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Dress Help
Hela hammer
philstar22 wrote in fatshionista
Hey everyone,
I really need your help. My sister is getting married in April and I'm a bridesmaid. Finding an affordable dress has been a problem because my parents are buying it and don't want it to be much more than $100. My sister has been pretty good about what she's okay with. She just has a color pallet and I can find any dress in one of those colors.

So we originally ordered a custom dress from JJ House. Only they somehow couldn't follow the measurements we sent. It is too small in every way. And they didn't leave any extra fabric at the seam for it to be fixable and aren't willing to make a new one.

So does anyone know of a good website for getting good plus size bridesmaid dresses? Thanks.

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They don't have sizes bigger than 24? I find that hard to believe.

It depends on the dress I think. The two I looked at that fit the color pallet and were a cut that would look good on me both only went to 22.

They rarely carry anything over an 18 in store for trying on. if you need something bigger it is special order, final sale.

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