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Boot band for wide calves
plussizemommy wrote in fatshionista
Has anyone here tried the boot band? If so what was your experience. Or does anyone have a more inexpensive alternative to accommodating my wide calf.

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Hi! I have not tried the boot band, but I just got these in an 11 w and they fit my 19 inch calf with rrom to spare. They are on sale too!

Good luck :-)

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I haven't tried boot bands but I just got 3 pairs of boots from and OMG! I have ROOM in them to tuck in my pants or leggings. Work checking out!

I went on there and picked me up a pair myself and I love them, thanks!

Sorry this response is late, I haven't been checking LJ.
I posted something about them on here a few months ago. I really am pleased with them because they make it possible for me to wear boots and with them being made of leather they don't look so much like "hey guys I have big fat legs and have to zip in extenders!" I will say they are not the easiest things to learn how to use. Zipping them in isn't hard, but finding the perfect position can be challenging. If they are under any sort of stress, the zippers tend to break open. The ankle can be an issue with the full size bands. After a year or so of use, I did have to replace the sliders as they stopped zipping consistently.
I think the price is high, but the kind of have the market so they can charge a lot.

Thank you, yeah, I'm trying to get over the price and even went as far as looking for the zippers so I can do them myself but there really is nothing in the market that compares so it looks like I have to break down and buy them

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