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ASOS Maternity Fit Review + SWAK Rant
pandrikuma wrote in fatshionista
So this is a follow-up to my post about ASOS Maternity possibly fitting on my non-pregnant body.

I couldn't help looking at all the dresses, so I just went right in and placed an order for this dress.


Result: It did not fit right. Now I didn't say it didn't fit; I actually got both my arms through the sleeves, over my boobs but here's a reason why it didn't look right. I don't have huge knockers, I do, however have a wide band size. The only bras I have are the plunge bras from Lane Bryant that fit comfortably are 50B, so this made me look like I had some serious uni-boob. Keep in mind that this dress was a stretchy jersey material, so I think if you fall within an ASOS UK20-22, maybe UK24 IF you're NOT busty/big belly, I think you can pull it off.

Some info on me, with regards to ASOS CURVE sizing, I'm a UK26/US22 and that's with the knowledge that ASOS runs large. I do have a big belly though, I love button ups, but they do not love me *le sigh* Since they recently added UK28/US24, I only order the non-stretchy items in that new size to accommodate for my stomach, but it's always big for my bust. I can tailor my own, so no biggie.

So now my SWAK rant. I recently purchased a dress that was 40% off of their current sale for New Years. I tried it on today and it turned out to be too big. Even though I can tailor, it's a pain in the ass between studying and working. So I thought, I can shell out $5 for shipping to exchange. I looked at the receipt for their exchange policy and I find out that they don't do exchanges. Meaning I have to pay to return, and pay for shipping to buy again, and wait within 30 days for my refund.

Then I kept reading. It says "Store credit will be accepted on sale items, including all special sales (Holiday, Sunday Sale Alert etc etc). No refunds will be given, only merchandise credit."
BULLCRAP! Seriously?

I NEVER purchased from SWAK before. I personally think that $80 bucks for some crappy. plain, raw-edge jersey fabric is ridiculous. And the other things are just blah for the price they charge. And that's what made me so ticked off, it's that their clothes are so overpriced and/or so plain that I don't see anything of interest if I chose to get the store credit.

I try to support indie plus-size clothing stores/designers as much as I can, and I have tried to think reasonably that they're a small business blah blah blah. But I can't help but compare it to other stores. For example, Domino Dollhouse. $80 bucks for a kick-ass dress that makes me look like an awesome plump strawberry? Oh hell yes! My last order with Domino Dollhouse; the jacket was too small so I wanted to exchange it. No problemo, contact them, I paid to return it and a week later a new jacket was in my mailbox, I didn't even have to pay them to mail it to me. So crap, the dress I order now has to go into my growing pile of "to tailor"

Save your hard earned money ladies and skip or cross SWAK off your list, buy from Domino Dollhouse, Chubby Cartwheels, Cult of CA, Pink Clove and ASOS Curve(not indie, but looove them). And if you have extra income, Youtheary Khmer (I purchased the purple and pink maxi skirts last spring and OMG LOOOOOOOVE!!)

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That's the one thing I have learned with shopping Inde brands online. Read all the fine print, then read it again. I've had items I had to email for a return code or it wouldn't be accepted and all the issues you've mentioned.
Sorry to hear this didn't work out for you.

thanks :) do you have anymore rec's for plus size indie brands? i'm always on the hunt for anything new!

I really like Anna Sholtz, she designs for SimplyBe, but I wouldn't exactly call her an Idie brand.

I've seen things I've liked from They are not cheap and I have not personally bought anything from them.

I try to support Indie brands, but honestly I go where I can get the styles I like and can afford.

Domino Dollhouse has a skull print dress I am coveting SO hard even though I think I look silly in dresses. Glad to hear they're a decent lot to buy from!

Give dresses a chance! I always thought that dressed didn suit me, but I was absolutely wrong and now wear mainly dresses. Don't worry about looking silly.

i agree about giving dresses a chance! i was hesitant with skirts, but now i love them!

Not only is ASOS not indie, they are widely known for stealing designs from indie designers and artists. They're awful.

Given that ASOS is a fast fashion site, I believe you, but I'm curious if you have any links or examples?

Edit to add: Actually found a few designs from Googling it (I initially tried different phrasing so nothing had turned up).
Here / are / some / examples.

I think I might write a post about it!

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so... you're encouraging this community to not shop at SWAK because you failed to read their return policy before making a purchase? that seems a little disingenuous. and also a tad unfair to compare a label like swak to domino dollhouse, or even asos (who sell multiple brands, not just their own labels), all of which have wildly different aesthetics.

i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to be a jerk; swak's return policy really does suck, and it sucks that you didn't see it until after you became dissatisfied with your purchase. their return policy isn't standard at all, and i would have been pissed off, too. but i wonder if you would be encouraging fat people to not shop at one of the few clothing options we actually have if you'd been able to quickly find another item to redeem your store credit.

no judgement, just an observation.

you're right, it was unfair to discourage people based on my experience on that part.

i was super pissed at the moment because i thought i'd take a look around and finally saw a dress that was decent and worth the price with the sale because honestly, $60 for a thin dress with a delicate cutout top and no lining and static cling was not worth $60 in my opinion. having still want the dress after it came and was willing to pay to return and pay again to buy it, which i think for a consumer is lenient already; but then i find out i would only get store credit. now that would work if the sale extended to whatever time span it would take to process my return and issue the store credit, but i had called yesterday and they said that they could not give me the dress for the sale price that i had bought it at. if anyone is an avid SWAK shopper, hey awesome for you to have a reason to buy new clothes because i'm always open to accept store credit for stores i know i will buy from. like i said, i was super pissed when i posted and frustrated again when i called CS yesterday.

i do all my shopping online and yes, i should know better to read the returns/exchanges before making a purchase, but honestly i've never had a difficult return before considering my leniency if i liked something, i'm willing to pay for shipping/repurchasing so i assumed that i could just return/exchange with no problem. so now, others know about their policy and they can take my opinion with a grain of salt or not at all.

also, i wasn't trying to compare the label between DD and SWAK itself (at least that's not how i wanted my writing/post to come out and i'm sorry if it did) but i was trying to compare their service as an indie brand. i can at least say when DD had their 40% off of their Urban Mermaids collection, i had a shirt that was snug, emailed customer service and they easily helped me with the exchange. SWAK's policy is different, it sucks and i have crossed it off MY list of options even though my options are few.

i only mentioned ASOS other than to review the maternity fitting, because if I was going to pay $XX.XX for a jersey dress on sale, i can at least have hassle-free shipping/returns because online shopping is always a gamble.

hey, i'm totally with you 100%. i personally wouldn't shop anywhere where i couldn't return a sale item.i've never shopped at swak, and i probably never will because i'm in agreement with you -- high price, average quality and design -- so i know i'd only buy on sale and, knowing now that i couldn't return it, NO THANKS. i think a lot of retailers have that "no exchanges" policy, where you have to return and re-buy (i think asos, eshakti, and a number of non-american brands that ship to the US do the same), and you totally get screwed when the sale price is no longer available. i wasn't trying to be rude, though, i hope you didn't take it that way. i think you made a good point.

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