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Lovely outfits and photos!

Yay Jericho beach! Great shots and fab outfits!

Lol! That's awesome that you can recognize Jericho!

I live right up the hill! S'up, neighbour? :-)

I love all of these outfits, but that red dress is absolutely stunning on you!

You look fabulous, and I'm pleased to see that you feel it too. :)

Lovely pictures, but please place them behind an LJ-cut.

Yes, sorry about that. I have to figure out how to do that...Still learning :)

you are fantastic and HEY HOMEGIRL!
vancouver checking in!

Hey Girl! Yay west coast fats! ;-)

Cute outfits! What does "coming out as fat" mean? Were they somehow not aware of your size before?

Hahaha! Good point. For me, it's meant telling them that I'm never going to diet again, that I love my body (unlike in the past) and I'm done trying to change it. Also, it'd be nice if they stopped talking about dieting around me, but some of my family members want to lose weight themselves, and I've realize that if I want them to respect my choices, I need to respect theirs.

Welcome out! You look cute!

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