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slantedtruth wrote in fatshionista
canadian fats! is now carrying plus sizes! the collection is not as big as the american one, but whatever! 

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yay!! wonder if they'll ever get them in store too?!

I'm actually going to order a pair of their Rockstar Jeggings right now because they were my absolute favourite jeans when I could squeeze into a size 18! I will report back with findings later.

Sooo how do you translate their straight sizes to plus? XL is 1X etc?

Squee! Just placed an order to try out the sizing. Thanks for the tip - I wouldn't have found out otherwise. (At least, not in time to get 30% off.)

omgomgomg I am *so* excited. ON is my go-to for work clothes but I sized myself out of the store two years ago and desperately miss my decent work khakis.

Exciting! I just hope they don't stop offering 14+'s and XXLs in their regular stock. ON in the states didn't, but I have zero faith in Canadian versions of American chains.

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