One half of the dynamic duo - Squimber! (princesskimber) wrote in fatshionista,

I'm getting married!!!!

Hey all (so sorry about my original greeting,  I had *no* idea), 

So I'm eloping at some point this year and am looking for a decent but inexpensive dress option. I was really excited because I thought I'd found "the" dress on Eshakti and then started reading reviews and OMG, yeah, so not going there. 

So, I wanted to get some helpful hints/tips from the group. Would like to do all I can to spend less than $100 but closer to $50. I am a 30/32-ish size so it must be a site/store that has the larger plus-sizes. 

Thanks in advance. 

P.S. I'm getting married!!!!!!!! (still can't believe it)
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