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A question about jeans
tura wrote in fatshionista
The other day I went to Sears and tried on a pair of jeans. They were a size 16 and they fit me perfectly. I bought them, and I also bought another pair.

The second pair were also a size 16, they were the same brand, from the same manufacturer (Canyon River),  they were same style (Curvy Skinny) the ONLY difference between them was that they were different colors. One was blue, one was black. I didn't try the black pair on. When I got home, I discovered that they are too small.

 I usually don't wear jeans - so it has been at least 10 years since I bought a pair. Does this happen regularly? Is it something I need to be careful of?

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Yeah, unfortunately this happens sometimes (in my experience, not only with jeans, but with other items of clothing as well).

Yes, it happens. From what I understand, it's because different factories have different margins of error when cutting and sewing the fabric. In your case, it's entirely possible that the blue pair came from one factory and the black from another. Tiny differences in cutting - being 'off' by just 1/8 of an inch - can add up. Depending on the amount of seams in the garment, it could mean a difference of several inches.

It happens all the time, and while it does happen for smaller sizes it happens more often in plus sizes, at least in my experience.

I think that it's not just that the sizing can be different in different factories or whatever -- I've always found that black jeans are much less malleable than blue jeans and are frequently too small when I try them on again later.

Yeah, this - I was just remarking to my partner last night that I quite often buy the same jeans in both indigo and black from M&S here in the UK, and the black ones always fit smaller. I currently have some blue 24s that will slide right off without being unbuttoned, and the same style in black that I have to unbutton after dinner or they freaking hurt.

I had the same thing happen to me at Macy's with Levis. The same style, size, the only difference was the color and they fit very differently. It's so frustrating because I have the hardest time finding pants.

This! I have tracked down the same number Levi's, same size, and found one to fit perfectly and one unwearable!

Pants are the worst.

I hate shopping for pants more than a swimsuit!

Yup, someone I know brought this up the other day. They ordered several different colors of the same shirt online and when they arrived half fit and half were too big despite being the same company/item. In this case, turns out the sizing was different dependent upon where the item was made (the ones made in Vietnam worked whereas the ones from Sri Lanka didn't) but there's no way to tell which color comes from where until they arrive.
I've never thought to check the "Made in" tag and compare but I do know that I have 2 pairs of Old Navy Rockstar jeans bought on the same day, for the same price that for all intents & purposes are the same except color (I know some of the jeans are made of different material and the name is mainly for the cut but this was not the case here). They started off feeling the same but after about a dozen washes one pair was still very similar to when I bought it while the other got looser & the material got thinner (totally worn away by chub rub only on this pair) & the side seams near my calves/ankles started bunching up which makes them almost an inch shorter than they were originally so they're nearly too short looking (& I'm only 5'3").

Yes indeed.

I find this to be the case with most clothing items but almost ALWAYS with jeans/pants.

Thanks so much for the explanation.

From now on I'll be trying everything before I buy it, even if it appears to be a duplicate.

Yes. Another thing that can happen is that if a laser is being used to cut layers of fabric for multiple pairs of jeans, the piece size will vary. I had one pair where one leg was too big? Wierd.

I had the exact same thing happen with two pairs of jeans from Avenue. Made me realize I need to try on EVERY pair. Sadly.

Yes, I had that problem with some Levi's.

I used to work taking orders for a major jeans company. The explaination I was given for discrepancies was that factories start with a pile of fabric several inches to a foot thick. They cut out the pattern with the garment industry's equivalent of a sawzall, and if they don't cut straight, the fabric pieces on the bottom of the stack may be smalleer than the ones on top. And the factors other people have mentioned, such as different stitchers or different factories also play a part. Bottom line, always try 'em before you buy 'em.


Yes, this will happen. I have several pairs of work pants, all the same brand, all the same size. Some are nearly skin-tight in the legs and waist, and I have one pair that practically falls off of me. I can actually take that pair off without unbuttoning it. I can do the same with another pair I have as long as the button is undone, but the zipper doesn't have to be. Which is good, considering the zipper cover has a permanent fold in it, and I have to use fabric tape to keep it in place, or else it looks like my fly is undone all the time.

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The assistant at my local Bravissimo told me that black dye can sometimes make fabrics shrink and be less stretchy. Which is which my red bra fits fine, but the black ones kept losing wires.

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happens all the time everywhere.
old navy is particularly bad for it.

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