works. The dress has a neckline, but it's see-through and has a key-hole back, so it's basically functioning like a strapless dress, necessitating a strapless bra. But I have tried several in person and none of them work. They all either have provided minimal support or show obviously. I'm a little concerned that I won't be able to find something that works. I'm now a full cup-size larger than what I was in my own wedding so those undergarments are unwearable, and even then they obviously show. I can't do it without that bra support. Someone help me!

Image Below CutCollapse )

Sizing advice sought
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Yo, fats! Does anyone own this ASOS Curve jewel/floral print peplum scuba skirt? And, if so, can you tell me whether it fits true to size or comes up big or small? I'm apple-shaped with a flat arse if that's remotely helpful.


Completed Fall Capsule Wardrobe!
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Hi folks,

I finished up my wardrobe and al the photos are up on my blog, here's a link

And below is a couple of the pieces plus my color palette.  I didn't think it was going to change that much, but I found that making sure I had a cohesive set of clothes that would work for lots of weather changes was more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

Also I have a poll at the end of the post to help me figure out some of the preferences you all might have while viewing my blog, if you could check it out I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!  And as always feedback is welcome. :-)

Building a Capsule Wardrobe
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Hey folks,

It's me again!  This week I've been prepping my capsule wadrobe for fall. - A capsule wardrobe is a planned set of seasonal clothes (usually 30-37 pieces per season), that helps you focus on your personal style, not overspending, wearing all of what you own regularly, and getting rid of clothes that don't fit or work well for you.  In the end there's less fuss when you get dressed each day because things work well together, you can experiment more knowing things will pair well together.  It also clears out space if like me you end up with more than you wear and also hold on to things that don't fit.

In my latest blog post I explain more about my process for putting my fall capsule together as well as look at what worked and what didn't in my summer capsule.  You can check that out here -

Here's a sample shot from my planning sheets:

Also if any of you want to check it out there's a site called Thred Up which allows you to sell your clothes on consignment.  They send you a postage paid bag to fill and you get credit for whatever they accept (which is probably going to be more than average for plus sized clothing because it's in high demand), and then there's the shop where you can buy, and use your credit if you've sold items.  I'm sending a bunch off so in a couple weeks there will be a nice influx of items in sizes 16-20 and 6.5-7.5 shoes if all goes well.  If you're interested you can use my link and get $20 off your first purchase

And OOTD and What's in my Bag
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Hey everyone there's a new OOTD on my blog and I thought I'd have some fun and share a list of what I carry in my bag.

What do you folks like to carry in your bag/pockets?


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