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hope this is ok to post! my friend andrea has been working on a line of plus size activewear for months, and she's finally unveiled her kickstarter. she's designed her clothes specifically for plus size bodies and has created some beautiful, vibrant prints. here's some info from the kickstarter:

"Fun, colorful clothing made to fit & flatter curvy & plus size bodies. Size inclusive and body positive. Sizes 6-28. Made in the USA."

this is my favorite piece from her collection, but she has a lot more including a really great pair of leggings that sit veeeery high on the waist

here is the link to her kickstarter. please help by pledging!

Workout Gear
Hey Fats,

Thought I'd share one of my workout looks with y'all. I workout at home, so nobody really sees me, but I like to think I'd have the confidence to wear this at a crowded gym. Given my fatkini-in-public training, I think I could! I don't know about you, but having a cute outfit helps me get motivated to work out, and showing my stomach feels empowering. My blog is maybliss.ca if you want to see more :)

Here are the outfit dets: Sports bra - Victoria's Secret; Pants - Nola via Addition Elle; Shoes - Under Armour via Champs

birch woods
Hi folks,

I've been blogging again and shared a couple outfits and a Julep subscription box review.  http://lydiadickson.blogspot.com/2015/10/october-outfits-julep-unboxing.html

Preview outfit below:

Dress - LuLaRoe (just discovered them and they're pretty great!), Necklace - Marsha Elliott Designs, Leggings - Target, Boots - Trendsetter/Hushpuppies

Thanks for reading!

Linen Tops and separates?
I'm looking for some decent linen and natural fabric tops and separates. I basically lived in a few linen dresses over the summer and was so pleased I'd like to grab se a few tops as we veer into the cooler months. Are there any suggestions for online retailers that carry natural fabric clothing? I have a hell of a time finding flax clothing online, but do you have any suggestions for similar retailers to Bryn Walker, Flax, etc? I'm about a 20/22 in most things, probably a 24 in tops without stretch...

Shopping/Selling Comparison Post
birch woods
Hi friends,

In my latest blog post I did a comparison of Thred Up and Poshmark, two different sites where you can buy and sell your new and gently used clothing.  I add some insights regarding plus size selections at both and give a run down of my experiences on both sites. http://lydiadickson.blogspot.com/2015/10/TUvsPMandJulep.html

There are coupon codes you can use for both sites, plus I'm running my first giveaway of Julep nail polish, which will be going on for the next week.

Thanks for reading!


Old Navy "Sneaky" Price Increase, Spread the Word!
So during the summer transitioning into fall, Old Navy has been having some really nice pieces on their site. Among all the unfairness ON has with their plus size line including
- no plus size in stores
- sizing is a guessing game
- clothes are at least $10 more than straight sizes
- "Hot Deals" are not valid with coupon discounts, ie SuperCash. You can use them in stores, but again, NO PLUS SIZE!
- returning/exchanging is a real bitch

Personally- the only redeeming thing about ON is that there are sometimes some real winner pieces. ANYWAYS- the point of the post is one of the items that I've been loving and went back last night to buy another color had a price increase.

I bought two of these pairs in September for $44.94 vs. straight sizes $34.94. Evenutally I've seen it gradually increase from $44.94 > $46.94 > $49.94 > and finally $54.94. What kind of bullshit is that?! I've noticed this before that whenever there is an "Up to XX% off the Entire Site" they raise the prices up to 'counteract' that sale, but here's the thing, NOTHING is even marked down for plus sizes. I'm not sure about straight sizes, but it's noticeable for the plus size line. The straight sizes? It went up to $36.94 >> WTF?! That's a $2 increase vs. $10 increase plus size incurs.

So I posted on their Facebook about it last night with this picture and I can't find that post on their page anymore, they deleted it! Should I post it again? Lucky for me, I had screenshot my post. Excuse some grammer, it was at night when I saw the price increase and I was furious.

Big blog announcement, plus top 10 wantables, and an OOTD roundup!
birch woods
Hi friends!

So I can't wait to share this news with you.  I'm really excited to be an affiliate of ModCloth, more on my site about what that means.  Plus I have a list of some beautiful items I adore and a freash crop of OOTDs.  Here the link - http://lydiadickson.blogspot.com/2015/10/announcement-10-wantables-and-outfits.html

And here's a preview outfit:

I was rather nervous about these palazzos, but I really love them.  I've just got to get better at styling them to not look like pajamas, though I think the necklace and boots helped in this instance.  Feedback on everything is welcome as always!  Thanks for reading!!

Capsule Wardrobe Stuffs
birch woods
Hi everyone,

This week I'm blogging about my capsule wardrobe and assessing some of the fall selections that haven't worked so well.  I propose a couple solutions and am hoping to get some feedback from you all too.  Plus I'm setting up my Poshmark shop where you can shop from my closet (there will be some Modcloth and Anthropologie goodies up there by tomorrow!)  You can find it all here - http://lydiadickson.blogspot.com/2015/10/capsule-wardrobe-woes.html

And because you guys are really special to me (really part of keeping me sane and happy in my own skin these past 8 or so years I've been here) I'm also giving you a peek at one of the outfits I'll be adding to next weeks post.

Top - Forever21+, Necklace - Forever21 (sorry it's hard to see, it's a tiny rose, heart, and gem on a silver chain), Skirt - Target/Merona, Leggings - Target/Mossimo Supply, Boots Hushpuppies/Trendsetter

I wear about a size 20 on top and 22 on bottom, with 49in bust, 43in waist, and 54in hip measurements.

Thanks for reading!

Fun or Sexy Panties?
pink, windows
Hi! Just wondering whether anyone here has a favorite place to shop for fun or sexy panties. I just hate plain underwear and I'm not a huge fan of cotton.... looking more for lace, microfiber, etc. Any suggestions?

Blogging Again
birch woods
Hi folks,
I'm back with an entry on the Pantone colors for fall and some color tricks to go with them, plus OOTDs, and some more of my experiences with Thred Up.  There's a preview below and you can check out more on my blog:

Tunic Isabel+Alice/Gwynnie Bee, Necklace - The Rafiki Foundation, Jeans - Lane Bryant, Boots - Trendsetter/Hushpuppies


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