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I don't know about sticky bras, I have massive boobies and wouldn't dare - but popped in to suggest something like this http://www.breasttalk.co.uk/directtoyou/shop/item.asp?itemid=40

clear straps to attach to an ordinary bra? They shouldn't show up?

I did this for my wedding years ago. The shiny straps showed through the lace a little initially, but I dusted face powder over them to reduce the shine and it worked like a charm!

I think you could also use some fine sandpaper or an emery board to gently scuff up the surface of the clear straps to make them less shiny, yet still see-through.

Adhesive bras won't do crap for you if you have saggy boobs. Trust me, I know.

I second the clear straps idea, though. Lane Bryant has clear straps that fit larger sized bras that are NOT shiny, they have a matte finish so they are really hard to see. They used to sell them on their website, I'm not sure if they still do, but if you go into a Lane Bryant or Cacique store and say you lost yours (they come as extra straps with their bras), sometimes they have extra pairs in a drawer (that fell off a bra, etc), and they will give them to you if you ask really nicely. I had to ask specifically if they might have an extra pair in a drawer, they didn't think to look when I told them mine were lost.

If that doesn't work, you could either buy a new bra with the clear straps included, or ask on fatshionxchange if anyone has an extra pair they would sell you, or even just send to you for postage.

ETA: It appears Lane Bryant no longer sells them. :(

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Do you think a fabric store might carry the clear straps? Certainly clear bra straps aren't sold only on bras...

Or even something like this: http://www.hancockfabrics.com/Fix-It-Fast-Bra-Strap-Converter---Bra---Lingerie-Accessories_stcVVproductId79880828VVcatId539583VVviewprod.htm

that style of sticky bra does nothing for sag. i had a friend wear one of those and then we taped up her boobs with fashion tape (hard to explain).

I can't imagine those stick-on bras being very supportive...Probably more for coverage than lift. I think, especially for dancing, that you will want something more.

Could you do something like a basque, bustier, or long-line bra? That would offer more support from your torso, but still be strapless. They usually don't have that grippy silicone stuff inside. I'm going the opposite direction price-wise, though.

The clear straps aren't my favorite, but if you want to try them I have some I'm willing to part with for the cost of postage. (I also have a long-line bra, but it's a 40dd and black and so maybe not what you want.) Send me a pm :)

I don't think it was the same brand as the ones you linked here (it was 15.5 years ago!), but my SIL used stick-on bra cups with her wedding dress, and they worked REALLY well. She was a definitely UN-perky 42DDish at the time and also 5 months pregnant.

The trick is that worked for us was this: she put her hand on her upper breast and pulled up gently. Then I stuck the middle of the cup over the nipple first, then smoothed it down the underside. After that, I took the two sides and pulled up as I smoothed the adhesive onto her skin at the same time. Hope that makes sense. We, uh, giggled a lot during the process. :D

It might take some practice, but it totally worked. She wore the darn things for probably going on 14+ hours and they were really supportive and stayed on the whole time, even through a lot of dancing.

She made sure not to put any lotion on her breasts that morning, and it probably wouldn't hurt to clean the skin with rubbing alcohol beforehand, if you're at all oily. I'd say they're cheap enough to buy a box of this brand and maybe another brand and try 'em out before the day.

I wore something very similar to this on my wedding day (actually, it might be this exact one - I was married nearly 9 years ago and don't remember the exact brand) I got mine from Womanwithin.com but I don't think they sell it anymore.


Pricey, yes, but imo worth it. My breasts are about a 46DD/48D and sag like crazy. These held them up nicely and, being made out of seamless microfiber, the bra was invisible under my gown. It does run a bit small (I ordered too small and used bra extenders which worked fine), but you're smaller than I was when I wore it (I was probably about a 44 band size at the time) so you should be fine. Just go up a bra size if you order it.

Good luck :)

My go-to strapless bra is this one, which is relatively inexpensive, very supportive, mostly comfy (I get tired of wearing it on a normal active day after about 12-14 hours and I wear a 38DDD), stands up to over a year of regular wear quite nicely, and definitely comes in your size. So should you need to rely on the strapless option rather than adhesive magic this is my pick -

I remembered that this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiVVYmNSUY0 , about the Faveo Freedom was posted on here sometime before. I don't have any experience with it though.

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