I got my eShakti dress in the mail yesterday.  And I love it!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my catchup of ootds! Which look do you like best?

I'm in loveeee with this tribal print skirt!! It's so fun and perfect for the summer! For more photos/info on what I wore you can checkout this post here.
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One size fits all skirts?
My heart in a tree
Hey all. My body is in flux and pants just aren't working out super well right now so I was thinking of switching to skirts. I'm looking for some one size fits all type skirts that would work for plus-size me but be forgiving while my body sorts itself out. (My waist is 44".)

So far I've found Lotus Traders, which seems awesome, but I'd love to have a bit more variety. Any ideas?


Ruining work shirts...
Dancing kitty
So, I have a belly. Every day I go to work and wear my nice work clothes, and as I'm working all day my belly rubs against the edge of the desk. I've ruined probably 10 shirts within the past year, because the rubbing eventually rips holes into the fabric. Does anyone have any suggestions - how to stop the rubbing, clothing that isn't made poorly, anything? I am size 26/28/30ish so not a lot comes in my size... and the stuff that does seems to be really thin and crappy. :( Thanks in advance!

OOTD: Kid tested, mom approved
Have you tried the starfish pants from Lands' End? If not, you should!

Your model today is 37,  5'1" and about 260lbs.
42H and 8.5w and 10 months post-partum

Top: size 3x from Lands' End
Pants: starfish cropped pants 2x also Lands' End
Shoes: Dexflex Comfort size 8 (the navy doesn't come in wide width but it doesn't matter in these.)
Baby's awesome cheeks are c/o my husband. :-)

Plus size pole dancing in Vancouver?!
Ever since someone posted that video of that beautiful curvy babe pole dancing on where-ever's got talent, I've been inspired! Really want to try it out, feel like it would be such a fun workout, but I want a specific "all bodies" or "plus size" class. Anyone in Vancouver BC know where to look? Google is no help so far, maybe you know someone?
Thanks in advance!

me 2007
I wanted to share with you some outfits I wore in the last month. I wore this Kiyonna lace dress for my birthday dinner party.
To read more about the dinner party, visit this entry in my blog.
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Your model is 5'8, 250lbs, size 18-ish.
Dress and cardi from Modcloth
Leggings from Target
Sass provided by model herself


A little bit of awesome dancing
This great pole routine was on my facebook feed today, thought I'd share. Wish I was that talented

Swimsuit Sale
billy & quinn :O

For the Memorial Day weekend has a 35% + free shipping coupon. Plus you can combine it with other coupons on the site. I was able to get $90.00 worth of swim wear for only $13.50. They go up to size 34 and have good reviews on most of the stuff I've seen!

I used the following codes -
14MAY10 - 35% off + Free Shipping! (given for the Holiday)
WHOOPS10 - Take 10% off Sitewide!
1010 - 10% off Sitewide!
FEARLESS10 - Extra 10% off!
DESIGNERS10 - Designer Exclusive!
S4A10 - 10% off Sitewide
FREESHIP2014 - Free Shipping!

Hope this helps someone :)


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