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That's exciting to me - I loved their workwear!

I remember that the old Eloquii people said they were going to try to sell off the brand, so I'm glad that seems to be coming about. With new owners, I'm guessing the new one probably won't be that much like the old one, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I have some stuff from them that I love and found to be pretty well-made, but I bought it all on sale on sale for < 25% of the original ticket price. I'm interested to see how things go!

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I hope the quality improves.

I hope the new owners will take on shipping to Canada- that was my one downside with them before.

I hope quality is more consistent. I'd get one nice thing from them, then 4 that were falling apart before I even put them on. The price point was way too high for that type of foolishness.

I'm hopeful the new owners will manage the company better.

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